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Location: Z017
Date: Tuesday, 16/Mar/2021
S17.01: Krylov convergence behavior, eigenvalue problems, and GR decompositions
Location: Z017
Chair: John William Pearson
8:30am - 9:10am

Particular, worst and average cases in the analysis of Krylov subspace methods

J. Liesen

9:10am - 9:30am

Prescribing convergence behavior of block GMRES and block Arnoldi

M. Kubínová, K. M Soodhalter

9:30am - 9:50am

The symmetric eigenvalue problem and hypergraphs

K. Kahl, B. Lang

9:50am - 10:10am

A rational Even-IRA algorithm for the solution of even polynomial eigenvalue problems

P. Benner, H. Faßbender, P. Saltenberger

10:10am - 10:30am

GR decompositions and their relations to Cholesky-like factorizations

C. Penke, P. Benner

S17.02: Optimization, network analysis, and fluids
Location: Z017
Chair: Kirk M Soodhalter
4:30pm - 4:50pm

Optimization of a partial differential equation on a complex network

M. Stoll, M. Winkler

4:50pm - 5:10pm

Fast Solvers and Multilevel Circulant Preconditioners for Fractional Differential Equation Constrained Optimization

J. W. Pearson, S. Pougkakiotis, S. Leveque, J. Gondzio

5:10pm - 5:30pm

Frequency-weighted damping via non smooth optimization and fast computation of QEPs

N. Jakovcevic Stor, T. Mitchell, M. Puvaca, Z. Tomljanovic

5:30pm - 5:50pm

Extended Group Finite Element Method for a port-Hamiltonian Formulation of the Non-Isothermal Euler Equations

S.-A. Hauschild, N. Marheineke

Date: Wednesday, 17/Mar/2021
S17.03: Data, random walks, and parallelism
Location: Z017
Chair: John William Pearson
2:00pm - 2:40pm

Numerical Linear Algebra in Data Assimilation

M. Freitag

2:40pm - 3:00pm

A computational framework for handling semi infinite quasi-Toeplitz matrices

S. Massei, D. A. Bini, B. Meini, L. Robol

3:00pm - 3:20pm

Multivalent Binding Kinetics as an Invariant Subspace Projection of Markov Processes

M. Weber, F. Erlekam, M. Zumbansen

S17.04: Sylvester equations, Ricatti equations, and polynomials
Location: Z017
Chair: Kirk M Soodhalter
4:30pm - 4:50pm

Solving differential Riccati equations: A nonlinear space-time method using tensor trains

T. Breiten, S. Dolgov, M. Stoll

4:50pm - 5:10pm

Roots of multivariate polynomials from tensor decompositions

P. Kürschner, L. De Lathauwer

5:10pm - 5:30pm

Distance problems for dissipative Hamiltonian systems and related matrix polynomials

C. Mehl, V. Mehrmann, M. Wojtylak

5:30pm - 5:50pm

Parameter estimation for orthogonal polynomial moments

F. Schneppe, D. Lorenz

5:50pm - 6:10pm

Structure Preserving Approximation and Integration of Hamiltonian Systems

M.-N. Senn, H. Faßbender

6:10pm - 6:30pm

On the efficient solution of large-scale algebraic Riccati equations with banded data

D. Palitta, V. Simoncini

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