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Session Overview
1.2: Collateral : Theory and Evidence
Tuesday, 28/May/2019:
3:30pm - 5:45pm

Session Chair: Arnoud Boot, university of amsterdam
Location: Room 104


Repo Collateral and Counterparty Risks: Theory and Evidence

Li-Ting Chiu1, Sheen Liu2, Chunchi Wu1

1SUNY-BUFFALO, United States of America; 2Washington State University

Discussant: Tanju Yorulmazer (University of Amsterdam)

Chiu-Repo Collateral and Counterparty Risks-541.pdf

Collateral and Asymmetric Information in Lending Markets

Vasso Ioannidou1, Nicola Pavanini2, Yushi Peng3

1Lancaster University, United Kingdom; 2Tilburg University, The Netherlands; 3University of Zürich, Switzerland

Discussant: Florian Heider (European Central Bank)

Ioannidou-Collateral and Asymmetric Information in Lending Markets-806.pdf

Conflicting Priorities: A Theory of Covenants and Collateral

Jason Roderick Donaldson1, Denis Gromb2, Giorgia Piacentino3

1Washington University in St Louis; 2HEC Paris; 3Columbia University, United States of America

Discussant: Charles M. Kahn (University of Illinois)

Donaldson-Conflicting Priorities-629.pdf

Asset Encumbrance and Bank Risk: Theory and First Evidence from Public Disclosures in Europe

Albert Banal-Estanol1, Enrique Benito2, Dmitry Khametshin3, Jianxing Wei4

1Universitat Pompeu Fabra, Spain; 2City University of London, UK; 3Banco de España, Spain; 4University of International Business and Economics

Discussant: Yuliyan Mitkov (University of Bonn)

Banal-Estanol-Asset Encumbrance and Bank Risk-795.pdf