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Location: Room 105
Date: Tuesday, 28/May/2019
1:30pm - 3:15pm2.3: Generating and Interpreting Information
Session Chair: Kristine Hankins, University of Kentucky
Room 105 

Textual Factors: A Scalable, Interpretable, and Data-driven Approach to Analyzing Unstructured Information

Lin Cong, Tengyuan Liang, Xiao Zhang

The University of Chicago, United States of America

Discussant: J. Anthony Cookson (University of Colorado-Boulder)

Information Monopolies and Monetary Policy Pass-through

Charles O'Donnell1,3, Fergal McCann2

1European Central Bank, Germany; 2Central Bank of Ireland; 3Aix-Marseille School of Economics

Discussant: Pat Akey (University of Toronto)

Operational Risk is More Systemic than You Think: Evidence from U.S. Bank Holding Companies

Atanas Mihov1, Allen Berger2, Filippo Curti1, John Sedunov3

1Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond, United States of America; 2University of South Carolina, United States of America; 3Villanova University, United States of America

Discussant: Christophe Perignon (HEC Paris)

3:30pm - 5:45pm6.1: Politics, Crime and Economics
Session Chair: alexander dyck, University of Toronto
Room 105 

Do Political Boundaries affect Firm Boundaries?

Matthew Denes1, Florian Schulz2, Vikrant Vig3

1Carnegie Mellon University; 2University of Washington; 3London Business School

Discussant: Brett Myers (Texas Tech University)

Executives in Politics

Ilona Babenko1, Viktar Fedaseyeu2, Song Zhang3

1Arizona State University, United States of America; 2Bocconi University; 3Boston College

Discussant: Nandini Gupta (Indiana University)

Organized Crime and Firms: Evidence from Italy

Pablo Slutzky1, Stefan Zeume2

1University of Maryland, United States of America; 2University of Michigan, United States of America

Discussant: Julian Atanassov (University of Nebraska)

Who Benefits from the Decline of American Manufacturing? Evidence from 142,663 Foreign and Domestic Entries in China

Minwen Li3, Tanakorn Makaew2, Vojislav Maksimovic1

1University of Maryland; 2SEC, United States of America; 3Tsinghua University

Discussant: Jim Goldman (University of Toronto)

Date: Wednesday, 29/May/2019
8:30am - 10:15am2.5: Financial and Lending Networks
Session Chair: Uday Rajan, University of Michigan
Room 105 

Financial Networks over the Business Cycle

Alexandr Kopytov

Wharton, United States of America

Discussant: Ana Babus (Washington University in St. Louis)

Bitcoin as Decentralized Money: Prices, Mining, and Network Security

Emiliano Pagnotta

Imperial College Business School, United Kingdom

Discussant: Jiasun Li (George Mason University)

Credit Market Spillovers: Evidence from a Syndicated Loan Market Network

Abhimanyu Gupta1, Sotirios Kokas2, Alex Michaelides3

1University of Essex; 2University of Glasgow; 3Imperial, United Kingdom

Discussant: Yiming Ma (Columbia Business School)

10:30am - 12:15pm3.5: Valuation Risk, Systemic Risk and Financial Distress
Session Chair: Yaron Leitner, Washington University
Room 105 

Do Firms Hedge During Distress?

Heitor Almeida2, Kristine Hankins3, Ryan Williams1

1University of Arizona; 2University of Illinois - Urbana Champaign; 3University of Kentucky

Discussant: Erik Gilje (The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania)

Insurers as Asset Managers and Systemic Risk

Andrew Ellul2, Chotibhak Jotikasthira1, Anastasia Kartasheva3, Lundblad Christian4, Wagner Wolf5

1SMU - Cox School of Business; 2Indiana University; 3Bank for International Settlements; 4University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; 5Rotterdam School of Management

Discussant: Nathan Foley-Fisher (Federal Reserve Board)

Assessing Valuation Risk: Theory and Empirical Evidence

Samuel Kruger

University of Texas at Austin, United States of America

Discussant: Thomas Maurer (Washington University in St. Louis)

2:00pm - 4:15pm4.2: Bank Deposits, Capital and Decisionmaking
Session Chair: Franco Fiordelisi, University of Rome III
Room 105 

Bank Transparency and Deposit Flows

Qi Chen1, Itay Goldstein2, Zeqiong Huang3, Rahul Vashishtha1

1Duke University; 2University of Pennsylvania, The Wharton School; 3Yale University

Discussant: Laura Blattner (Stanford Graduate School of Business)

Decision-making Delegation in Banks

Jennifer Dlugosz1, Yong Kyu Gam2, Radha Gopalan1, Janis Skrastins1

1Washington University in St. Louis; 2Southwestern University of Finance and Economics

Discussant: Kristian Blickle (Federal Reserve Bank of New York)

Bank Concentration and Product Market Competition

Farzad Saidi1, Daniel Streitz2

1Stockholm School of Economics, CEPR; 2Copenhagen Business School

Discussant: Andrea Presbitero (International Monetary Fund)

The Interdependence of Bank Capital and Liquidity

Elena Carletti1, Itay Goldstein2, Agnese Leonello3

1Bocconi University; 2University of Pennsylvania; 3European Central Bank

Discussant: Ye Li (The Ohio State University)

Date: Thursday, 30/May/2019
8:30am - 10:15am7.6: Financial Advisors and Investment Consultants
Session Chair: Justin Murfin, CORNELL
Room 105 

Unlocking Clients

Umit G. Gurun1, Noah Stoffman3, Scott E. Yonker2

1University of Texas at Dallas; 2Cornell University; 3Indiana University

Discussant: Jonathan Reuter (Boston College)

Real Estate Shocks and Financial Advisor Misconduct

Stephen Dimmock2, William Gerken1, Tyson Van Alfen1

1University of Kentucky, United States of America; 2Nanyang Technological University

Discussant: Jawad Addoum (Cornell University)

Investment Consultants’ Claims About Their Own Performance: What Lies Beneath?

Howard Jones1, Tim Jenkinson1, Gordon Cookson2, Jose Martinez3

1University of Oxford, United Kingdom; 2Financial Conduct Authority, United Kingdom; 3University of Connecticut, United States

Discussant: Ryan Pratt (Brigham Young University)

10:30am - 12:15pm8.6: Information and Learning
Session Chair: Olivier Darmouni, Columbia university
Room 105 

Learning by Doing: Judge Experience and Bankruptcy Outcomes

Benjamin Iverson1, Joshua Madsen2, Wei Wang3, Qiping Xu4

1Brigham Young University;; 3Queen's University; 4University of Notre Dame, United States of America

Discussant: Karsten Müller (Princeton University)

Learning by Owning in a Lemons Market

Brian Waters1, Jordan Martel2, Kenneth Mirkin3

1University of Colorado, Boulder; 2Indiana University, Bloomington; 3The University of Edinburgh

Discussant: Matthew Botsch (Bowdoin College)

Weeding out Bad Loans: Externalities of the Opioid Crisis

Mark Jansen

University of Utah, United States of America

Discussant: Ankit Kalda (Indiana University)

2:00pm - 4:15pm6.5: Market Trading and Microstructure 1
Session Chair: Giovanni Dell’Ariccia, IMF
Room 105 

Market-making with Search and Information Frictions

Venky Venkateswaran1, Benjamin Lester2, Ali Shourideh3, Ariel Zetlin-Jones3

1NYU Stern School of Business, Feseral Reserve Bank of Minneapolis; 2Feseral Reserve Bank of Philadelphia; 3Carnegie Mellon University

Discussant: Yaron Leitner (Washington University)

Trade with Ads

Vivian Fang, Joshua Madsen, Xinyuan Shao

University of Minnesota, United States of America

Discussant: Andrea Presbitero (International Monetary Fund)

Identifying Price Informativeness

Eduardo Davila2, Cecilia Parlatore1

1NYU Stern, United States of America; 2Yale University/New York University, Stern School of Business, and NBER

Discussant: Guofu Zhou (Washington University in St. Louis)

Institutional Counterparties and Performance

Ozgur Ince1, Greg Kadlec2, Steve McKeon3

1University of South Carolina, United States of America; 2Virginia Tech; 3University of Oregon

Discussant: Peter Haslag (Vanderbilt University)


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