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Vendredi, 05.11.2021:
11 am PT

Salle: Plénière
Salle Zoom principale - Présentiel: Amphithéatre du Cube

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GoFrameworks: Connecting People and Skills for Meaningful Work

Don Presant1, Steven Forth2

1Learning Agents, Canada; 2Ibbaka, Canada

GoFrameworks: Connecting people and skills for meaningful work

Skill and competency frameworks are emerging as a key way to organize work and to prepare the workforce for the future. Many models already exist and many more are being developed. These frameworks align people with desired careers and help them uncover and realize their own potential. Alignments can add significant value to micro-credentials and badges, helping describe learning and achievements using competencies and also Big Picture themes such as the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Linking people, skills, and job roles with badges helps navigate the world of work. is a connection hub for aligning badges to frameworks that make sense for badge issuer communities, such as in Canada. GoFrameworks is a partnership of and Ibbaka that leverages Open Badge Factory and Ibbaka Talent technologies.

The GoFrameworks vision is to support the full cycle from Goals to Learning to Assessment to Recognition.

  • Gather - the most important skill and competency models in one place
  • Search - for jobs to see what is needed for success while helping employers find people
  • Align - badges with competency models, goals, skill profiles and ways of learning
  • Compare and remix - competency models and their parts to support new industries and emerging jobs

Models and Frameworks currently supported:

  • Ontario Essential Employability Skills
  • Shopify Remote Working Skills
  • Advanced Manufacturing (CMC 2020)
  • Design Thinking Competencies
  • UN Sustainable Development Goals

Over time we will add more Canadian and international competency models and frameworks, to align with more badges and other resources and activities for skills and learning. As we move beyond the proof of concept to full scale implementation we will provide:

  • Connections to other platforms
  • Granular search to help you find not just a competency model but the most relevant parts of that model
  • Mapping between the parts of different competency models
  • More and more open competency models, including ways for you to contribute open models
  • Ways to adapt and remix your own competency models
  • Additional integrations with other systems and other types of frameworks
  • Links from competency models to learning resources
  • Support for IMS, IEEE and other international standards. (This project currently supports the IEEE P1484.20 work on competency model definitions.

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