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Session Overview
Location: Room 102
Date: Tuesday, 28/May/2019
1.6: Hedge Funds
Location: Room 102
Chair: Burton Hollified, Carnegie Mellon University

Prime Broker Exposures, Collateral, and Resilience in Hedge Fund Credit Networks

Mathias S Kruttli2,4, Phillip J Monin3, Sumudu W Watugala1,4

1: Cornell University, United States of America; 2: Federal Reserve Board of Governors; 3: Office of Financial Research, US Department of the Treasury; 4: Oxford-Man Institute of Quantitative Finance, University of Oxford

Unobserved Performance of Hedge Funds

Vikas Agarwal2, Stefan Ruenzi3, Florian Weigert1

1: University of St. Gallen, Switzerland; 2: Georgia State University; 3: University of Mannheim

Skin or Skim? Inside Investment and Hedge Fund Performance

Kunal Sachdeva1, Arpit Gupta2

1: Rice University, United States of America; 2: New York University, United States of America

5.5: Regulation 1: Bank Regulation and Central Banks
Location: Room 102
Chair: Mark Jeffrey Flannery, University of Florida

Leverage Regulation and Market Structure: An Empirical Model Of The UK Mortgage Market

Matteo Benetton

Berkeley, United States of America

Central Bank Communication and the Yield Curve

Matteo Leombroni1, Andrea Vedolin2, Gyuri Venter3, Paul Whelan3

1: Stanford University; 2: Boston University; 3: Copenhagen Business School, Denmark

Supply of Private Safe Assets: Interplay of Shadow and Traditional Banks

Stefan Gissler, Borghan Nezami Narajabad

Federal Reserve Board of Governors, United States of America

Discount Window Stigma and the Term Auction Facility

Yunzhi Hu1, Hanzhe Zhang2

1: UNC Chapel Hill, United States of America; 2: Michigan State University

Date: Wednesday, 29/May/2019
5.3: Bank Regulation, Supervision and Risk taking
Location: Room 102
Chair: Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh, Columbia University Graduate School of Business

Supra(National) Supervision

Rainer Haselmann1, Shikhar Singla2, Vikrant Vig2

1: Goethe Univeristy / SAFE, Germany; 2: London Buisness School

Bank Bailouts, Bail-ins, or No Regulatory Intervention? A Dynamic Model and Empirical Tests of Optimal Regulation

Raluca Roman1, Allen N. Berger2, Charles P. Himmelberg3, Sergey Tsyplakov4

1: Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelpia, United States of America; 2: University of South Carolina; 3: Goldman Sachs; 4: University of South Carolina

The Effects of Capital Requirements on Good and Bad Risk-Taking

Roberto Robatto1, Aaron Pancost2

1: University of Wisconsin-Madison, United States of America; 2: University of Texas at Austin, McCombs School of Business.

3.6: Venture Capital 1: VCs, Rating Agencies and Investments
Location: Room 102
Chair: Francesca Cornelli, Northwestern, Kellogg School of Management

A Theory of Venture Capital Fund Size with Directed Search

Francesco Sannino

Frankfurt School of Finance & Management, Germany

Venture Capital Contracts

Michael Ewens1, Alexander Gorbenko2, Arthur Korteweg3

1: California Institute of Technology, United States of America; 2: USC Marshall School of Business; 3: USC Marshall School of Business

Credit Rating Agencies and Corporate Financing and Investment Decisions: An Unintended Consequence of the Dodd-Frank Act

Bina Sharma2, Binay K. Adhikari2, Anup Agrawal1, Bruno R. Arthur2, Monika K. Rabarison2

1: University of Alabama, United States of America; 2: University of Texas RGV, United States of America

4.6: Agency Problems and Contracting
Location: Room 102
Chair: Bruce Carlin, UCLA

Bank Bonus Pay as a Risk Sharing Contract

Matthias Efing1, Harald Hau2, Patrick Kampkoetter3, Jean-Charles Rochet2

1: HEC Paris, France; 2: Swiss Finance Institute; 3: University of Tuebingen

Optimal Agents

Jan Starmans

Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden

Weak Credit Covenants

Victoria Ivashina, Boris Vallée

Harvard Business School, United States of America

Agency in Intangibles

Colin Ward

University of Minnesota, United States of America

Date: Thursday, 30/May/2019
8.2: Regulation 3: Competition, Supervision and Bank lending
Location: Room 102
Chair: Paolo Fulghieri, UNC

“Inspect What You Expect To Get Respect?” Can Bank Supervision Kill Zombie Lending?

Diana Bonfim1, Geraldo Cerqueiro2, Hans Degryse3, Steven Ongena4

1: Banco de Portugal, Portugal; 2: Católica Lisbon SBE, Portugal; 3: KU Leuven; 4: University of Zurich

The Effects of Competition in Consumer Credit Markets

Stefan Gissler2, Rodney Ramcharan3, Edison Yu1

1: Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, United States of America; 2: Federal Reserve Board of Governors; 3: University Southern California

Shocked by Bank Funding Shocks: Evidence from Consumer Credit Cards

Sudheer Chava1, Rohan Ganduri2, Nikhil Paradkar1, Linghang Zeng1

1: Georgia Institute of Technology, United States of America; 2: Emory University, United States of America

6.3: Executive Incentives
Location: Room 102
Chair: Vojislav Maksimovic, University of Maryland
10:30am - 11:00am

Incentives and Competition in the Airline Industry

Rajesh K. Aggarwal1, Carola Schenone2

1: Northeastern University, United States of America; 2: University of Virginia, United States of America

11:00am - 11:30am

Executive Mobility in the United States, 1920 to 2011

John Graham2, Dawoon Kim1, Hyunseob Kim1

1: Cornell Univesity, United States of America; 2: Duke Univesity, United States of America

11:30am - 12:00pm

Monitor Reputation and Transparency

Ivan Marinovic1, Martin Szydlowski2

1: Stanford GSB; 2: University of Minnesota, United States of America

3.4: Regulation 4: Bank Regulation and Financial Stability
Location: Room 102
Chair: Gregory F. Udell, Indiana University

The Effects of Banking Competition on Growth and Financial Stability: Evidence from the National Banking Era

Sergio Correia1, Mark Carlson1, Stephan Luck2

1: Federal Reserve Board, United States of America; 2: Federal Reserve Bank of New York

The Procyclicality of Expected Credit Loss Provisions

Jorge Abad, Javier Suarez

CEMFI, Spain

Financial Regulation: What the Finance Industry Wants and How it Gets it

Thomas Mosk1, Renée Adams2

1: Goethe University, Germany; 2: University of Oxford, UK

Financial Intermediation through Financial Disintermediation: Evidence from the ECB Corporate Sector Purchase Programme

Aytekin Ertan1, Anya Kleymenova2, Marcel Tuijn3

1: London Business School; 2: University of Chicago Booth School of Business, United States of America; 3: University of Notre Dame and Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University