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Session Overview
Date: Thursday, 05/Sep/2019
Registration and welcome coffee
Location: Restaurant
Location: Refental / Auditorium
Chair: Nadja El Benni
Chair: Robert Finger

Beyond Income: towards a better measurement of farmer welfare

Hennessy, Thia

Cork University, Ireland

Impact of income support policies for European agriculture - state and limitations of analysis

Heckelei, Thomas

University of Bonn, Germany

Session A1: Farmers` Goals
Location: Refental / Auditorium
Chair: Emma Dillon

Farmers’ business goal attainment and life satisfaction: a case study in western France

DI BIANCO, Soazig; TU, Gengyang; Ben Jaballah, Maha

Ecole Supérieure d’Agricultures, Angers, France, France

Measuring quality of life of Swiss dairy farming families using a bottom-up approach

Contzen, Sandra; Häberli, Isabel; Bühler, Mirjam

Bern University of Applied Sciences, Switzerland

Drivers and motivations for farm-level diversification: Evidence from Northern Ireland

Mullan, Conall; Ashfield, Austen; Adenuga, Adewale; Jack, Claire

AFBI, United Kingdom

Small change on small farms – economic performance in Ireland

Dillon, Emma J.1; Hennessy, Thia2; Moran, Brian1

1: Teagasc, Ireland; 2: University College Cork, Ireland

Session A2: Income Risk
Location: Äbtissenenhaus
Chair: Fabio Santeramo

Farmers risk exposition and its drivers

Duden, Christoph; Offermann, Frank

Thünen-Institute of Farm Economics, Bundesallee 63, 38116 Braunschweig, Germany

Evaluating satellite soil moisture data for index insurances

Vroege, Willemijn1; Bucheli, Janic1; Dalhaus, Tobias1; Hirschi, Martin2; Finger, Robert1

1: AECP, ETH Zürich, Switzerland; 2: IAC, ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Impatience and uncertainty in crop insurance markets

Santeramo, Fabio

University of Foggia, Italy

Location: Restaurant
Visit: Swiss Future Farm
Location: Messtechnik / Swiss Future Farm
Session B1: New Measurement
Location: Refental / Auditorium
Chair: Krijn Poppe

Evaluating the productivity of Swiss dairy farms considering heterogeneous technologies: a latent class model approach

Renner, Swetlana; Nadja, El Benni

Agroscope, Switzerland

Family-based complex farms in German agriculture and their linkage to the agricultural family income: a methodological approach

Zavyalova, Katharina; Forstner, Bernhard

Thünen-Institute of Farm Economics, Germany

Assessing the impact of alternative energy policies on the energy usage and income of Dutch horticultural firms

Los, Evert; Gardebroek, Cornelis

Wageningen University and Research, Netherlands, The

How to measure farm income in the era of complex farms

Poppe, Krijn; Vrolijk, Hans

Wageningen University and Research, Netherlands, The

Session B2: Farm Structure
Location: Äbtissenenhaus
Chair: David Wuepper

Causes and impacts of the mislabelling of agricultural policy – the case of Food-Supply Security Payments in Switzerland

Möhring, Anke; Mann, Stefan

Agroscope, Switzerland

Dynamics of farming concentration on regional land markets

Plogmann, Jana Maria1,2; Mußhoff, Oliver1; Ritter, Matthias2; Odening, Martin2

1: Georg-August-Universität Göttingen, Germany; 2: Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Farm income as a driving force for agricultural policy design and farm structural change in Norway

Mittenzwei, Klaus; Berglann, Helge; Hegrenes, Agnar


The Effect of Family Farming on Employment and Migration: Empirical Evidence from Germany

Wuepper, David1; Wimmer, Stefan2; Sauer, Johannes2

1: ETHZ, Switzerland; 2: TU Munich, Germany

Coffee Break
Location: Refental / Auditorium
Session C1: Income Inequality
Location: Refental / Auditorium
Chair: Bruno Henry de Frahan

A counterfactual analysis of changes in the distribution of French farm incomes

Piet, Laurent; Desjeux, Yann

INRA, France

The private wealth of farm households in Germany and its influence on their social position

Bethge, Sabrina; Wendt, Jost-Frederik

University Göttingen, Germany

Income differentials between farm and non-farm households among selected OECD member countries

Henry de Frahan, Bruno1; Kamin, David2; De Blander, Rembert3

1: Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium; 2: Natural Resources Canada, Canada; 3: Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, Belgium

Session C2: Policies
Location: Äbtissenenhaus
Chair: Gabriele Mack

Measuring farm flexibility considering farm agri-environmental commitments

Bokusheva, Raushan1; Cechura, Lukas2

1: ZHAW, Switzerland; 2: Czech University of Life Sciences Prague

Conditional income differences between farm and non-farm households in the European Union and the role of the CAP support: a panel analysis

Marino, Maria1; Rocchi, Benedetto1; Severini, Simone2

1: Università di Firenze, Italy; 2: Università della Tuscia, Italy

Linking FADN income data with micro-level census data for the analysis of the determinants and income contribution of farmers’ participation in biodiversity conservation programs

Mack, Gabriele; Jan, Pierrick

Agroscope, Switzerland

Welcome Drinks, Speech by Bernard Belk (Vice Director of the Swiss Federal Office for Agriculture), Dinner
Location: Restaurant

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