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Session Overview
1.5: Credit Supply 1
Tuesday, 28/May/2019:
1:30pm - 3:15pm

Session Chair: John Sedunov, Villanova University
Location: Room 103


Handling Spillover Effects in Empirical Research: An Application using Credit Supply Shocks

Tobias Berg1, Daniel Streitz2

1Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, Germany; 2Copenhagen Business School

Discussant: Kilian Huber (University of Chicago)

Berg-Handling Spillover Effects in Empirical Research-682.pdf

The Capitalization of Consumer Financing into Durable Goods Prices

Bronson Argyle1, Taylor Nadauld1, Christopher Palmer2, Ryan Pratt1

1Brigham Young University, United States of America; 2MIT Sloan

Discussant: John Mondragon

Argyle-The Capitalization of Consumer Financing into Durable Goods Prices-544.pdf

Why Do Banks Target ROE?

George G Pennacchi1, Joao AC Santos2

1University of Illinois, United States of America; 2Federal Reserve Bank of New York and Nova School of Business and Economics

Discussant: Bernadette Minton (The Ohio State University)

Pennacchi-Why Do Banks Target ROE-224.pdf