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04-09: Raymond Fisk
Friday, 19/Jul/2019:
3:15pm - 3:40pm

Seminar Room 3-3

Chair: Raymond Fisk

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ServCollab: Creating Humane Service Systems Through Research Collaborations

Authors: Raymond Fisk (Texas State University, USA), Linda Alkire (née Nasr) (Texas State University), Laurel Anderson (Arizona State University), David Bowen (Thunderbird, the American Graduate School of International Management), Thorsten Gruber (Loughborough University), Amy Ostrom (Arizona State University), Lia Patrício (Universidade do Porto)

This interactive session will introduce ServCollab to the service research community, discuss its major human rights goals, and propose collaborative research directions.

A Call for Justice in Human Service Systems

Every human is born and lives within nested service systems. These systems start with the family and continue in complexity to cities, states, and nations. Such service systems are crucial to the meaning of our lives and our wellbeing. While many people benefit from these human service systems, many others are excluded or neglected by design.

The United Nations (2016) proposed 17 Sustainable Development Goals for 2030. These goals are centered around many unjust service human service systems. Such systems are quite common, especially for those born female, a minority, or into poverty. Inequality is pervasive even in many advanced economies. Inequity is the most difficult fairness problem in the world. For example, many advanced economies offer equal access to an education but only offer poor children the most meager educational training. Every child needs adult assistance but not every system provides girls, minority children, and poor children with the proper assistance.

Humane service systems should be designed for inclusion (Fisk et al. 2018). To create such inclusive service systems, we propose building upon methodologies such as action research (Reason and Bradbury 2013) and design science (Van Aken 2004). Creating humane service systems is difficult because of the embedded and intersectional nature of service systems, but mainly because solutions cannot be imposed on people in need. Just human service systems must respect human dignity by working with those in need to co-create self-sustaining, measurable, and scalable solutions.

Improving wellbeing through transformative service is a major service research priority (Ostrom et al. 2015). To improve wellbeing for all, we propose a service research platform focused on reducing global service system injustices. As such, we advance ServCollab as a service research collaborative for diagnosing and treating humanity’s service system problems.

ServCollab Has Three Goals

Serve - To serve all humans with research that respects their dignity and supports their rights. This includes advocating for fair and inclusive access to service, fair and inclusive service experiences, and the fair and inclusive ability to exit the service.

Enable - To enable collaborations among researchers and service organizations that span disciplinary and national boundaries in pursuit of diagnosing and treating humanity’s many service system problems. To enable and disseminate knowledge and training that propagates humane service systems.

Measure - To seek measurable reductions in human suffering and measurable improvements in human wellbeing. To foster and measure humane standards of service justice that are adaptable to different service systems.

Please help us serve humanity through service research collaborations that reduce human suffering and improve human wellbeing.

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