Virtueller Veranstaltungsort: Zoom Hörsaal Eröffnung
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Datum: Montag, 14.03.2022
Feierliche Eröffnung
Virtueller Veranstaltungsort: Zoom Hörsaal Eröffnung

- Choreographie eines Tanztrios des Theater Bremen 
- Eröffnung durch das lokale Organisationskomittee (LOK) 
- Grußworte durch Bürgermeister, Rektor, Dekanin und den DGfE-Vorstand
- Eröffnungsvortrag von Dr. Sara Ahmed
- Ernst-Christian-Trapp-Preis-Verleihung

Die Eröffnung wird simultan übersetzt und untertitelt.

Vortrag von Dr. Sara Ahmed: "Losing Your Hand: Complaint, Common Sense and Other Institutional Legacies". 

In his preface to the 2020 book Common Sense: Conservative Thinking for a Post-Liberal Age, Michael Nazir-Ali refers to how the analytical philosopher G. E. Moore defended common sense by pointing to “his own hand,” and how he was “more certain that his hand existed” than “any sceptical attempts to show that such was not the case.” Nazir-Ali then makes use of Moore’s hand to talk about the coherence and stability of relationships and institutions. Many contributions to this conservative reclaiming of common sense articulate a sense of the loss of a shared reality as well as legacy, of an old raced and sexed order. In this lecture, I will return to the testimonies I collected from academics and students who have made complaints about abuses of power within universities shared in my recent book Complaint! I will explore how some become complainers by virtue of not reproducing a legacy or how some complaints are framed as the failure to hold onto that legacy. Complaint provides a lens with which to think about appeals to common sense, how common sense becomes all the more appealing, the more some seem to be losing their hand.