Conference Agenda

Keynote 07: Ming-Hui Huang
Saturday, 20/Jul/2019:
1:15pm - 2:00pm

HSS Auditorium


The Feeling Economy: Managing Service in the Next Generation of AI

Authors: Ming-Hui Huang (National Taiwan University, Taiwan)

This talk addresses the impact of different generations of AIs on service. Specifically, the first generation of AI has focused primarily on performing human tasks that are physical, mechanical, or repetitive. This has given rise to the service economy and has resulted in an economy (the Thinking Economy) in which the most successful human workers emphasize cognitive skills, and physical workers, such as farmers and factory workers, are mostly left behind. Conventional wisdom currently assumes that workers can protect themselves from obsolescence by making themselves more analytical. This may not be the case. The second generation of AI, focusing on analytical thinking and even intuition, is quickly mastering an increasing number of cognitive tasks. This is causing human workers to emphasize feeling tasks to a greater degree. This has important service implications, such that employees need to enhance their feeling and empathetic skills to meet the demand of increasingly emotionally conscious consumers. The Feeling Economy will transform the existing way service is created and delivered, but also provide exciting new opportunities.