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Author(s) Session
A. Sauer, RogerThermodynamics
Abali, Bilen EmekPhase-field modeling of fracture I
Abdel-Maksoud, MoustafaWaves and acoustics for fluids and viscous materials
Abdolazizi, Kian P.Machine Learning and Inverse Problems
Material modelling in solid mechanics  Presenter
Abdusalamov, RasulMultiscales and homogenization  Presenter
Abels, HelmutApplied analysis
Multiphase Flows  Presenter
Applied analysis
Abendroth, MartinMaterial modelling in solid mechanics  Presenter
Multiscales and homogenization
Adam, ChristophMaterial & Slip/Friction
Ahlers, GuenterTurbulence and reactive flows
Ahmadi, ShahabeddinNovel approaches for influencing vibrations by means of deliberately introduced dissipation  Presenter
Ahmed, ShahbazMaterial modelling in solid mechanics  Presenter
Aibibu, DilbarHydrogels & tissue engineering
Hydrogels & tissue engineering
Akkerman, IdoSurface PDEs and unfitted discretizations
Al Daas, HussamScientific computing  Presenter
Al Daas, HussamRank structured matrix and tensor techniques  Presenter
Al-Maharma, Ahmad Y.Multiscales and homogenization  Presenter
Albrecht, KristofMathematical signal and image processing  Presenter
Aldakheel, FadiMaterial modelling in solid mechanics
Reliable simulation techniques in solid mechanics.
Alexander, FidlinRotor dynamics
Alhaj Ahmad, AhmadData-driven approach  Presenter
Aliyev, NicatRobust Control
Alkassar, MuhannadMuscle & heart
Alla, AlessandroAlgorithms and Numerical Methods
Altay, OkyayMaterial & Slip/Friction
Altenbach, HolmHistory of Mechanics and Mathematics  Presenter
Altmann, RobertTime discretization for PDEs  Presenter
Ambati, MarreddyPhase-field modeling of fracture II
Ameismeier, TobiasApplied analysis  Presenter
Ams, AlfonsDynamics & Time integration methods
System dynamics
System dynamics
Anciaux-Sedrakian, AniScientific computing
Anders, SteffenCyclic deterioration of high-performance concrete in an experimental-virtual lab
Andreolli, AndreaTurbulence and reactive flows  Presenter
Anselmann, MathiasSpace-Time discretizations
Antoulas, Athanassios C.Model Order Reduction and System Identification
Apel, ThomasConcepts in the Finite Element Method  Presenter
Flow problems
Aretz, NicoleModel order reduction
Armiti-Juber, Alaa ZakariaMultiscales and homogenization  Presenter
Arne, WalterScientific computing
Arnold, MartinNumerical Methods in Multi-body Dynamics  Presenter
Artamonova, Nina BronislavovnaMultiscales and homogenization
Porous Media  Presenter
Asad, AmjadTurbulence and reactive flows  Presenter
Asp, Leif E.Multiscales and homogenization
Aspri, AndreaMathematical signal and image processing
Assaf, RamaSBFEM & Miscellaneous  Presenter
Atrian, AmirDiscretization Methods  Presenter
Augner, BjörnApplied operator theory  Presenter
Autenrieth, HermannMaterial modelling in solid mechanics
Avci, OkanMuscle & heart
Averweg, SolveighParticulate and non-Newtonian Flows  Presenter
Ávila, Francisco AlcántaraTurbulence and reactive flows
Avila, MarcTurbulence and reactive flows
Turbulent Superstructures
Aydin, Roland C.Arteries
Machine Learning and Inverse Problems
Aygün, SerhatCells
Material modelling in solid mechanics  Presenter
Phase-field modeling of fracture II
Azari Nejat, AliOptimization  Presenter