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Product and Process Modeling 4
Wednesday, 28/July/2021:
1:00pm - 2:30pm

Session Chair: Daniel Hall
Session Chair: André Borrmann

Subtopic: IT-Supported Architectural and Engineering Design

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1:00pm - 1:20pm


Goran Sibenik, Marijana Sreckovic, Anca Radu

Institute of Interdisciplinary Construction Process Management, TU Wien, Austria

Numerous stakeholders contribute to building pro-jects, which mainly deal with digital assets during the design phase. Design workflows are project specific and not standardized, therefore digital tools supporting and improving these are not widely present. However, the activities within the workflows are similar and constitute patterns that allow for workflow standardi-zation. We analyze an existing document exchange platform in order to identify those activities and pat-terns in a way which unveils their automation poten-tial. The proposed modular patterns can serve as a base for workflow automation, facilitating the use of tech-nologies such as blockchain and smart contracts.

1:20pm - 1:40pm


Jianpeng Cao, Daniel Hall

ETH Zurich, Switzerland

The use of prefabricated modules can benefit the construction industry with the economy of scales and production efficiency. However, the existing approach to develop module libraries is project-based, lacking the potential to reuse and manage in future projects. By taking the repeatability and manufacturability into account, this paper proposes a graph-based framework to identify possible modules automatically from multiple projects by frequent pattern mining. The results show that the repeated patterns share a degree of standardization and can be considered as module candidates. Finally, the framework is implemented as add-ons in the BIM environment to support module lifecycle management.

1:40pm - 2:00pm

GluLamb: A toolkit for early-stage modelling of free-form glue-laminated timber structures

Tom Svilans

Royal Danish Academy, Denmark

This paper focuses on the integration of material and fabrication parameters into the early-stage design of free-form glue-laminated (glulam) timber structures. This integration constitutes an embedding of a glulam materiality into digital design modelling tools. This paper presents GluLamb, a software modelling toolkit that implements a constrained glulam blank model for the design of glulam elements. The general functionality of this toolkit is described and three case studies are presented which show the application of GluLamb in different contexts: design simulation in research, design exploration and rationalization in an architectural practice setting, and as the basis for a design-to-fabrication workflow.

2:00pm - 2:20pm


Julia Reisinger, Iva Kovacic

Institute of Interdisciplinary Construction Process Management, Department of Integrated Planning and Industrial Building, TU Wien, Austria

Industrial building design is an interdisciplinary task, where data and software needed by production planning differ from the ones in building design. Constantly changing manufacturing systems demand highly flexible building structures. To achieve integration and improve structural performance a novel parametric multi-objective optimisation and decision support (POD) tool for flexible industrial buildings was developed. Through an experimental study within an interdisciplinary design class we have introduced and tested the tool, thereby evaluating students satisfaction on people, process and technology aspects. Results reveal strengths (quick variant studies, performance feedback), limitations (ease of use, interoperability) and future developments of the POD tool.

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