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Friday, 05/Nov/2021:
3 pm PT

Location: Plenary

Main Zoom room

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Engaging Students, Instructors, and Others Worldwide Through #EmTechMOOC: Integrating Coursera and Digital Badges

Roberta {Robin} Sullivan1, Cherie van Putten2

1University at Buffalo, State University of New York, United States of America; 2Binghamton University, State University of New York, United States of America

It is critical for students, instructors, and others to keep pace with technology tools to communicate, collaborate, and engage in today’s society. This session showcases the State University of New York (SUNY) Exploring Emerging Technologies for Lifelong Learning and Success (#EmTechMOOC). This discovery-based online learning opportunity assists lifelong learners to help them identify the value and implications of using emerging technologies for personal and professional growth. In addition, EmTech helps participants gain strategies to develop lifelong learning habits to keep pace with technology change. Visit the project website to learn more:

This freely-available flipped professional development model encourages participants to explore innovative and creative uses of emerging technologies through the development of artifacts through hands-on discovery activities. Participants are encouraged to share the artifacts that they create and also reflect upon their learning through the creation of a personal ePortfolio. EmTech promotes lifelong learning in a digital world and provides a focused venue to experiment with the constantly evolving landscape of social-media and the latest web-based technology tools.

EmTech is a two-part project that consists of #EmTechMOOC, a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC) that provides an avenue for peer-support to engage in dialog about the effective application of new technologies. EmTechWIKI is designed to complement the MOOC and provides a rich database of tools, tutorials, and resources that are used in hands-on activities throughout the MOOC. The WIKI is also a valuable stand-alone resource. This learning environment empowers faculty to master new technologies to help educate their students and also directly helps students to effectively work with new communication and collaboration technologies.

Coursera Certificates of Completion and Digital Badges are awarded to encourage and motivate participants to complete the MOOC. #EmTechMOOC is one of the initial Coursera MOOCs to integrate and also automate issuing Digital Badges along with traditional Certificates of Completion. We will look at some of the data we have collected relating to participants’ interactions with the certificates and badges that they have been awarded.

#EmTechMOOC is driven and sustained by the ephemeral nature of technological evolution. Our reliance on technologies to communicate and collaborate is an essential and critical part of our lives. In order for individuals to keep pace with current and emerging technologies that leverage and reach beyond commercial social media, it’s important to be able to evaluate and identify new tools to meet specific objectives.

EmTech has a 10-year history and has been issuing badges since 2013. This is a lifetime in terms of a resource that teaches about the effective use of new technologies. In addition, EmTech has an extensive history of issuing badges that have changed and evolved over many years. This session provides an overview of the project’s history and a look into how the badge issuing process has evolved over the years.

We will also share information about the future of this innovative professional development model. We will also discuss ways that others can partner and collaborate together with us to seek additional funding opportunities to help sustain this valuable learning opportunity. EmTech is actively seeking additional partners and collaborators to help us build on its success and expand opportunities to reach new learners. Developed initially to serve the largest comprehensive educational system in the United States, the State University of New York, this resource can now be offered to external organizations as part of an expanded portfolio.