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Session Overview
6.6: Corporate Governance 4
Thursday, 30/May/2019:
8:30am - 10:15am

Session Chair: Simon Gervais, Duke University
Location: Room 104


Peer Effects in Corporate Governance Practices: Evidence from Universal Demand Laws

Vinh Nguyen1, Pouyan Foroughi2, Alan Marcus3, Hassan Tehranian4

1The University of Hong Kong, Faculty of Business & Economics; 2The University of New South Wales, School of Banking and Finance; 3Boston College, Carroll School of Management, Boston College; 4Boston College, Carroll School of Management, Boston College

Discussant: Lalitha Naveen (Temple University)

Nguyen-Peer Effects in Corporate Governance Practices-714.pdf

Adapting to Radical Change: The Benefits of Short-Horizon Investors

Mariassunta Giannetti1, Xiaoyun Yu2

1Stockholm School of Economics; 2Indiana University, United States of America

Discussant: Vyacheslav Fos (Boston College)

Giannetti-Adapting to Radical Change-158.pdf

Are CEOs Paid Extra For Riskier Pay Packages?

Ana Albuquerque1, Rui Albuquerque2, Mary Ellen Carter3, Flora Dong4

1Boston University; 2Boston College, United States of America; 3Boston College, United States of America; 4Penn State University

Discussant: Eitan Goldman (Indiana University)

Albuquerque-Are CEOs Paid Extra For Riskier Pay Packages-335.pdf