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Session Overview
W_Fr_D_Room3: Protecting Against the Risks of Lightning and EMI in Systems and Components (III)
Friday, 06/Sep/2019:
4:00pm - 6:00pm

Session Chair: Andy Plumer
Location: Room 3

Session Abstract

Lightning and Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) are both a complex phenomenon.  With the transfer of immense amounts of energy of short periods of time (microseconds), the “direct effects” of lightning can cause severe damage if not addressed.  Fortunately, the effects of lightning on many common materials are well understood, and common protection strategies – terminals, diverters, expanded foils, proper bonding, and earthing can mitigate these physical damage effects.

The other and more complex consequence of lightning are the “indirect effects”.  Due to the flow of current through structures that have been struck by lightning, transient currents and voltages are often conducted or induced into system cabling and components. These can cause system functional upsets, destroy system components, and produce other hazards that impact safety and operability of systems. In parallel, systems and components are also faced with tolerating EMI, which can be as harmful as the lightning transients.  Protection design approaches of shielding, transient voltage suppression, filtering, and circuit architecture are presented.

Protecting against the effects of indirect effects of and other electromagnetic effects is a multi-stage process.  The currents and voltages need to be quantified, protection needs to be designed, and then it needs to be verified that the system and components can tolerate these currents and voltages.

With the advent of modern numerical simulation techniques, these effects can accurately be quantified through simulation and analysis. This provides an opportunity to evaluate and understand multiple design iterations rapidly, explore various protection designs, and determine what the system and components need to tolerate. Once the environment is known, it simply becomes an exercise of evaluating the performance of the system in the presence of these transients.

This workshop will review the lightning environment, protection design, and methods.  Examples will include wind turbines, aircraft, and commercial and industrial facilities. 

Attendees are encouraged to bring real-life problems for consideration and resolution.  Presentation material that can be shared with others is welcomed.  


Andy Plumer

Chief Engineer 

NTS Lightning Technologies

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