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Session Overview
T_Mo_D_Room4: Understanding EMC / Radio / Automotive Standards, Electromagnetic (EM)-Field-related Testing (II)
Monday, 02/Sep/2019:
4:00pm - 6:00pm

Session Chair: Diethard E.A. Hansen
Location: Room 4

Session Abstract

Basic EMC/Radio/Wireless/Automotive lab testing background/knowledge. Focus on electromagnetic (EM) field related testing, mostly a less understood topic. Understanding physics/history/common principles in testing, incl. Mil-STD; calibration, instruments, sensors, antennas, and EM test sites (radiated emissions, immunity). Standard's limitations/agreed Tech-Compromises in CE product compliance testing is explained; formal procedures. Product risk assessment/EM test norms get now more transparent. CE Compliance (2016/17 enforced EU-EMC, RED directive), Quality of accredited ISO/EN 17025 (2017) test reports. Important topics: History, EMC Units including Decibels, Constants in physics, frequency spectrum (to GHz), simple EM-radiators, test antenna characteristics, near/far-field, spectrum and radiation efficiency of printed circuit boards, electronic components real-world properties, relevant EMC standards, EMF, legislation/ regulations, MRA, other EU Directives, Tech.-Doc., Notified Body vs. non/harmonized standards, typical EMC Tests for Pre/Compliance Testing. Based on existing knowledge, clients improve their basic understanding of EMC testing and formal CE procedures. We promote "help yourself" by understanding, rather than just blindly searching for 10 golden EMC design rules leading to successful product compliance.



Dr. Diethard Hansen

President and Principal Consultant




Diethard Hansen received his BS-EE, MS-EE and Ph.D. EE degrees from Germany. He has 35+ years of practical, professional experience in Electromagnetic (EM) Disturbance and Interference Control of Electronics: EM-R&D, Consulting, EU- test lab and certification body assessor/auditor and as INARTE certified - Senior EMC Eng., USA. This includes complex commercial /government/military installations and equipment 160+ international, technical papers and 50+ patents are assigned to him. Lab Assessments: world-wide 400+ Test-Labs, incl. EU CE, EU-D EMC, RTTE/RED, and Automotive EMC. Since over 30 years he is active in international EM standards/regulations.

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