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Author(s) Session
Ebel, HenrikLearning-based and Distributed MPC  Presenter
Poster Session 3  Presenter
Ebeling-Rump, MoritzShape and Topology Optimization  Presenter
Ebenbauer, ChristianRobust Control
Eberhard, PeterApplied Control Theory  Presenter
Learning-based and Distributed MPC
Learning-based and Distributed MPC
Modeling of Elastic Multi-body Systems
Novel approaches for influencing vibrations by means of deliberately introduced dissipation
Poster Session 3
Eberle, SarahMathematical signal and image processing  Presenter
Ebrahem, AdnanGrowth
Ebrahem, FirazMaterial modelling in solid mechanics
Eckardt, LeonConcepts in the Finite Element Method
Eckert, SvenTurbulence and reactive flows
Eckhardt, BrunoStability and Transition
Stability and Transition
Edelmann, JohannesMulti-field & vehicle dynamics
Egbers, ChristophTurbulence and reactive flows
Turbulent Superstructures
Turbulence and reactive flows
Turbulence and reactive flows
Egger, HerbertVariational Methods for Predicting Complex Phenomena in Engineering Structures and Materials
Egli, Franziska SophiePoster Session 1  Presenter
TPM & parameter identification  Presenter
Ehler, MartinMathematical signal and image processing
Ehrenhofer, AdrianHydrogels
Ehrhard, PeterBubbles and Droplets
Eichinger, Jonas F.Arteries
Eichmeir, PhilippControl Strategies for Multi-body Systems  Presenter
Eichner, LukasApplications
Eimer, MatthiasNumerics for Hyperbolic PDEs  Presenter
Eisenträger, SaschaFE-technique & IGA (2/2)
Phase-field modeling of fracture I
Eisner, TanjaApplied operator theory
Ekh, MagnusMaterial modelling in solid mechanics
Eleuteri, MichelaApplied analysis
Elgeti, StefanieOptimization  Presenter
Space-Time discretizations
Engel, MatthiasStability and Transition  Presenter
Engl, DominikApplied analysis
Erdle, HannesMaterial modelling in solid mechanics
Erlekam, FranziskaData, random walks, and parallelism
Ernesti, FelixPhase-field modeling of fracture I  Presenter
Eschmann, HannesLearning-based and Distributed MPC  Presenter
Espath, LuisScientific computing
Esposito, FlaviaRank structured matrix and tensor techniques  Presenter
Ettmüller, ManuelScientific computing  Presenter
Euchler, EricAdvanced experimental and computational techniques in polymer mechanics  Presenter
Eugster, Simon R.Dynamics of Rods and Soft Robotics
Material & Slip/Friction  Presenter
Numerical Methods in Multi-body Dynamics
Evers, Lennart-MartinMathematical signal and image processing  Presenter