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Session Overview
T_Fr_A_Room5: Ionizing Radiation and Electromagnetic Interference on Integrated Circuits: from the need of combined tests to current solutions
Friday, 06/Sep/2019:
9:00am - 10:40am

Session Chair: Fabian Vargas
Location: Room 5

Session Abstract

Technology scaling, which made electronics accessible and affordable for everyone on the globe, has advanced IC and electronics since the sixties. Nevertheless, it is well recognized that such scaling has introduced new (and major) reliability challenges to the semiconductor industry. This tutorial addresses the background mechanisms impacting the reliability of very deep submicron (VDSM) integrated circuits (ICs). In more detail, topics such as the basics about EMC and ionizing radiation, the mechanisms by which they affect ICs, the current standards and laboratory test setup for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), total-ionizing dose (TID) and single-event effects (SEEs) on ICs are presented and their combined effects on the reliability of modern ICs are discussed. Moreover, reliability failure mechanisms for (ionizing and non-ionizing) radiation, the way they are modeled and how they are impacting IC lifetime will be covered. Laboratory test setup and recent results from experimental measurements are described. Classic design solutions to counteract with TID, SEEs and EMI in VDSM ICs, as well as the recent achievements on the development of on-chip sensors to monitor EM conducted noise on IC power supply lines of ICs, are introduced. A YouTube video is presented to illustrate the effectiveness of such on-chip sensors. Finally, Spice simulations are used to demonstrate the combined effect of ionizing radiation with power supply noise on SRAM cells followed by the presentation of some measures to counteract with it.



  • Dr. Fabian Vargas, Catholic University - PUCRS, Brazil
  • Dr. Bernd Deutschmann, University of Technology, Austria
  • Dr. Sonia Ben Dhia, Universit√© de Toulouse, LAAS-CNRS, France

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