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Session Overview
T_Mo_D_Room5: Near Field Probes: Useful tools for electronic engineers (II)
Monday, 02/Sep/2019:
4:00pm - 6:00pm

Session Chair: Arturo Mediano
Location: Room 5

Session Abstract

Main goal of the tutorial is to introduce knowledge on near field probes and to review the different techniques to use them in the RF/EMI/EMC practical design and troubleshooting work. The attendees will be able to know the basics of electric and magnetic near field probes, the principles of working with them including useful frequency range and shielded vs. non-shielded versions. Both homebrew and commercial near field probes are presented from the smaller models to test at the pin level to modern scanners to test complete boards. The attendees will understand how to use a near field probe with different instruments including oscilloscopes, spectrum analyzers (with and without tracking generator), Voltage Standing Wave (VSWR) Bridges, network analyzers and other special tools. Near field scanners are introduced. Once the combination of the probe and the instruments is understood they will be able to see how to apply those techniques to typical design and troubleshooting high-frequency systems from the component and material level, through the PCB design (including slots in ground planes), shielding and cable analysis and evaluation. They will be able to see some examples of probes, hardware demos and some real-world cases where the instructor found the probes useful.

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