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Date: Tuesday, 17/May/2022
1.1.1: Conference Welcome
Chair: Georgina Alonso
Chair: Deborah Simpson

Join the conference committee to open CASID 2022!

Break 1 Day 1
1.2.1 “If everything is development studies, then nothing is”: What futures for Development Studies?
Chair: Joshua Ramisch

Chair(s): Joshua Ramisch, Craig Johnson


Presentations of the Symposium


Teaching ‘development’ through social innovation: the practice, pedagogy and implications of centring ‘development’ courses around social innovation assignments

Christine Gibb, Jean-Francois Rousseau


"Creative destruction of the very thing that brought me here”: Reflections on graduate outcomes as a guide to possible development studies futures

Joshua Ramisch

1.2.2: Development and COVID-19: Seeking Pathways to Move from Neoliberalism toward Inclusive Development
Chair: Adrian Murray

Child Rights Under Attack: The Development Challenges and Responses to COVID-19

Niloufar Pourzand

Covid-19 pandemic in “Least Developed Countries”: Culmination of the five decades of neoliberal developmentalism

Kapil Dev Regmi

Impact de la pandémie de COVID-19 sur l’efficacité de l’aide : le cas du Vanuatu

Morgane Rosier

Inclusive Development During and After the COVID-19 Pandemic: Lessons from the Second-Generation Tamil Diaspora in Canada

Akalya Kandiah

1.2.3: Education, Health & COVID-19: Where We might Go From Here

Chair(s): Amy Cooper,


Transforming Ourselves and Transforming Our Community: A Case Study of Learning Theory and Practice within Society of the Universal Learner in Bihar, India

Elisa Samara Cooper

Post-crisis impacts for Chinese Stakeholders in Canadian University International Education Programs – with a case study for campus-based survey evidence

Yun Liu

Navigating fear and care: The lived experiences of community-based health actors in the Philippines during the COVID-19 pandemic

Warren Dodd, Laura Jane Brubacher, Sara Wyngaarden, Amy Kipp, Victoria Haldane, Hannah Ferrolino, Kendall Wilson, Danilo Servano Jr., Lincoln L. Lau, Xiaolin Wei

Covid-19 and Healthcare Waste Management in Urban Africa. Implications for Development

Jeffrey Squire

1.2.4: Transformations: Hope, Participation, and Interrogating Influence
Chair: Georgina Alonso

Changing Behaviour: The Econometrics of Hope

Nargiza Chorieva, Brent Swallow, Sandeep Mohapatra

Influencer or Influenced? An examination of the role influencers play within traditional models of tourism advertising

Brandon Pryce, Hannah Ascough

The Use of Participatory Research Methods to explore gender norm change amongst adolescents in Ghana, Rwanda, and Mozambique

Geetanjali Gill, Aamina Adham, Claude Cheta

Looking at crisis differently : participatory visual methods and adolescents’ agency in Mali

Kattie Lussier, Claudia Mitchell

Lunch Day 1
1.3.1 Adolescent Flourishing through a Gender Transformative Lens

Chair(s): Rebecca Tiessen


Presentations of the Symposium


Towards Gender(+) Transformational Adolescent Flourishing

Rebecca Tiessen


Toward A Comprehensive Analytical Lens For Considering Adolescent Flourishing, Nutrition And Food Systems

Khursheed Sadat


Transforming nutrition and gender equality outcomes among women and girls using gender-transformative social protection programs

Nnenna Okoli


Putting Girls' Voices at the Centre for More Responsive Community and Government Systems

Melani O'Leary

1.3.2: Critical Reflections on Design and Development
Chair: Brian Sinclair

Critically Reflecting on Architectural Practice: Exploring Innovative Initiatives for International Development

Farhad Mortezaee, Brian Sinclair

Rights, Sagacity + The Devil’s Crop: Provocations in an Ethos of Design, Dissolution + Disarray

Brian R. Sinclair

Indigeneity, Imagination, Equity + Design: Ethical Space and Complementary Ways of Knowing

Brian R. Sinclair

Considering Health + Wellness Beyond Convention: Spirituality, Space and the Critical Case of Sufism

Nooshin Esmaeili, Brian R. Sinclair

1.3.3: Autonomy and Prosperity of the Vulnerable: Women, Children, Sex Workers

Chair(s): Justine Pascual,


‘Leaving no one behind’: roadmap for action – the perspectives of vulnerable women on SDGs priorities for the decade of action

Eunice Annan-Aggrey

Bodily Autonomy, Inter-relationality and Global Health: Addressing Tensions During and Beyond the COVID-19 Pandemic

Jacqueline Potvin

Sex Work as Real Work: Strategies for Global Economic Recovery that Includes Sex Workers

Andrea Burke, Deeplina Banerjee

The Shadow of the Pandemic with no boarder on the wellbeing of children and women in marginalized social caste groups and communities across six countries in Africa, Central America and Asia

Feleke Tadele Kelkil

1.3.4 Inclusive virtual public engagement for a just Covid-19 recovery process - Workshop

Lee-Anne Lavell, Judyannet Muchiri

Break 2 Day 1
1.4.1: CASID Strategic Planning Townhall

You are invited to participate in the first of two CASID strategic planning sessions: a Town Hall Discussion on our Strategic Plan.

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