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Location: Z009
Date: Tuesday, 16/Mar/2021
2:00pm - 4:00pmDFG-PP 1897: Novel approaches for influencing vibrations by means of deliberately introduced dissipation
Location: Z009
Session Chair: Peter Eberhard
Session Chair: Elizaveta Shishova
2:00pm - 2:20pm

Limit cycle computation of self-excited dynamic systems using nonlinear modes

S. Tatzko1, M. Stender2, M. Jahn1, N. Hoffmann2,3

1Leibniz Universität Hannover, Germany; 2Hamburg University of Technology, Germany; 3Imperial College London, United Kingdom

2:20pm - 2:40pm

Study on model reduction for position optimization of acoustic black holes

C. H. Meyer1, C. Lerch2, S. Rothe3, S. C. Langer3, B. Lohmann2, D. J. Rixen1

1Technical University of Munich, Chair of Applied Mechanics, Boltzmannstr. 15, 85748 Garching b. München, Germany; 2Technical University of Munich, Chair of Automatic Control, Boltzmannstr. 15, 85748 Garching b. München, Germany; 3Technische Universität Braunschweig, Institute for Acoustics, Langer Kamp 19, 38106 Braunschweig, Germany

2:40pm - 3:00pm

Modeling the Mullins Effect of rubbers used in constrained-layer damping applications

A. Jackstadt1, F. Frölich1, K. Weidenmann2, L. Kärger1

1Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Institute of Vehicle System Technology; 2University of Augsburg, Institute of Materials Resource Management

3:00pm - 3:20pm

Active Damping of Thin Film Shape Memory Alloy Devices

S. Ahmadi1,2, K. Jacob1, F. Wendler2, M. Kohl1

1Karlsruhe Instittute of Technology, Germany; 2Friedrich-Alexander University of Erlangen-Nürnberg,Germany

3:20pm - 3:40pm

Experimental and numerical study of the effects of granular mixture composition on the elastic moduli

K. Taghizadeh1, S. Luding1, V. Magnanimo1, H. Steeb2

1University of Twente, Netherlands, The; 2Stuttgart University, Germany

3:40pm - 4:00pm

Towards the Simulation of the Friction Stir Welding Process with the Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics Method

E. Shishova, P. Eberhard

University of Stuttgart, Germany

4:00pm - 4:20pm

New prospect for a combined operating mode of magnetorheological damper

A. S. Tan, D. Thomalla, J. Zweier, T. Sattel

Technische Universität Ilmenau, Germany

Date: Thursday, 18/Mar/2021
8:30am - 10:30amS09.01: Stability and Transition
Location: Z009
Session Chair: Ilya Barmak
8:30am - 8:50am

Instability mechanisms in high-Prandtl-number liquid bridges exposed to an ambient gas stream

M. Stojanovic, H. C. Kuhlmann

TU Wien, Austria

8:50am - 9:10am

Stability of obliquely driven cavity flow

P.-E. des Boscs, H. C. Kuhlmann

TU Wien, Austria

9:10am - 9:30am

Linear stability of the asymptotic suction boundary layer flow and new 3D modes

A. Yalcin1, M. Oberlack1,2

1Chair of Fluid Dynamics, TU Darmstadt, Germany; 2Graduate School of Excellence Computational Engineering, TU Darmstadt, Germany

9:30am - 9:50am

Travelling waves and low-momentum zones in the asymptotic suction boundary layer

M. Engel1, M. Linkmann1, H. Knahl2, E. Jelli2, B. Eckhardt2

1School of Mathematics and Maxwell Institute for Mathematical Sciences, University of Edinburgh, EH9 3FD Edinburgh, UK; 2Philipps-Universität Marburg, Marburg, Germany

9:50am - 10:10am

Interpreted machine learning in fluid dynamics: Explaining relaminarisation events in wall-bounded shear flows

M. Lellep1, J. Prexl2, B. Eckhardt3, M. Linkmann4

1SUPA, School of Physics and Astronomy, The University of Edinburgh, James Clerk Maxwell Building, Peter Guthrie Tait Road, Edinburgh EH9 3FD, UK; 2Department of Civil, Geo and Environmental Engineering, Technical University of Munich, D-80333 Munich, Germany; 3Physics Department, Philipps-University of Marburg, D-35032 Marburg, Germany; 4School of Mathematics and Maxwell Institute for Mathematical Sciences, University of Edinburgh, Edinburgh, EH9 3FD, United Kingdom

10:10am - 10:30am

Thermomagnetic convection in a differentially heated rotating annulus with central force field

P. S. B. Szabo1, W.-G. Früh2

1Department of Aerodynamics and Fluid Mechanics, BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg, Cottbus, Germany; 2School of Engineering and Physical Sciences, Herito-Watt University, Riccarton, Edinburgh EH14 4AS, United Kingdom

2:00pm - 4:00pmS09.02: Particulate and non-Newtonian Flows
Location: Z009
Session Chair: Peter Ehrhard
2:00pm - 2:20pm

Lagrangian transport in two-dimensional time periodic cavity flow

L. Bábor, H. C. Kuhlmann

TU Wien, Austria

2:20pm - 2:40pm

Particle accumulation in high-Prandtl-number liquid bridges

I. Barmak, H. C. Kuhlmann

TU Wien, Austria

2:40pm - 3:00pm

Least-squares formulation to solve non-Newtonian fluid flow and application of data assimilation

S. Averweg, A. Schwarz, C. Nisters, J. Schröder

University of Duisburg-Essen, Germany

3:00pm - 3:20pm

Simultaneous determination of Bingham material parameters using a ball probe concrete rheometer

F. Gerland1, T. Schomberg1, A. Wetzel2, B. Middendorf2, O. Wünsch1

1Department of Fluid Dynamics, University of Kassel, Germany; 2Department of Structural Materials and Construction Chemistry, University of Kassel, Germany

3:20pm - 3:40pm

Numerical simulation of flow processes of wood-polymer composites in extrusion dies

F. Liese, O. Wünsch

University of Kassel, Germany

Date: Friday, 19/Mar/2021
8:30am - 10:30amS09.03: Boundary Layers and other Topics
Location: Z009
Session Chair: Hendrik C. Kuhlmann
8:30am - 8:50am

A potential-based formulation of the classical and relativistic Navier-Stokes equations

M. Scholle1, P. H. Gaskell2, F. Marner3

1Hochschule Heilbronn, Germany; 2Durham University, UK.; 3Inigence GmbH

8:50am - 9:10am

On the non-uniqueness of marginally separated boundary layer flows

I. Stojanovic, S. Braun

TU WIEN, Austria

9:10am - 9:30am

Regularization of the ill-posed spike formation stage in marginally separated boundary layer flows

D. Kuzdas, S. Braun

TU Wien, Austria

9:30am - 9:50am

Stochastic modeling of transient neutral and stably-stratified Ekman boundary layers

M. Klein, R. E. Maier, H. Schmidt

Chair of Numerical Fluid and Gas Dynamics, BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg, Germany

9:50am - 10:10am

Integral effects of the Debye layer on a sedimenting particle with variant zeta-potentials

P. Marthaler, A. G. Class

Kalsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany

10:10am - 10:30am

Modeling rarefied plasma dynamics in micropropulsion systems for space applications

R. Groll, T. Frieler, C. Kühn

University of Bremen, Germany


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