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Session Overview
T_Mo_D_Room3: Analysis of Interference and Design Considerations in Internet of Things Applications (II)
Monday, 02/Sep/2019:
4:00pm - 6:00pm

Session Chair: Francisco Falcone
Location: Room 3

Session Abstract

In this tutorial, we will provide an overview of the trends, limitations, and challenges in relation with communication system design, considering multiple systems and Heterogeneous Network operation, with special emphasis on interference conditions, characterization, and management. An overview of the wireless communication systems and related transceiver/devices will be given, as well as the specific characteristics in terms of Quality of Service/Quality of Experience requirements. Different interference sources will be characterized to perform coverage/capacity estimations, as well as to analyze node density and node location variation impact in overall system performance. Interference estimation methods within the application scenarios will be described, based on analytical approximations, deterministic 3D ray launching, full-wave electromagnetic simulation, and hybrid simulation techniques. The challenges in terms of computational complexity will also be described. Co-location at device/sub-system level will be outlined, as well as the impact of multi-frequency operation in interference requirements, to provide an overview for the device as well as for system designers in relation with overall performance evaluation. 



  • Francisco Falcone, Universidad Pública de Navarra



  • Introduction. Characteristics and Requirements of IoT communications
  • Coverage/Capacity relations. Interference analysis and node location/density considerations
  • Interference modelling and simulation
  • Description of Use Cases within IoT application scenarios

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