Conference Agenda

Keynote 02: Campbell Wilson
Friday, 19/Jul/2019:
9:15am - 10:00am

HSS Auditorium


Singapore Airlines’ Digital Transformation Journey

Authors: Campbell Wilson (Singapore Airlines, Singapore)

Get an insider’s look into the digital transformation happening within the Singapore Airlines Group. What is the overall strategy? What’s behind the various initiatives SIA has taken – from loyalty and blockchain, to chatbots and new technology – and through it all, how does SIA continue to deliver the superior customer experience SIA is known for? This presentation will cover SIA’s digital transformation story, the overall strategy and alignment of the different parts, which includes what needs to be changed and how the SIA Group has been encouraging innovation and entrepreneurial thinking in their staff to be the leading digital airline in the world. Learn more about SIA’s digital innovation lab that will be launched in January 2019, where new ideas are developed and experimented with, with the aim to resolve business challenges SIA faces. Most importantly, how is SIA innovating while holding on to traditional core values?