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Date: Monday, 15/Mar/2021
Location: W001
PML: Prandtl Lecture
Location: W002
Chair: Martin Oberlack

On the spectrum of atmospheric motions

U. Schumann

RvML 20/21 1
Location: W001
Chair: Ulisse Stefanelli
Chair: Paul Steinmann
B1: Coffee Break
YRM1: Algorithms for coupled multi-physics problems
Location: Z001
Chair: Matthias Mayr
Chair: Alexander Heinlein
5:00pm - 5:20pm

A unified Nitsche approach for fluid-structure interactions and contact

S. Frei, E. Burman, M. A Fernández

5:20pm - 5:40pm

Mixed-Dimensional Immersed Finite Element Approach for the Interaction of Submerged Fibers with Fluid Flow

N. Hagmeyer, M. Mayr, A. Popp

5:40pm - 6:00pm

Comparing Arterial Wall Models for the Curved Tube Fluid-Structure Interaction Benchmark

A. Heinlein, A. Klawonn, O. Rheinbach

6:00pm - 6:20pm

Simulating sea ice drift in the Southern Ocean using the LSFEM.

C. Nisters, J. Schröder

6:20pm - 6:40pm

Load balancing for dynamic contact problems on distributed memory architectures

M. Mayr, A. Popp

6:40pm - 7:00pm

Purely hyperbolic self-gravitating flow simulations in Julia

M. Schlottke-Lakemper, A. R. Winters, H. Ranocha, G. J. Gassner

YRM2: Rank structured matrix and tensor techniques
Location: Z002
Chair: Stefano Massei
Chair: Davide Palitta
5:00pm - 5:20pm

Low rank approaches for the analysis of biomedical data from pre to post processing

F. Esposito

5:20pm - 5:40pm

Functional Tucker approximation using Chebyshev interpolation

S. Dolgov, D. Kressner, C. Strössner

5:40pm - 6:00pm

A matrix equation method for solving PDE-constrained optimization problems

A. Bünger, M. Stoll, V. Simoncini

6:00pm - 6:20pm

Compression properties and rank-structured solvers for Toeplitz, Vandermonde and related linear systems

H. D. Wilber, D. Kressner, B. Beckermann

6:20pm - 6:40pm

Recycling subspaces for improved multidimensional alternating minimal energy solver

H. Al Daas, P. Benner, P. Jolivet, J. Saak

YRM3: Recent developments in Isogeometric Analysis for Flow Problems
Location: Z003
Chair: Philipp Morgenstern
Chair: Andreas Apostolatos
5:00pm - 5:20pm

Adaptive isogeometric methods with inexact solvers

G. Gantner, A. Haberl, D. Haberlik, D. Praetorius, S. Schimanko

5:20pm - 6:00pm


T. Spenke, N. Hosters, M. Behr

6:00pm - 6:20pm

Mesh refinement for rate-optimal unstructured AS T-splines

R. Maier, P. Morgenstern, T. Takacs

6:20pm - 6:40pm

C1 Isogeometric discretizations over multi-patch domains

M. Kapl, G. Sangalli, T. Takacs

YRM4: Modelling, simulation and data-driven analysis of molecular systems
Location: Z004
Chair: Feliks Nüske
5:00pm - 5:20pm

Discovery of complex reaction coordinates in autonomous artificial intelligence-guided computer simulations

R. Covino, H. Jung, G. Hummer

5:20pm - 5:40pm

Parareal algorithm in the context of Molecular Dynamics

U. Sharma, F. Legoll, T. Lelièvre

5:40pm - 6:00pm

The role of the lag time in spectral estimation for Markov processes

E. H. Thiede, R. J. Webber, D. Dow, A. R. Dinner, J. Weare

6:00pm - 6:20pm

Tensor-based EDMD for the Koopman analysis of high-dimensional systems

F. Nüske, P. Gelß, S. Klus, C. Clementi

YRM5: Complexity Reduction in Optimal Control
Location: Z005
Chair: Silke Manuela Glas
Chair: Carmen Gräßle
5:00pm - 5:20pm

Reduced basis methods for quasilinear elliptic PDEs with applications to permanent magnet synchronous motors

D. Korolev

5:20pm - 5:40pm

ROM-based inexact subdivision methods for PDE-constrained multi objective optimization

S. Banholzer, B. Gebken, L. Reichle, S. Volkwein

5:40pm - 6:00pm

Reduced Order Models for the Planning of Thermal Cancer Treatments

Z. Tokoutsi, M. Grepl, K. Veroy, M. Baragona, R. Maessen

6:00pm - 6:20pm

Finite element approximation of second-order PDEs in non-divergence form in the solution of Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equations

J. Blechschmidt, R. Herzog, M. Winkler

6:20pm - 6:40pm

A-posteriori reduced basis error-estimates for a semi-discrete in space quasilinear parabolic PDE

F. Hoppe, I. Neitzel

YRM6: Novel discretization methods for phase-field modeling in fracture mechanics
Location: Z006
Chair: Fleurianne Bertrand
5:00pm - 5:20pm

Stress reconstructions for quasi-static phase-field fractures

F. Bertrand

5:20pm - 5:40pm

Solving a phase-field fracture problem in mixed form

T. Heister, K. Mang, T. Wick

5:40pm - 6:00pm

Extension of the phase-field model to anisotropic pressurized fracture

C. Bilgen, M. Werner, K. Weinberg

6:00pm - 6:20pm

Observation and viscoelastic modeling of tidal displacements at 79°N Glacier, Greenland

J. Christmann, O. Zeising, D. Steinhage, N. Neckel, V. Helm, R. Müller, M. Scheinert, S. A. Khan, A. Humbert

6:20pm - 6:40pm

A coupled multi-phase/-scale numerical description for solidification processes of steel, using a phase-field model for phase-transformation

C. Henning, T. Ricken

6:40pm - 7:00pm

An anisotropic phase-field model for fracture based on a decomposition of the material tangent

C. Luo

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