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O_We_B_Room2: Power Electronics (II)
Wednesday, 04/Sep/2019:
11:20am - 12:40pm

Session Chair: Joaquin Bernal Mendez
Location: Room 2

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Battery Management System Demonstrator Board design using EMC System simulation

Adrien Doridant, Kamel Abouda, Philippe Givelin, Barbara Thibaud

NXP Semiconductors, France

To optimize the use of energy of battery pack in Battery Monitoring System “BMS” application, a hybrid topology combining battery pack with supercapacitors has been chosen. The additional battery pack module designed induces few immunity issues at different frequencies. This paper explains how EMC system simulation is used to quickly find the root cause and helps to optimize the board design.

Development and Characterization of a Simple Multi-Cell, Multi-Module Battery Assembly for Experimental Validation of Electromagnetic Models

Yu Xian Teo, Jiaqi Chen, Alastair R. Ruddle

HORIBA MIRA Ltd, United Kingdom

A small and simple multi-cell, multi-module, shielded battery assembly has been developed in order to facilitate the development and experimental validation of electromagnetic models of such systems. The architecture of the simplified battery assembly is representative of typical automotive traction batteries, but is much simpler, more compact and develops a much lower voltage, thereby enabling measurements and simulations to be carried out more readily . The measurements carried out on this system include the radiofrequency impedances of each module and the ensemble, as well as the coupling between to a simple cable network within the battery assembly, for frequencies from 100 kHz to 200 MHz.

Predicting the RF Impedance of Cells in Parallel for Automotive Traction Battery Applications

Yu Xian Teo, Jiaqi Chen, Alastair R. Ruddle

HORIBA MIRA Ltd, United Kingdom

The impedance of 18650 format cylindrical lithium ion battery cells arranged in parallel using two different configurations has been measured from 100 kHz to 200 MHz using a vector network analyzer. The same configurations have also been simulated using a full-wave 3D field solver. The results indicate that a hybrid simulation approach, which was derived from measurements on a single cell and previously applied to two cells in series with satisfactory results, is equally effective in predicting the properties of parallel cell assemblies.

Improved EMC filter performance of ferrite cores based on hysteresis and saturation

Bernhard Wunsch1, Skibin Stanislav1, Thomas Christen1, Ville Forsstrom2

1ABB Corporate Research, Switzerland; 2ABB Oy Drives, Helsinki, Finland

In conventional EMC-filter design for power converters,common mode chokes are designed with sufficient margin to saturation. However, for chokes based on toroidal ferrite cores,

nonlinear effects like saturation and hysteresis can improve the filter performance, since hysteretic losses and the strongly varying inductance smear out resonances in the noise spectrum. The effect is demonstrated for a common mode choke placed at the output of a power converter in order to damp the cable resonance.