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Session Overview
5.5: Regulation 1: Bank Regulation and Central Banks
Tuesday, 28/May/2019:
3:30pm - 5:45pm

Session Chair: Mark Jeffrey Flannery, University of Florida
Location: Room 102


Leverage Regulation and Market Structure: An Empirical Model Of The UK Mortgage Market

Matteo Benetton

Berkeley, United States of America

Discussant: Leming Lin (University of Pittsburgh)

Benetton-Leverage Regulation and Market Structure-425.pdf

Central Bank Communication and the Yield Curve

Matteo Leombroni1, Andrea Vedolin2, Gyuri Venter3, Paul Whelan3

1Stanford University; 2Boston University; 3Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

Discussant: Karlye Marissa Dilts Stedman (1985)

Leombroni-Central Bank Communication and the Yield Curve-711.pdf

Supply of Private Safe Assets: Interplay of Shadow and Traditional Banks

Stefan Gissler, Borghan Nezami Narajabad

Federal Reserve Board of Governors, United States of America

Discussant: Joao Santos (Federal Reserve Bank of New York)

Gissler-Supply of Private Safe Assets-1018.pdf

Discount Window Stigma and the Term Auction Facility

Yunzhi Hu1, Hanzhe Zhang2

1UNC Chapel Hill, United States of America; 2Michigan State University

Discussant: Oliver Armantier (federal reserve bank or new york)

Hu-Discount Window Stigma and the Term Auction Facility-1022.pdf