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Session Overview
W_Th_B_Room5: Electromagnetic Interference on Static Electricity Meters (II)
Thursday, 05/Sep/2019:
11:20am - 12:40pm

Session Chair: Paul Simon Wright
Location: Room 5

Session Abstract

The workshop will present challenges and results from EU project on the EMI effects on static electricity revenue meters. The project was proposed in response to the findings by the University of Twente which reported some serious (>500%) meter errors induced by fast current changes. The project will further investigate these effects using waveforms captured from mass market electrical products and waveforms reordered on-site at meter connection points; examples of captured waveforms and associated meter errors will be presented.  New waveform analysis techniques will be given which can be used to identify the types of signal that induce meter errors and in-turn unambiguously specify new testing signals that can be used in future type-approval testing. These waveforms will be applied using test-beds used in testing labs and the challenges for developing/retro-fitting suitable laboratory apparatus will be presented.  The project findings are expected to influence future normative standards and testing procedures and the outlook for future standardisation will be given.



  • Capturing real-world waveforms for meter testing.
  • Signal analysis techniques to unambiguously specify complex test waveforms.
  • Testbeds for normative approval of static electricity meters.
  • New type-tests and validated methods for determining electricity meter performance.
  • Outlook for normative standards and testing procedures.



09.00h Introduction to the problem (Paul Wright, NPL)  - 20 mins

09.20h Discussion - 15 mins

09.35h Capturing real-world waveforms for meter testing. (Twente + VSL + UPC)

09.35: Equipment to digitize waveforms (Marc Pous -UPC) demonstration of measurement equipment and data capture and analysis software - 25 mins

10.00: Measurements of Appliances in the lab to capture waveforms (Helko van den Brom, VSL) – 15 mins

10.15: Waveform capture on-site (Bas Ten Have, University of Twente) – 15 mins

10.30: Discussion – 10 mins

10.40h Coffee Break 25 mins (10.40-11.15)

11.15h  Signal analysis techniques to unambiguously specify complex test waveforms. (NPL)

11.15: Triggering and Analysis (Paul Wright, NPL) - 15 mins

11.30: Probability distributions (Marc Pous -UPC) – 15 mins

11.45: Discussion – 5 mins

11.50h   Test Beds for approval of meters

11.50: Testbed for normative approval of static electricity meters based on phantom power. (NPL/VSL) – 10 mins

12.00: Testbed for normative approval of static electricity meters based on IEC61000-4-19 (Pavel Hamouz  - CMI/ Jean-Pierre Braun - METAS)  - 10 mins

12.10: Future Type-tests and outlook for normative standards and testing procedures.  (NPL) - 5 mins

12.15h   Latest findings on meter performance. (VSL/Twente Tom Hartman) (10 mins)

12.25h  Final discussions, feedback and stakeholder needs (10 mins)

12.35h  Close and lunch



  • Chair: Paul Wright, NPL
  • Helko van den Brom, VSL
  • Marc Pous, UPC
  • Tom Hartman, University of Twente
  • Bas ten Have, University of Twente
  • Jean-Pierre Braun, METAS
  • Pavel Hamouz, CMI

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