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Session Overview
Location: SYMPOSIUM 5
Date: Thursday, 18/Nov/2021
3:00pm - 3:55pmSocial, Societal and Physical Health Factors in Cognitive Aging
Location: SYMPOSIUM 5
Session Chair: Aletha Baumann, University of the Virgin Islands, Virgin Islands, U.S.
Session Chair: Karin Schon, Boston University School of Medicine, United States of America

Chair(s): Aletha Baumann (University of the Virgin Islands, Virgin Islands, U.S.), Karin Schon (Boston University School of Medicine)


Presentations of the Symposium


Race/Ethnicity and Neuroimaging Biomarkers in Middle- and Older-Aged Adults

Indira Turney, Patrick J. Lao, Miguel Arce Rentería, Jennifer J. Manly, Adam M, Brickman
Columbia University Medical Center


Social Discrimination Correlates with Greater Amygdala Function and Functional Connectivity

Uraina Clark, Evan R. Miller, Rachel R. Hegde
Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai


Perceived Social Discrimination and Hippocampal and Amygdala Volume

Michael Rosario, Karin Schon, Amara Ayoub
Boston University School of Medicine


Are Mood and Resilience Associated with Older Adults' Subjective Memory?

Alexanne Carr, Aletha Baumann
University of the Virgin Islands


Older Adults’ Racial Discrimination, Subjective Social Status and Semantic Fluency

Azriel Williams, Aletha Baumann
University of the Virgin Islands


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