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D.3: Regulation on Materials Level: RoHS, SCiP, CRM
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Review of the List of Restricted Substance (Annex II) of Directive 2077/65/EC (RoHS)

Yifaat Baron1, Carl-Otto Gensch1, Katja Moch1, Otmar Deubzer2, Christian Clemm2, Andreas Köhler1, Clara Löw1

1Oeko-Institut e.V., Freiburg, Germany; 2Fraunhofer IZM, Berlin, Germany

Flame Retardants for Electronics - Regulation and Future Sustainability Requirements

Christian Battenberg, Adrian Beard

Clariant Plastics & Coatings (Deutschland) GmbH, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

How to Collect and Prepare the Data for SCIP Database Reporting

Angelika Maria Steinbrecher1, Eva Susanne Hink-Lemke1, Andreas Schiffleitner2

1iPoint-systems gmbh, Reutlingen, Germany; 2iPoint-Austria GmbH, Vienna, Austria

The SCIP Database Under the Revised Waste Framework Directive – Challenges, Strategies and Recommendations

Alexander Wegener

opesus AG, Diedorf, Germany

Make Use of Your Compliance Data for SCiP Reporting

Thomas Fruehbuss

DXC Technology, Haan, Germany

IEC 62474 (EN IEC 62474) Declarations for EU SCIP Database Reporting

Walter Jager1, Robert Friedman2, Koshi Kamigaki3, Solange Blaszkowski4

1ECD Compliance, Ottawa, Canada; 2Siemens Healthineers, Malvern, USA; 3JEMAI, Tokyo, Japan; 4Philips International B.V., Eindhoven, The Netherlands

Towards a Multi-sectoral Material Declaration Data-exchange Standard

Solange Blaszkowski1, Jean-Pierre Théret2

1Philips International B.V., Eindhoven, Netherlands; 2Dassault Systèmes, Lyon, France

Conflict Minerals - U.S. Lessons Learned and European Efforts

Susan J Gilbert-Miller

Green Electronics Council (GEC), Washington, USA

Products, Technologies, and Normative Requirements for Recycling of Valuable and Critical Raw Materials

Otmar Karl Deubzer1, Michelle Wagner1, Steven Art Art2, Yifaat Baron3, Matthias Buchert3, Inga Hilbert3, Lucia Herreras4, Shahrzad Manoochehri5, Sonia Valdivia5, Lindsey Wuisan6, Norbert Zonneveld7

1UNU SCYCLE, Bonn, Germany; 2Umicore, Antwerp, Belgium; 3Öko-Institut, Darmstadt, Germany; 4WEEE Forum, Brussels, Belgium; 5World Resources Forum Association, St. Gallen, Switzerland; 6ECOS, Ixelles, Belgium; 7EERA, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

The CEWASTE Assurance and Verification System for the Certification of Waste Management Operators with CRM Focused Requirements

Yifaat Baron1, Adeline Maijala2, Viviana Lopez1, Esther Thiebaud6, Arthur Haarman6, Harri Kaartinen2, Lucia Herreras3, Enikö Hajosi3, Lindsey Wuisan5, Josef Winkler4, Karl Gruen4, Inga Hilbert1, Sonia Valdivia9, Shahrzad Manoochehri9, Otmar Deubzer7, Norbert Zonneveld8

1Oeko-Institut e.V., Freiburg, Germany; 2SGS FIMKO OY, Espoo, Finland; 3Waste Electrical and Electronical Equipment Forum AISBL, Brussels, Belgium; 4Austrian Standards International, Vienna, Austria; 5European Environmental Citizens Organization for Standardization, Brussels, Belgium; 6Sofies EMAC, Zurich, Switzerland; 7United Nations University, Tokyo, Japan; 8European Electronics Recyclers Association, Arnhem, The Netherlands; 9World Resources Forum Association, St. Gallen, Switzerland

Sound Recycling and Transboundary Movements of WEEE Containing Critical Raw Materials - CEWASTE Requirements

Sonia Valdivia1, Matthias Buchert2, Inga Hilbert2, Norbert Zonneveld3, Baron Yifaat2, Shahrzad Manoochehri1, Lindsey Wuisan4, Lucia Herreras5, Josef Winkler6, Otmar Deubtzer7, Adeline Maijala8

1WRFA, St. Gallen, Switzerland; 2Oeko-Institut, Darmstadt, Germany; 3EERA, Amsterdam, The Netherlands; 4ECOS, Ixelles, Belgium; 5WEEE Forum, Brussels, Belgium; 6Austrian Standards International, Vienna, Austria; 7United Nations University, Tokyo, Japan; 8SGS, Helsinki, Finland

Supply Chain Risk Assessment: Predicted and Actual non Compliance in N-LONG Supply Chains

Carsten Dietsche1, Ilona Herrmann2

1University of Hagen, Hagen, Germany; 2DXC Technology Deutschland, Eschborn, Germany

Accelerating the Circular Economy with Rare Earths Minerals

Thomas Moriarty, Allison Ward

Dell, Dublin, Ireland

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