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Vendredi, 05.11.2021:
9 am PT

Salle: Plénière
Salle Zoom principale - Présentiel: Amphithéatre du Cube

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Atingi eAcademy - Opening Up Recognition in the Global South

Don Presant1, Andreas Hofmann2, Candice Sankarsingh3, Maeve O'Brien4, Dominic Orr2

1Learning Agents, Canada; 2GIZ, Germany; 3common sense, Austria; 4mascontour, Germany

atingi eAcademy uses digital credentials based on Open Badges to provide inclusive and flexible recognition for workers in tourism and hospitality sectors in Eastern Europe and the Global South whose skills and knowledge are not always easily captured by exam scores or high-stakes tests.

The eAcademy is hosted on a large scale multi-tenanted Moodle-based digital learning platform – which is free of charge. The courses are produced in a mobile-friendly format using a micro-learning didactic approach to keep learners with a vocational education background engaged and interested. Many of these courses are deliberately granular in focus to guarantee low entry-requirements and quick results for learners. The courses are organized in learning paths and clusters, part of a larger eco-system of related measures.

The eAcademy is developing methods for blended learning and/or flipped classroom digital pedagogy settings, with the goal of effectively recognising applied and experiential learning in the workplace. eAcademy innovations are designed to be adapted for the broader atingi offering which includes international development in a global context.

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