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Session Overview
Date: Monday, 02/Sept/2024
Tutorial (Full Day)
Location: uncertain

Towards Reliable Power Electronics: A Practical Outlook on Design-for-Reliability

Ionut Vernica, Yi Zhang, Frede Blaabjerg

Tutorial (Full Day)
Location: uncertain

Switching Losses in Power Semiconductors: A Comprehensive How-To for Accurate and Reliable Loss Data

Sebastian Sprunck

Tutorial (Full Day)
Location: uncertain

Embedded Code Generation for Power Electronics Using the PLECS Toolchain

Christopher Ranisch, Lino Capponi

Location: uncertain

Electric Powertrain: Energy Systems, Power Electronics and Drives for Hybrid, Electric and Fuel Cell Vehicles

John G. Hayes

Location: uncertain

USB-PD Off-Line Chargers, Integrated DC-DC Converters - Newest Topologies, Control and Components

Matthias Radecker, Li Le, Fabio Ecke Bisogno, Marc Fahlenkamp

Location: uncertain

Medium voltage power conversion with SiC power devices

Jacek Rąbkowski, Rafał Kopacz

Location: uncertain

Failure Mechanisms: Insulating Polymer in Power Electronics

Sebastian Wels

Location: uncertain

Maximizing the Performance of Power Electronic Systems by Means of Model Predictive Control

Petros Karamanakos

Location: uncertain

Magnetic Components in Power Electronics

Peter Zacharias, Wilmar Martinez, Jens Friebe, Christian Dick

Joint Workshop of three PE Centres: (Three Corners) CPES (US), NPERC-J (JP) and ECPE (EU)
Location: uncertain
Location: uncertain

Power electronics converters for open-winding motor drives

Dong Jiang

Location: uncertain

Digital Twin of Renewable energy sources: modernization and renovation of overloaded power systems

Olena Rubanenko, Milan Belik

Location: uncertain

Stability and Control of Grid-Forming Converters

Xiongfei Wang, Fangzhou Zhao

Location: uncertain

Planar Magnetics

Eckart Hoene

Location: uncertain


Bulent Sarlioglu

Location: uncertain

Gallium Nitride HEMTS – Device Characteristics and Application Guidelines

Edward A. Jones, Benedikt Kohlhepp

Steering Committee Meeting
Location: uncertain
Young Professional Reception
Location: uncertain
Date: Tuesday, 03/Sept/2024
Location: atrium
President, IEEE PELS, ECPE, Chairman
Location: spectrum
Cathy Chen: DC power distribution: a technology enabler for energy transition
Location: spectrum
Hendrik Just: Empowering the Energy Transition: The Crucial Role of Power Electronics for Power System Stability
Location: spectrum
Coffee Break
Location: atrium
L11a - Topic 1
Location: spectrum
11:00am - 11:22am

Accelerating Multi-Objective Optimization for Next-Generation Magnetic Devices

Yunni Li, Thomas B. Gradinger, Ralph M. Burkart

11:22am - 11:44am

Modeling of Integrated CM/DM Inductors in EMI Filters for High Power Density Converters

Rodrigo Drummond, Gregory Almeida, Bernardo Cougo, Sébastien Serpaud, Victor Dos Santos, Lenin M F Morais

11:44am - 12:06pm

Highly Efficient Inductor Design Using X-Winding Concept with Distributed Air Gaps

Tianxiao Chen, Pedro Andre Martins Bezerra, Zhengyan He, Jinlong Wang, Eckart Hoene

12:06pm - 12:28pm

Stack integration structure of multiple high-frequency magnetic devices for power applications

Daichi Buto, Kazuhiro Umetani, Tomohide Sirakawa, Masataka Ishihara, Eiji Hiraki

L11b - Topic 2
Location: 3.02 hassium
11:00am - 11:22am

Experimentally Verified 22 kW, 40 kHz LLC Resonant Converter Design with new Control for a 1 MW Cascaded H-Bridge Converter

Roland Unruh, Joachim Böcker, Frank Schafmeister

11:22am - 11:44am

Modular vs. Monolithic Solid-State Transformer: Influence on Transformer Design

Thomas B. Gradinger, Ralph M. Burkart

11:44am - 12:06pm

Unlocking the potential of the Modularized Bridge Rectifier Solid-State Transformer

Andrea Cervone, Drazen Dujic

12:06pm - 12:28pm

Component Design in Quasi Square Wave Modulated Switched-Capacitor Modular Multilevel DC Transformer Regarding Voltage Mismatch

Peizhou Xia, Xinyun Zhang, Stephen Finney

L11c - Topic 4
Location: 3.03 germanium

Algorithm to List All Possibilities of Minimizing The Number of BSO’s of Matrix Converters

Jens Igney, Ingo Hahn

Spread Spectrum Modulation under Second Harmonic Distortions in Two-Stage Converters

Kyung-Wook Heo, Hyun-Jun Choi, Hwa-Pyeong Park, Jee-Hoon Jung

New Tolerance Band Modulator for Modular Multilevel Matrix Converter

Linus Lowski, Jonas Kienast, Andreas Hoffmann, Steffen Bernet

Optimized Pulse Patterns for Converters Connected to a Distorted Grid via LCL Filters

Shirin Rahmanpour, Petros Karamanakos, Tobias Geyer

L11d - Topic 7
Location: 2.07 aurum

Loss Analysis Towards Developing a Digital Twin Model of a PMSG-Based Powertrain for Wind Turbine System

Abdullah Shawier, Shady Gadoue, Kamyar Mehran

Comparison of PMSM and Inverter Efficiency for Five-Phase Powertrains in Dependence of Third-Harmonic Current Utilization

Leonard Mengoni, Christian Duwe, Nina Hartgenbusch, Jörn Mayer, Benjamin Wrzecionko, Martin Füchtner, Rik W. De Doncker

Bearing raceway damage with high frequency bearing currents in inverter-fed 90 W-cage induction motors and effect of current rectification

Martin Weicker, Omid Safdarzadeh, Andreas Binder

Impact of the Modulation Index on EDM Bearing Currents in Inverter-Fed Drives

Felix Schulte, Martin Pfost

HVDC stations / FACTS
Location: 2.02 chromium
Storage Technologies for Grid applications
Location: 2.03 vanadium
Diversity and Leadership
Location: 2.07 aurum
Location: atrium
Dialogue Session 1 - Topics 1,2,3 and open coffee bar
Location: Foyer atrium (Ground Floor) and Foyer spectrum (1st Floor)

Analytical and experimental demonstration of a high efficiency class EF inverter for VHF power conversion

Baptiste Daire, Christian Martin, Fabien Sixdenier, Charles Joubert, Loris Pace

Efficiency and Cost Optimization of Dual Active Bridge Converter for 350kW DC Fast Chargers

Sadik Cinik, Fangzhou Zhao, Giuseppe De Falco, Xiongfei Wang

Detailed Electro-Mechanical Switching Cell Modelling Framework for Converter Design Optimisation

Georgios Papadopoulos, Florian Krismer, Juergen Biela

Modelling Framework Architecture for Converter System Optimisation and Virtual Component Prototyping

Thomas Ewald, Florian Krismer, Biela Jürgen

Bidirectional DC-DC Converter Topologies for Full Voltage Range EV Charging

Siegmar Unterweger, Martin Schulz, Thomas Brückner

Optimized Power Board Design for Investigating Parallel Configuration of SiC MOSFETs

Maria Giorgia Spitaleri, Giuseppe Scarcella, Giacomo Scelba, Marco Latella, Agostino Cocuzza, Enrico Alfredo Bottaro, Giovanni Vinci

ZETA Based DC-Link Current Source

Benjamin Hud Zacher, Kai Franck, Christian Schumann

Minimum Coil Current Stress Design of LCC-LCC Compensated Inductive Power Transfer System Considering Dead Time Effect

Yadong Wang, Ye Tian, Fangyong Wang, Bangyin Liu

A Case Study on Modelling, Design, and Optimization of an Interleaving Buck Converter for Powering a Hydrogen Electrolyzer

Thiago Fonseca Rech, Mateus Constantino Orige, Roberto Francisco Coelho, André Luis Kirsten, Marcelo Lobo Heldwein, Lenon Schmitz

Algorithmic Extraction of Power Flow Configurations for Three-Port DC-DC Converters

Georgios Salagiannis, Emmanuel Tatakis

Accurate Analysis of the Control-to-Output Transfer Function of a Boost-Converter including Aliasing Effects of PWM Generation

Daniel Breidenstein, Sophia Roesel, Thomas Duerbaum

Mixing Frequency Chain Multi-port Soft Open Point

Haixi Zhao, WU Chen, Jianxi Lan, Chenqing Wang

Southwest Jiaotong University

Yudong Guan, Shunfeng Yang, Jie Gong, Bin Gou

An Active Voltage Balancing Technique for Series Connection of Semiconductor Devices in Modular Multilevel Converters

Mohsen Asoodar, Mehrdad Nahalparvari

GaN Switch Based Novel Quadratic-Double-Boost Floating-Input High Gain DC-DC Converter

Sai Sumukh S A, Burle Tulasi Rao, Dipankar De, Alberto Castellazzi

A DCM Interleaved Flyback Micro-Inverter with New Auxiliary Active Clamp Branch Design for Zero-Voltage Switching Effect

Yong Shi, Yichen Xu, Ying Yang, Fei Wang, Chen Xu

An optimized topology of interleaved flyback micro-inverter with Y-type auxiliary branch based on three-stage hybrid control

Yichen Xu, Yong Shi, Chunhua Wu, Lwena Delgado, Fei Wang, Chen Xu

Flying Capacitor Converter Using Low-Voltage GaN-FETs for Grid-Connected Applications

Gang Zhang, Mario Schweizer, Francisco Canales, Thiago Batista Soeiro

Constant On-Time Modulation and Control for Bidirectional LLC Converter with Flux-Balancing

Yong Li, Junyang Bao, Fangyong Wang, Shanxu Duan

Modular Multilevel Resonant DC Converter with Reduced Submodule Capacitance

Liangcai Shu, Dongsheng Yang, Lucia Beloqui Larumbe, Songda Wang, Yin Sun

Comparison and Selection of Topology for Three Phase PV Inverters based on Power GaN Devices

Christian Lottis, Bikash Sah, Sebastian Sprunck, Marco Jung, Patrick Deck, Christian Dick

EMI Noise Evaluation in an Interleaved GaN-based PFC Converter

Jalal Dadkhah, Carl Ngai Man Ho, Jimmy Xuechao Liu, Yanming Xu

Silicon Carbide-Based Three-Phase Current Source Inverter: Simulation and Experimental Validation

Gaetano Turrisi, Luigi Danilo Tornello, Giuseppe Scarcella, Giacomo Scelba, Salvatore Morello Baganella

Maximizing Efficiency while Managing Semiconductor Costs: Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Integration in T-Type Converters for 3-Phase AC-DC Applications

Sebastian Gick, Markus Pfeifer, Sebastian Nielebock, Mark-M. Bakran

A Non-Isolated Cascaded Buck-Boost Converter with Improved Voltage Balancing with Respect to Ground and Reduced Common Mode Noise

Eric Fritze, Michael Meissner, Klaus F. Hoffmann

Advanced EMI Prediction in Three-Phase Motor Drive Systems: A Unified Approach for CM and DM Noise Modeling

Abdelmoumin Allioua, Vefa Karakasli, Gerd Griepentrog

Experimental Evaluation of a Gate-Step-Response Method for Device Identification used in Self-Configurable Gate-Drive Units

Marcus Jackson, Enes Ayaz, Shahriar Sarmast, Bhanu Singh, Hans-Peter Nee, Staffan Norrga

High-Speed Issues Mitigation of GaN Power Transistors Based on a New Gate Driving Profile

Luis F. Gomez-Rivera, Alejandro Paredes-Camacho, Luis Romeral

Impact of Non-Uniform Flux Density on Core Losses: A Case Study on Standard Core Geometries

Asier Arruti, Anartz Agote, Jon Anzola, Iosu Aizpuru, Mikel Mazuela

Lifetime Modelling of Hybrid Polymer Aluminium Electrolytic Capacitors for Automotive Use

Thomas Ebel, Daniel Klingshirn, Matthias Hammerl

Voltage specification for molded inductors

Annika Frankemölle, Alexander Lang

Analysis of the Effect of Geometric Tolerances on Ferrite Core Losses Using a Physical Core Loss Model

Théophane Dimier, Jürgen Biela

Comparison of Different Core Geometries for the Reduction of Components of a Filter for Power Converter Applications

Andreas Wist, Henning Kasten, Ansgar Ackva

Alternative Approach Based on Bézier Curves to Model Core Losses with the Composite iGSE Method

Anartz Agote, Asier Arruti, Iosu Aizpuru, Mikel Mazuela

An accurate characterization method of passive components for Very high Frequency power conversion applications

Matthieu Beley, Loris Pace, Arnaud Bréard

Impact of different power cables on the common-mode current in variable frequency drive systems

Andrea Zingariello, Zhaoqing Zhang, Gerd Griepentrog, Stefan Hilsenbeck

Influencing the Ripple Current of a Buck Converter Using an Orthogonal Field Coupled Current Controlled Adjustable Inductance

Guido Schierle, Michael Meissner, Klaus F. Hoffmann

New 400 V SiC MOSFET and its use in Multi-Level Applications

Ralf Siemieniec, Martin Wattenberg, Matthias Kaspar, Jyotshna Bhandari, Wei-Ju Chen, Heejae Shim, Alberto Pignatelli, Sriram Jagannath

Feasibility Analysis of Parameter-Based Temperature Estimation of pGaN Power HEMTs Under Consideration of Charge Carrier Trapping

Jorge Alejandro Perez Perez, Martin Pfost

Understanding Gate-Source Oscillations and Application of Low Dead Times in SiC Power Modules

Richard Hensch, Hassan Ali, Daniel Domes

Hard- and soft-switching behavior of bipolar 1.2kV gallium arsenide (GaAs) diodes in comparison to silicon and silicon carbide devices

Markus Zocher, Veit Starost, Norbert Grass, Jens Kowalsky, Volker Dudek

Improved Short-Circuit Type II Behavior of a 1.7 kV Si-SiC Hybrid Switch

Felix Kayser, Hans-Guenter Eckel

Improved Test Circuit for Characterization of the Dynamic On-Resistance of GaN-HEMTs over a Wide Operating Range

Philipp Swoboda, Simon Robin Frank, Andreas Liske, Marc Hiller

Analysing the Influence of a High Number of Short Circuit Events on the Device Parameters of 1200V SIC-MOSFETs

Martin Rasch, Sönke Brandt, Tim Wanagat, Klaus F. Hoffmann

Effect of Device Parameters of SiC MOSFETs on Turn-On Overvoltage across a Freewheeling Side in a Half Bridge Configuration

Tatsuya Miyazaki, Yuta Okawauchi, Ryosuke Ishido, Ken Nakahara

Parameters Investigation and Heat Transfer Path Optimization of IGBT Baseplate in Photovoltaic Inverters

Hongbo Li, Kai He

Active gate driver with variable IGBT input capacitance capable of suppressing high-frequency common mode currents and switching losses

Rikuya Suzuki, Sari Maekawa

Thermal Analysis of a Dry-Cast Medium-Voltage Medium-Frequency Transformer

Thomas B. Gradinger, Remy Denos, Victor M. Garcia, Marko Mogorovic, Remo Baumann

L12a - Topic 1
Location: spectrum

Modelling and Characterization of Power Semiconductors in the Frequency Domain

Martin Lorenz Hergt, Bernhard Hammer, Lukas Walter Mayer, Martin Sack, Martin Honsberg, Sebastian Nielebock, Marc Hiller

Investigating Short-circuit Faults for 3.3 kV, 450 A Si-IGBT Power Modules

Muhammad Nawaz, Bochen Liu, Tim Augustin

Super Cascode Circuit optimized for Electrical Testing at High Frequencies, Voltages and Voltage Gradients

Christian Hüther, Sebastian Wels, Tobias Raulf, Felix Fehmer

Cost comparison between SiC MOSFET and Si IGBT in use case of a MMC based delta STATCOM

Cem Özgür Gercek, Rahul Aggarwal

L12b - Topic 10
Location: 3.02 hassium

Implementation of Variable Capacitance to Improve Efficiency for Asymmetric LCC-LCC Compensated Wireless Power Transfer Systems

Gangwei Zhu, Jianning Dong, Jundong Wang, Zichen Deng, Yongpeng Li, Pavol Bauer

Choice of Optimal Voltage for DC Power Distribution Systems on More Electric Aircraft

Xin Wang, Jason Atkin, Seang Shen Yeoh, Serhiy Bozhko

A Bidirectional Three-phase Unfolding Based High Efficiency EV Charger Featuring Partial Power Operation

Chandrima Chatterjee, Adnan Farooq Khan, Soumya Shubhra Nag

Dimensioning of a Three Level Flying Capacitor DCDC Converter for Fuel Cell Vehicles

Alexander Kleimaier, Bernhard Jahn

L12c - Topic 4
Location: 3.03 germanium

A Sensorless Feedforward Balancing Compensator for Improved Interphase Dynamics in Auxiliary-Assisted Dual-Inductor-Hybrid Converters

Orest Cobani, Nameer Khan, John Pigott, Henk Jan Bergveld, Olivier Trescases

A Comparison between NCF-EKF and EPLL for Parameter Estimation of Sinusoidal Signals

Luis Ángel Barragán, Pablo Guillén, Denis Navarro, Óscar Lucía

Optimal DC link voltage stabilisation technique for a grid-connected PV system

Taimoor Ahmad Khan, Fadi Kahwash, Jubaer Ahmed, Keng Goh

Improving Transient Response of a Battery Energy Storage System with Minimized DC Capacitors

Neda Mazloum, S. Ali Khajehoddin

L12d - Topic 3
Location: 2.07 aurum

Automated design of CLLLC resonant converters based on time-domain model

Felix Woltjen, Krishna Narayanan, Manuel Kracht

Real-Time Capable Oversampling Model of a Fast-Switching CLLC Resonant Converter with Small Step-Size and Enhanced PWM Resolution

Axel Kiffe, Thorben Hoffstadt

Asymmetrical Modulation of DAB Converters for Voltage Gains Higher than Unity

Morteza Mahdavifard, Ali Khajehoddin

Boost Control Strategy of Bidirectional Series Resonant Converter Based on Impedance Regulation and Charging of Resonant Network

Yi Tian, Yan Li, Fangyi Wei

LV DC grids in Industry
Location: 2.03 vanadium
Grid forming converters
Location: 2.02 chromium
L13a - Topic 11
Location: spectrum

Dynamic power control for frequency regulation using Hybrid PEM/Alkaline hydrogen electrolyzers and battery system

Manuel Agredano-Torres, Qianwen Xu

The neutral-point piloted inverter topology applied to grid emulation

Martin Geske, Piotr Sadowski, Martin Janssen, Jaume Serra Rivas, Hani Sebastian Hildebrandt

Cost-effective and configurable-diameter heating areas for induction cooktops via passive inductors

Ignacio Lope, Claudio Carretero, Jesus Acero, Pablo Guillen

L13b - Topic 2
Location: 3.02 hassium

Single-Stage MVAC-LVDC SST with Reduced Current Stress and Switch Count

Harisyam Pv, Surjakanta Mazumder, Kaushik Basu

A Star-Connected Multilevel Converter with Zigzag Transformer for E-STATCOM

Jae-Myeong Kim, Shenghui Cui, Jae-Jung Jung

Loss Evaluation of Cell Capacitor with Quasi-unipolar Modulation for Modular Multilevel Cascade Converter-based Active Power Filter

Takuro Arai, Hiroshi Mochikawa, Kenichiro Sano, Hideaki Fujita

L13c - Topic 4
Location: 3.03 germanium

System Identification and Optimization Using ARX Models for Thermal Management in WBG-based Power Electronics Applications

Mohammed Riadh Berramdane, Alexandre Battiston, Michele Bardi, Nicolas Blet, Benjamin Remy

Damping Wind Farm Resonances with Current Based Model Predictive Pulse Pattern Control

Orcun Karaca, Ioannis Tsoumas, Tinus Dorfling, Ran Chen, Lennart Harnefors

Stability Analysis of DC-Coupled Converts with Impedance Spectroscopy

Gernot Pammer, Oliver Koenig, Alois Hirsch, Daniel Leidorfer

L13d - Topic 7
Location: 2.07 aurum

Subdomain Modeling of a Flux Switching Machine with Buried Permanent Magnets

Philipp Sisterhenn, Ingo Hahn

Evaluation of Tooth Forces of Skewing Configurations of Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machines regarding Rotor Eccentricities in 2D and 3D FE simulations

Karsten Müller, Andreas Wanke, Herbert De Gersem, Yves Burkhardt

PMSM Power-Hardware-in-the-Loop Emulation using LCL coupling network

Nicolas Eugenio Lima Baschera, Marco Di Benedetto, Alessandro Lidozzi, Luca Solero, Petar Grbovic

L13e - Topic 5
Location: 2.02 chromium

Optimized Interleaved Pulse Width Modulator for Dual Two-Level Three-Phase Voltage Source Inverters Using Fully Connected Neural Network

Steffen Frei, Gerd Griepentrog

Assessment of Parameter Identification Methods for Digital Twins of Two-Level Bidirectional Converters

Parsa Behzad Nazif, Saad Ahmad, Mariam Saeed, Juan Manuel Guerrero, David Ortega, Benat Zelaa, Igor Larrazabal, Fernando Briz

Replicating Existing Axial Magnetic Bearing Controller With a Neural Network

Marek Rehtla, Ibrahim Abubakar, Atte Putkonen, Aleksandr Shishkov, Niko Juhani Nevaranta, Tuomo Lindh

L13f - Topic
Location: 2.03 vanadium
Welcome Reception
Location: atrium
Date: Wednesday, 04/Sept/2024
Location: atrium
Opening Day 2
Location: spectrum
Electrical propulsion in Aviation
Location: spectrum
Grid Connection and Charging Infrastructure for Heavy Duty Application
Location: spectrum
Coffee Break
Location: atrium
L21a - Topic 8
Location: spectrum
11:00am - 11:22am

Current Limiting Methods for Grid-Forming Converters: Uniting Current Saturation and Virtual Impedance Approaches with Enhancements

Maximilian Hipp, Issam El Bakkali, Malte Eggers, Sibylle Dieckerhoff, Marco Cupelli

11:22am - 11:44am

Advancements in Harmonic Models Addressing the Escalating Standards in Renewable Power Systems

Simon H. Sønderskov, Lars Meyer, Gert Kamisholt Andersen

11:44am - 12:06pm

Hybrid Global Flexible Power Point Tracking Algorithm for Photovoltaic Systems

Anusha Kumaresan, Hossein Dehghani Tafti, Glen G. Farivar, Josep Pou, Kai Strunz, Dusit Niyato

12:06pm - 12:28pm

Multipulse Rectifiers for Large Scale Water-Electrolysis - Reactive Power and Harmonics

Simon Puteanus, Stefan Wettengel, Markus Meißner, Steffen Bernet

L21b - Topic 2
Location: 3.02 hassium
11:00am - 11:22am

A Two-Stage Non-Isolated Hybrid Switched-Capacitor Microinverter Utilizing a Fixed-Ratio Resonant DC-DC Stage with Startup Functionality and Flying Capacitor Multilevel DC-AC Stage

Francesca Giardine, Kelly Fernandez, Robert C. N. Pilawa-Podgurski

11:22am - 11:44am

Asymmetric Multiport Y-Converter for Three-Phase AC Grid Integration with DC Microgrids

Ahmed Yahia Farag Abdelfattah, Davide Biadene, Tommaso Caldognetto, Paolo Mattavelli

11:44am - 12:06pm

Grid Current Control Method Appling Active Damping for Three-level Flying Capacitor Inverter with Small LCL-Filter

Hiroki Watanabe, Jun-ichi Itoh

12:06pm - 12:28pm

Improving PV System Power Harvesting in Partial Shading Environment using Decentralised Modular Multilevel Converter

Mustafa Abbas Fadel, Mohammed Elgendy, Andrew Smith, Mohamed Dahidah, Osama Abushafa, Kexin Di

L21c - Topic 4
Location: 3.03 germanium

Robust Long-Horizon Direct Model Predictive Control for Converters Connected to a Distorted Grid

Andrei Tregubov, Petros Karamanakos, Ludovico Ortombina

Design of PID Droop Control for Fast Power Sharing in Inverter-Based Microgrid

Ahmad Ali Nazeri, Jens Friebe, Peter Zacharias, Badam Sarwari

Digital Low Pass Filter Optimization for STATCOM Control in Variable Frequency Weak Grid

Yiyuan Liu, Jun Wang, Xibo Yuan, Phil Mellor, Kai Wang, Saeed Jahdi

Stabilising Undamped Input-Filter of Boost Converters using MPC: Enabler of Compact and Lightweight Filters for AC/DC & DC/DC Systems

Min Jeong, Jürgen Biela

L21d - Topic 7
Location: 2.07 aurum

Expansion of Field-Oriented Control Operation Range of Dual Three-Phase Synchronous Motor with Flux Weakening Control in the Inverter Overmodulation Region

Rongjiao Hao, Shinji Doki

High frequency voltage injection for IPMSM rotor position detection with GaN inverter and FPGA control

Qian Li, Guenter Schroeder, Martin Geppert

Dead-time compensation based on a physical model with online self-commissioning procedure based on an Extended Kalman Filter

Martin Marie Emmanuel Gendrin, Serhan Kantay

Force-Enhanced Switch Short-Circuit Fault-Tolerant Strategy for Power Amplifier of Active Magnetic Bearing

Yixuan Shuai, Mingqu Zhou, Yihua Chen, Jianfu Ding, Dong Jiang, Zicheng Liu

MW Charging (grid connection, oboard power electronics)
Location: 2.02 chromium
HV HF insulation
Location: 2.03 vanadium
Location: 3.05 radon
Location: atrium
Dialogue Session 2 - Topics 4,5,6,7 and open coffee bar
Location: Foyer atrium (Ground Floor) and Foyer spectrum (1st Floor)

Accurate Simulation of the Star Point Behavior of Inverter-fed Synchronous Motors using the measured Common Mode Impedance

Christoph Johann Fritsch, Ingo Hahn

Model Free Predictive Current Control Employing Neural Network with Jaya−Optimized Speed control Gain Parameter Tuning for Enhanced Drive Performance

Muhammad Usama, Muhammad Affan Khan, Sangmin Song, Jaehong kim

Talkative Dual Active Bridge Converter Employing Spread Spectrum Modulation to Mitigate EM Noises

Lee Junsuk, Jung Gwongyo, Heo Kyungwook, Jung Jeehoon

An Intermittent IGBT Trigger Fault Diagnosis method with Multi-Objective Pulse Prediction

Yilong Wang, Bin Gou, Shunfeng Yang

OPC UA as a Key Technology for Industry 4.0 Electric Drives - A Proof of Concept

Ivan Kliasheu, Tobias Schwarz, Chengbo Zhou, Ralf Kundel, Björn Scheuermann, Andy Schürr, Gerd Griepentrog, Michael Wolff

Development of real-time Digital Twins for particle accelerators

Mahshid Mohammad Zadeh, Giovanni De Carne, Julian Gethmann, Anke-Susanne Müller

Comparative Analysis of Model-Free Deep Reinforcement Learning Controllers for Reconfigurable Battery Systems

Amin Hashemi-Zadeh, Nima Tashakor, Mehdi Rahnama, Claude Thibaut Touko Sieyadji, Masoud Amirrezai, Stefan Goetz

Performance Analysis of a Communication Interface for Control and Data Visualization of Power Converters

Ivan Minakov, Sebastián Rojas

Downsampling of measurement data for power electronic systems preserving information on power losses in the switching devices

Albrecht Gensior, Oliver Dahl

Explainable Physics-informed Self-attention-based Deep Learning for IGBT Health Estimation

QiAn He, Junyan Shao, Baoze Wei, Juan C. Vasquez

Inductive Power Decoupling Integrated Charging System for Electric Vehicles based on a Switched Reluctance Motor

Shanshan Yang, Chuang Liu, Xuezhong Zhu

AI-Based Motion Control with System Dynamics Flexibility

Niklas Koerwer, Martin Bischoff, Rik W. De Doncker, Michael Laumen

Sensorless Control Based on Extended-EMF Using Current Oversampling for PMSM

Ryosuke Morita, Sari Maekawa, Takeshi Shibayama, Toshimitsu Aizawa

An Extended EMF Based Sensorless Control for a Mono Inverter Dual Parallel Interior Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors Drive System

Byeong-Soo Kang, Gi-Jung Nam, Hyung-Woo Lee, Mun-Gyeom Park, Kyo-Beum Lee

Fast Reacting 300 kW Energy Storage for Power Failure Bridging in Injection Molding Machines

Frederic Blank, Manuel Hausammann, Stephan Beineke

Study of Inverter Topologies for Electrified Aircraft Propulsion Systems Based on Cyclic Loading Induced Bond Wire Fatigue

Robert Keilmann, Lukas Radomsky, Dirk Ferch, Regine Mallwitz

Thermal Life Prediction of High Temperature Polyimide and PEEK Insulated Wires for Use in Low Voltage Electric Motors

Muhammad Raza Khowja, Gaurang Vakil, Gopinath Sengupta, Ramkumar Ramanathan, Chris Gerada, Maamar Benarous

Improving the Fault-Tolerant Operating Area of Automotive 3-Level Inverters

Johannes Häring, Maximilian Hepp, Wolfgang Wondrak, Mark-M. Bakran

A Simple Neutral-Point-Clamped Circuit for Active Balancing of Battery Modules and DC-Link Capacitor Voltages

Gabriel Garcia-Rojas, Sergio Busquets-Monge, Jean-Christophe Crebier, Germán Fañanás-Puigjaner

Suppression of Common Mode EMI in Active Magnetic Bearings with Optimization for Current Ripples

Yuanhao Xie, Jiahua Zhang, Dong Jiang, Zicheng Liu, Yixuan Shuai

Optimal common mode control for neutral ripple minimization on ANPC converter

Sebastien Mariethoz

Novel alternative mathematical description and analysis of synchronized voltage pulse patterns

Ingo Hahn

A Multi-Loop Control for Grid-Forming Converters with Enhanced Dynamics

Amiron Wolff dos Santos Serra, Luiz Antonio de Souza Ribeiro, Mehdi Savaghebi

Voltage and Current Balancing Control for 48-V Two-Stage Hybrid-Switched-Capacitor Converter

Yenan Chen, Linjun Han, Dehong Xu

Online Measurement of Rise and Fall Times in SiC MOSFET-Based Inverter Output Voltage

Vefa Karakasli, Adeel Jamal, Gerd Griepentrog

An FEM Approach for Mitigating Magnetic Crosstalk for an Embedded Current Sensor

Janus Dybdahl Meinert, Szymon Michal Beczkowski, Michael A. E. Andersen, Stig Munk-Nielsen, Asger Bjørn Jørgensen, Shaokang Luan

Nonlinear Modeling of the Fixed-Frequency Excited Fluxgate Current Sensor

Yunus Çay, Erhan Demirok, Ozan Keysan

PCB Coil Based Turn-On Delay Measurement For Junction Temperature Estimation of SiC MOSFETs

Aamir Rafiq, Sumit Kumar Pramanick

Procedure for switching loss determination in an oscillatory environment of GaN FETs in a half-bridge connection

Pengpeng Sun, Torbjörn Thiringer, Christian Fager

Multi-SIN Based Real-Time Impedance Estimation for Grid-Tied VSI

Giovanni Marini, Alessandro Lidozzi, Marco Di Benedetto, Luca Solero

Frequency Constrained MPC for Efficient Grid Side Operation of Wind Power Conversion Systems

Orcun Karaca, Georgios Darivianakis

Model Predictive Control of Hybrid Active Filter integrated with high power low frequency VSCs

Meisam Mohseni, Carl Ngai Man Ho

Development of Electronic Capacitors In Hardware-in-the-Loop And Its Applications

Tailan Orlando, Thiago Fonseca Rech, Roberto Francisco Coelho, André Luis Kirsten, Jens Friebe, Kevin Rabelo Costa

Research on the Equivalent Relationship between Space Vector Modulation and Carrier Modulation of Parallel NPC-3L Inverters

Gaohongyi Sun, Yingjie He, Haoting Du, Shenglun Zhuang, Jinjun Liu

A Single-Stage Series Resonance Dual-Active-Bridge AC–DC Converter With Wide Soft-Switching Range

Fangyong Wang, Junyang Bao, Yong Li, Yadong Wang, Bangyin Liu

New ZVS modulation patterns for the Dual Active Bridge converter

Kubilay Sahin

Instantaneous Current Control of a Three-Phase Dual Active Bridge Converter for Smooth Mode Transition under a Hybrid Modulation Scheme

Mingwei Lu, Zilong Zhou, Jingxin Hu

3D Space Vector Modulation And Its Use For DC-Link Balancing And Common Mode Voltage Reduction In 3L-NPC Inverters

Hendrik Gockel, Adeel Jamal, Gerd Griepentrog

Improving the efficiency of drive trains used in electric vehicles by means of optimal modulation

Eleftherios Kontodinas, Petros Karamanakos, Andreas Kraemer, Sebastian Wendel

Review of Methods for Determination of Ageing and Remaining Lifetime for Power Modules

Philipp Bickel, Marco Jung, Albrecht Donat, Kai Kriegel, Gerhard Mitic, Christian Walbrecker-Baar, Sherif Madkour

L22a - Topic 5
Location: spectrum

MagLearn – Data-driven Machine Learning Framework for Modeling Magnetic Core Loss with Transfer and Few-shot Training

Lizhong Zhang, Tom McKeague, Binyu Cui, Navid Rasekh, Jun Wang, Song Liu, Alfonso Martinez

Accurate and Efficient Magnetic Modeling of Medium-Frequency Transformers Based on Artificial Neural Network

Xiao Yang, Liangcai Shu, Dongsheng Yang

Modelling and Optimization of a Wireless Power Transfer System for Implantable Medical Applications using Artificial Neural Networks

Alvaro Rodríguez, Regina Ramos, Miguel Jiménez Carrizosa, Alberto Delgado

Machine Learning based Reduced Order Model for Full Temperature Prediction of Power Electronics Component Cooling

Vishwas Kulkarni, Alexander Kospach

L22b - Topic 2
Location: 3.02 hassium

A Wide Range Resonant-Based Dual-Active-Bridge Converter for Universal DC Charger in E-mobility Applications

Emmanuel Seun Oluwasogo, Jens Peter Konrath

Three-Level Buck Quasi-Square-Wave dc-dc Converter

Douglas Pedroso, Ignacio Castro, Tania Cuesta Cano, Georgios Erotas, Diego G. Lamar

Comparative Analysis of Dual-Output Controlled Rectifiers in Small Domestic Appliances Powered by Inductive Power Transfer

Pablo Guillén, Héctor Sarnago, José Miguel Burdío, Óscar Lucía

L22c - Topic 9
Location: 3.03 germanium

Comparison of Fault Ride-Through and Fast Fault Current Injection Capabilities of Grid-Forming Converters With Different Control Strategies

Chenqi Wu, Ning Li, Sebastián Neira, Paul Judge

Inertial Response of the Grid-Forming Converter Testing and Validation with the IPLL based Inertial Grid Source

Andres Tarraso, Anja Banjac, Pablo A. Moreno, Werner Tremmel, Zoran Miletic

A Transient Stability Enhanced Andronov-Hopf Oscillator : Analysis and Design

Siyi Luo, Wu Chen, Yueyin Wang

A Three-Level Zero Harmonic Distortion Grid-Forming Converter For Medium Voltage Islanded Microgrids

Gabriel Vilkn Ramos, Thiago Morais Parreiras, Braz J Cardoso Filho

L22d - Topic 3
Location: 2.07 aurum

Reduced Inductor Hybrid Voltage Multiplier Boost Converter with Less Ripple and Voltage Stresses

Mriganka Biswas, Paul Judge, Jung-Wook Park

Control Method Comparison for the Parallel Hybrid Si IGBT/SiC MOSFET Converter

Ning Li, Chenqi Wu, Sebastian Neira, Stephen Finney, Paul Judge

50 kW Partial Power Converter for EV Charging

Jon Anzola, Asier Arruti, Iosu Aizpuru, Eneko Agirrezabala, Mikel Mazuela

Design and Implementation of an 80-160 kV High Voltage Power Supply

Muhammed Faruk Bilicioglu, Haci Bodur

Electrification of Heavy Duty Transportation / SiC for E-Mobility
Location: 2.02 chromium
L23a - Topic 1
Location: spectrum

Active Short-Circuit Investigation of SiC MOSFETs

Mohamed Alaluss, Patrick Heimler, Thomas Basler

GaN FET Model Validation Via Experimental Multiple Pulse Test

Vincenzo Barba, Salvatore Musumeci, Marco Palma

Temperature-Dependent Degradation of SiC Schottky Diode Inhibition Effect on SiC MOSFET Body Diode Reverse Recovery Current

Hongpeng Zhang, Felix Steiner, Horst Demattio, Thomas Blank

L23b - Topic 2
Location: 3.02 hassium

Optimal steady state design and feedback control in a Modular Multilevel Converter

Ulli Goldhahn, Jose-Luis Marques

New Fast DC Fault Blocking Hybrid Thyristor-based Multilevel Converter for Offshore Networks

Yousef N. Abdelaziz, Khaled H. Ahmed, Barry W. Williams

A Modular Multilevel DC/DC Converter with Series-Arm Structure for MVDC Grids

Haozhe Jin, Wu Chen, Xiaokun He, Yubo Yuan, Chenyu Zhang

L23c - Topic 9
Location: 2.03 vanadium

Cybersecurity Assessment of Remote Islanding Detection for Grid-Integrated PV Systems

Maha Alsabban, Otavio Bertozzi, Mohd Asim Aftab, Charalambos Konstantinou, Shehab Ahmed

System-level Assessment for Power Quality Impact on Residential Distribution Grid

Jeet Panchal, Dong Dong, Rolando Burgos

L23d - Topic 3
Location: 2.07 aurum

Thermal Model Validation of a Power Electronics Module for Digital Twin Application

Svenja Zöller, Claudia Cabre-Piqueras, Boris Schilder, Alber Filba-Martinez, Lukas Acker

Analytical Model of an Active-Clamp Bidirectional Flyback based on GaN Devices and Optimized Synchronous Operation

Asier Garcia-Bediaga, Ander Avila, Alejandro Fernandez-Hernandez, Itziar Alzuguren, Alejandro Rujas

Minimum Dead Time for Complete ZVS in Bidirectional Isolated DC/DC Converters for More Electric Aircraft

Alejandro Fernandez-Hernandez, Ander Avila, Fernando Gonzalez-Hernando, Irma Villar

L23e - Topic 10
Location: 2.02 chromium

Assessment of Lithium-Ion Battery Degradation and its impact on ECM using Simulated Impedance Spectroscopy

Akila E. Jayasinghe, Nuwantha Fernando, Sisil Kumarawadu, Liuping Wang, J.P. Karunadasa

Hybrid Battery System of Electric Motorcycles for Power Boost during High-speed Driving

Momoe Sakai, Takaharu Takeshita

Using an Interleaved Buck Converter for Battery-Pack Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy

Henk Huisman, Mohamed Uchan, Gabriel Tibola

L23f - Topic
Location: 3.03 germanium
Registration open at 6 pm - Dinner at 7 pm
Location: Event Location "Otto Berndt Halle"
Date: Thursday, 05/Sept/2024
Location: atrium
Opening Day 3
Location: spectrum
Anouncement of the ECCE Europe 2025
Location: spectrum
Future of PV Systems incl. electrolyzer
Location: spectrum
Rolf Helliner: Sustainable Transformation: Sustainable Power Electronics in Industrial Applications
Location: spectrum
Coffee Break
Location: atrium
L31a - Topic 1
Location: spectrum
11:00am - 11:22am

Identification of solder layer defects in power modules using short pulse heating

Marcel Sippel, Pietro Botazzoli, Ralf Schmidt

11:22am - 11:44am

Thermal Shock Temperature Lifetime Modeling of Large Area Sintered Silver Baseplate Modules

Benjamin Fabian, Sebastian Fritzsche, Andre Schwöbel, Ulla Hauf, Stefan Gunst, Nallam, Sri Sai Chandra Abhinay Nallam, Dennis Reiniger

11:44am - 12:06pm

A Study on Optimized SiC Half Bridge Through PCB Embedding

Tuncay Duman, Oliver Koenig, Christoph Abart, Roland Greul, Jue Chen, Ales Chvala, Juraj Marek, Alexander Satka

12:06pm - 12:28pm

Virtual Multi-Physics Package Design for All-GaN Active Neutral Point Clamped (ANPC)Traction Inverter

Chi Zhang

L31b - Topic 2
Location: 3.02 hassium
11:00am - 11:22am

Systematic Topology Synthesis of Partial Power Processing Architecture

Ye Tian, Yan Li, Bowu Cao, Fangyi Wei, Yanxuan Zheng

11:22am - 11:44am

An Isolated Three-Phase PWM DC-DC Converter Based on the Hybridge Rectifier for Off-Board EV Chargers

Raimundo Nonato Oliveira, Jose Willamy Medeiros Araujo, Robério Oliveira Rodrigues, Wilkley Bezerra Correia, Dalton de Araújo Honório, Fernando Luiz Marcelo Antunes, Demercil de Souza Oliveira

11:44am - 12:06pm

High-Speed Data and Power Transfer using MFSK-based PWM in DC-DC Converters

Abdelmoumin Allioua, Gerd Griepentrog

12:06pm - 12:28pm

Three in One Coupled Inductor for High-Power-Density Capacitively Isolated DC/DC Transformer

Keigo Arita, Yusuke Hayashi, Tatsunori Sakano, Kazuto Takao

L31c - Topic 4
Location: 3.03 germanium

Applicability of thermal impedance spectroscopy via gate voltage variation for IGBTs and SiC MOSFETs

Michael Gleissner, Florian Soller, Mark-M. Bakran

A High-Bandwidth Current Measurement Method Using an Integrated Rogowski Coil with an Inverse FIR Filter

Lukas Schmitz, Martin Pfost

Measurement of the Transformer with Non-Unity Turns Ratio in the Dual-Active-Bridge Converter

Yu-Chen Su, Keiji Wada

Deskewing Method for Double Pulse Test and Loss Calculation in High-Power SiC Modules

Shahriar Sarmast Ghahfarokhi, Enes Ayaz, Marcus Jackson, Staffan Norrga, Hans-Peter Nee

L31d - Topic 9
Location: 2.07 aurum

Evaluation of Real-Time Capable Thermal Simulation Models for Electrical Machines

Moritz Aron, Adrian-Cornel Pop, Jan Herrmann, Marco Denk

Analysis of PWM Voltage Detection Delay for Current Source Type Electric Motor Emulator

Gensui Tanaka, Hiroki Watanabe, Jun-ichi Itoh

Low-Voltage Ride Through of a Grid-Forming Converter using the Per-Phase Power Control

Andrea Lauri, Tommaso Caldognetto, Davide Biadene, Paolo Mattavelli

A Sensorless Technique to Improve the Third Harmonic Content in Single-phase DCM Boost Rectifier

Valdecir Junior De Paris, Mateus Nava Mezaroba, Gierri Waltrich, Telles Bruneli Lazzarin

Location: 2.03 vanadium
Cybersecurity of Power Electronics
Location: 2.02 chromium
Location: atrium
Dialogue Session 3 - Topics 8,9,10,11,12 and open coffee bar
Location: Foyer atrium (Ground Floor) and Foyer spectrum (1st Floor)

Improved LVRT Capability for Current Source and Voltage Source Converter based DFIGs

Junye Chen, Micheal Schütt, Hans-Günter Eckel

Hosting Capacity Prediction using Spatial-temporal Correlations of Distribution Networks

Md Nazrul Islam Siddique, Hemanshu Pota, Saad Mekhilef

Design of a GaN-Based DC-DC Converter with HiLEM Topology for Efficient MPP-Tracking

Marcus Becker, Lukas Stefanski, Marc Hiller

Sequence Impedance Modeling Method for LCL-Type Grid-Connected Inverters Considering Frequency Coupling

Huimin Zhao, Zhixue Zhang, Liang Hu, Hongbo Li, Xi He, Hao Sun

Modular BESS architecture for enhanced performance and extended lifetime

Manex Aizpurua, Erik Garayalde, Iker Lopetegi, Josu Yeregui, Xabier Dorronsoro, Unai Iraola

Power-Voltage and Load Control of a Multi-Port Converter using Fuzzy Logic

Christopher Ranisch, Christian Weiner, Heinz Peter Berg

Protection design for critical microgrids

Hercules Araujo Oliveira, Luiza Higino Silva Santos, Luiz Antonio de Souza Ribeiro, Jose Gomes de Matos, Clóvis Bôsco Mendonça Oliveira, Alexandre Cunha Oliveira, Mehdi Savaghebi

Design of an Energy Management System for Critical Microgrid Applications

Hercules Araujo Oliveira, Luiza Higino Silva Santos, Luiz Antonio de Souza Ribeiro, Jose Gomes de Matos, Alexandre Cunha Oliveira, Mehdi Savaghebi

Design Considerations of Overhead Line Magnetic Energy Harvester with Active Rectifier

Alexander Abramovitz, Moshe Shvartsas, Alon Kuperman

DC Link Control for Trains with Onboard Energy Storage using Voltage Level Signalling

Saad Ahmad, Mariam Saeed, Juan Manuel Guerrero, Iker Muniategui, Guillermo Nuñez, David Ortega, Fernando Briz

MPC-based constant-temperature charging for Lithium-ion batteries

Galo Daniel Astudillo Heras, Hamzeh Beiranvand, Federico Cecati, Christian Werlich, Andreas Würsig, Marco Liserre

A Novel Technique for Battery Parameter Estimation Using Equivalent Circuit Model

Mehdi Rahnama, Nima Tashakor, Amin Hashemi-Zadeh, Safal Panchal, Stefan Goetz

Intuitive Degradation Mode Estimation Tool: ModEst

Sergio Fernandez Gonzalez, Iker Lopetegi, Laura Oca, Josu Yeregui, Erik Garayalde, Unai Iraola

A Novel Three-Phase Three-Layer Topology for Wireless Power Transfer Systems

Taeyeon Lee

Analytical modelling and efficiency optimisation of bidirectional CLLC, LLC, and DAB converters for wireless power transfer

Simon Beck, Florian Krismer, Jürgen Biela

Transmission Line Parameters Description of Capacitive Wireless Power Transfer Systems

Cedric Lecluyse, Ben Minnaert, Michael Kleemann

Two-phase Wireless Power Transfer System Using Bipolar Windings for Rotating Magnetic Fields

Lindemberg Costa, Montie Vitorino, Kevin Rabelo Costa, Jens Friebe

Passive Cooled Charging Pad for Interoperable Wireless Power Transfer

Michael Finkenzeller, Matthias de Vigneux, Monika Poebl

A DC-Link Hybrid Active Discharge Scheme for Traction Inverters

Badrinath Kulkarni, Nima Saadat, Michael Bierhoff, Vivek Tailor, Markus Einhorn

A Comparison of Gate Resistance and Gate Voltage Manipulation Active Gate Drivers for Silicon Carbide MOSFETs

Michael J. Frank, Mark-M. Bakran

Addresing Voltage Sag Contributions from an Optimally Sized Industrial Hybrid Power System in the Netherlands

Max Deutman, Joel Alpízar-Castillo, Laura Ramírez-Elizondo, Pavol Bauer

Wide Voltage Range Nonisolated Transformerless Buck-Boost DC-DC Converter

Emmanuel Seun Oluwasogo, Jens Peter Konrath

Hybrid switched-inductor switched-capacitor high step-down converter

Robert Stala, Pallavee Bhatnagar, Andrzej Mondzik, Zbigniew Waradzyn, Stanisław Piróg, Szymon Folmer, Krishna Kumar Gupta

Transition of AC to DC Power Supply on Cruise Vessels with Load Sharing of Parallel Infeeds Using the Droop Control Approach

Philipp Gottfried, Robert Beckmann, Holger Behrends, Karsten von Maydell

Design procedure of pulse generator based on coaxial cables for Pulsed-Power Geo-Drilling

João Martins Junior, Jürgen Biela

High-Voltage Isolated Square-Waveform Inverter with DC-bias Offset for Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) Applications

Koki Yamamoto, Takashi Ohno, Hiroki Watanabe, Jun-ichi Itoh

A Transfer Learning-Based Data-Driven Method for State-of-Health Estimation of Lithium-Ion Batteries

Kunhang Xie, Bin Gou, Shunfeng Yang

Grid-Forming Control for VSC-HVDC Links Connected to Weak Grids – a Comparison Study to Vector Current Control

Lidong Zhang

Finar Buffer as a technology platform for HVDC and FACT application

Daniele Gianluigi Finarelli

Analysis and Operation of Two-Stage Isolated ISOP Converter with Partial Power Processing for Fast EV Charging

Aleksandra Stanojević, Petar J. Grbović, Alessandro Lidozzi, Marco di Benedetto, Luca Solero

The Stability Analysis and Enhancement Method of the Cascaded Solid State Transformer

Sicong Jin, Xin Zhang, Dehong Xu

Enhancing Electrical Grid Stability through Grid-Forming for DFIG-Based Wind Turbines

Andres Paez, Christian Neumann, Cord Prignitz, Khaled Almunem, Hans-Günter Eckel

Grid-Forming Based SVG to Mitigate Sub-Synchronous Oscillations of Offshore Wind Farms in South China

Teng Liu, Yan Li, Weihuang Huang

Frequency Response Analysis of Grid-Forming Converters Considering Current and Power Limitations

Shan Jiang, Ye Zhu, Georgios Konstantinou

Enhancement Methods for Transient Stability of Grid-Forming Converters with Low Damping

Seongyeon Kim, Ki-Hyun Kim, Shenghui Cui, Jae-Jung Jung

Distributed Adaptive Droop Control Method for Flexibility Enhancement of Islanded DC Microgrids Including Electric Springs

Mohammad Rajabi Nasab, Roberto Cometa, Pedram Ghalebani, Sergio Bruno, Massimo La Scala

Decentralized Impedance Specifications for Grid-Connected Converters in AC Grids

Lazar Stojanovic, Ruzica Cvetanovic, Paolo Mattavelli, Simone Buso, Davide Biadene

Revolutionising DC Marine Microgrids: Advanced Solid State Circuit Breaker with Soft Switching for Inrush Current Control

Hans Vincent Lianto, Mohamed Halick Mohamed Sathik, Amer Mohammad Yusuf Mohammad Ghias, Volkert Pickert

The Adaptive Power Compensation Strategy of Soft Open Point to Support Bus Voltage Under Faults

Zhenhong Lai, Haoyan Zhuang, Yuguo Li, Xin Jiang, Hao Yi, Fang Zhuo, Feng Wang, Zhenxiong Wang

Exploring Cyber Threats based on Harmonic Distortions: A Testbed to analyze Attack Scenarios

Adeel Jamal, Benedikt Grüger, Kirill Kuroptev, Michael Wolff, Florian Steinke, Gerd Griepentrog

Sensitivity-Based Local-Central Combined Voltage/Var Control of Photovoltaic Inverters Without Impedance Imformation

Yao Zhang, Hao Yi, Fang Zhuo, Zebin Yang, Yang Liu, Wenbin Liu

Generic Approach to Reference Signal Generation for Active Power Filters

Dietmar Fehrenbach, Christoph Göttsberger, Christoph Hackl, Marek Galek

An Two-Stage Harmonic Optimization Method For Optimal Sitting and Sizing of APFs in Distribution Networks to Minimize THDs and Harmonic Losses

Xiaoqing Yin, Hao Yi, Zebin Yang, Yang Liu, Wenbin Liu, Yao Zhang

L32a - Topic 1
Location: spectrum

A Monolithic 40 V/20 A GaN Half Bridge IC with Integrated Gate Drivers and Level-shifters

Öncü Benli Marin Palomo, Jef Thone, Rana Asad Ali, Mahmoud Shousha, Martin Haug, Olga Syshchyk, Matteo Borga, Stefaan Decoutere, Marc Fossion, Tuan-Dat Mai, Mike Wens

Analysis and Design of the Switching Latching Current Limiter (SwLCL)

Nikola Boskovic, Hadrien Carbonnier, Arturo Fernandez

Ultra-High Gain Quadratic DC-DC Converter Based on Three-winding Coupled Inductors with Voltage Multiplier Cells

Sohrab Abbasian, Mohammad Farsijani, Homayon Soltani Gohari, Haniyeh Katiraee, Tomi Roinila

L32b - Topic 10
Location: 3.02 hassium

A Novel Fast and High Performance Reconstruction Voltage Predictive Controller for Multilevel Inverters

Yousefreza Jelodar, Omid Salari, Mohamed Z Youssef, Alireza Bakhshai, Praveen Jain

Pole Change Method Without Torque Fluctuation in Multiphase IM Drive System

Momoka Kobayashi, Shinji Doki, Ryunosuke Nikaido, Akira Chiba, Masashi Kobayashi

Single-Phase Grid Forming Control Strategy for an Isolated and Bidirectional EV Battery Charger

Erick Braian Pantaleon, Damian Sal y Rosas, Julio Tafur

Closed Loop Modular Topology to Interface Removable Batteries in an Electric Powertrain With 400 V and 800 V Compatibility

Gabriel D. Colvero, Duberney Murillo-Yarce, Jairo Tuñón Díaz, Aitor Vazquez, Alberto Rodriguez

L32c - Topic 6
Location: 3.03 germanium

Material Demand Analysis for Power Electronics in the German Energy Transition across Generation, Storage, and Electric Vehicles

Henrike Köhler, Daniel Halfmann, Patrick Hercegfi, Felix Kulenkampff, Cornelius Armbruster, Sönke Rogalla

Analytical Modeling of SiC Hard Switching Fault for Stray Voltage Capture Detection

Darian Verdy Retianza, Henk Huisman

Availability, reliability and cost evaluation based on the replacement of redundant submodules of a medium-voltage MMC-based STATCOM

Vinicius Azevedo dos Santos, Prajakta Ramesh Kapale, Cem Özgür Gerçek

L32d - Topic 9
Location: 2.07 aurum

High-voltage converter with 2 kV SiC MOSFETs for electric fast charging stations

David Derix, Jonas Pfeiffer, Wolfram Kruschel, Andreas Hensel, Jürgen Thoma, Christian Blaum, Christoph Drexler, Michael Schmidhuber, Juan Mena Carillo, Daniel Heer, Ainhoa Puyadena Mier, Peter Friedrichs

Intrinsic Short-Circuit Current Limitation in Solid-State Applications with Series-Connected MOSFETs

Hauke Nannen, Karsten Handt

Impact of Current Limiter Implementation in MMC Control on AC Fault-Ride-Through and System Distance Protection

Xiaoxiao Liu, Paul Judge, Geraint Chaffey, Willem Leterme, Dirk Van Hertem

Potential for GW-scale Substations Volume Reduction Moving from HVDC to MVDC using Superconducting Cable Technology

Sebastian Neira, Paul Judge, Shahab Sajedi, Eoin Hodge

Test & Measurement Challenges in Power Electronics applications
Location: 2.03 vanadium
Smart Converter
Location: 2.02 chromium
Award session
Location: spectrum
Closing remarks of the ECCE Europe 2024
Location: spectrum
IEEE Mentorship (Brewery Grohe with 30 € extra)
Location: Restaurant "Brewery Grohe"
Date: Friday, 06/Sept/2024
Merck Electronics KGaA
Location: Merck Electronics KGaA
Meeting point: 8:30h pickup at bus stop Darmstadtium
GSI Helmholtz Center for Heavy Ion Research
Location: FAIR-Facility for Antiproton and Ion Research in Europe, GSI Helmholtzzentrum für Schwerionenforschung
Meeting point: Planckstraße 1, 64291 Darmstadt
TU Darmstadt – Institutes for Power Electronics and Drives (LEA) and Electrical Drive Systems (EAS)
Location: TU Darmstadt – Institutes for Power Electronics and Drives (LEA) and Electrical Drive Systems (EAS)
Meeting point: Fraunhoferstr. 4; 64293 Darmstadt
Hottinger Brüel & Kjær – Measurement Solutions
Location: HottingerBrüel & Kjaer GmbH
Meeting point: Im Tiefen See 45, 64293 Darmstadt
ESA-European Space Operations Center (ESOC)
Location: ESA-European Space Operations Center (ESOC)
Meeting point: Robert-Bosch-Straße 5; Visitor Entrance; 64293 Darmstadt

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