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Date: Monday, 31/May/2021
1.1.1: Conference Welcome
Chair: Kate Grantham
Technical Chair: Adrian Murray

Join the Conference Organizing Committee to open CASID 2021!

Lunch Day 1
1.2.1: Décoloniser l’Étude des Relations Internationales et du Développement

Chair(s): Maïka Sondarjee


Presentations of the Symposium


Le corps des femmes musulmanes dans le paradigme de la guerre

Leila Benhadjoudja


Quand les migrantes haïtiennes se réinventent en France

Sabine Lamour


Décolonisation des connaissances et des pratiques de recherche

Leila Celis


Potentiel émancipateur et risque de blanchiment des perspectives décoloniales en relations internationales

Celia Romulus

1.2.2: Arts and Social Media for Development

Picturing our Realities: Arts-based reflections from Central American youth living in Canada

Juan Carlos Jimenez

Tweeting the Pandemic: Exploring environmental charity responses to the COVID-19 and climate crises

Hannah Ascough

Theatre for Development: Access in a Time of Pandemic

Telisa Courtney, John Battye, Hussein Madden, Raphael Mahulo, Desai Ogada, Sheilah Onguo, William Okumu

1.2.3: Critical Feminisms: colonialism, masculinities and violence

Réflexions théoriques pour décoloniser le programme canadien de parrainage privé des personnes réfugiées

Clothilde Parent-Chartier

Making South Asian Cities Sustainable: Women Negotiating Fear and Violence in Kathmandu City.

Sujata Thapa-Bhattarai

Des traumatismes transgénérationnels à la déshumanisation et perte d’équilibre relationnel homme-femme chez les Bashi du Kivu. Éclipse de la résilience ?

Maria-Gabriella Namwezi

The role of masculinities in maintaining labour relations for Vietnamese offshore fisheries

Georgina Alonso

A Feminist Comparative Study of COVID-19 and Everyday Urbanism in Southern Cities

Nasya Razavi

1.2.4: The Challenges of Finding a Tenure-Track Job Workshop
Chair: Liam Swiss
Break Day 1
1.3.1: From Feminist Theory to Feminist Practice

Chair(s): Liam Swiss, Heather Smith


Presentations of the Symposium


Implications – and Interpretations - of Feminist Foreign Policy: Perspectives from Partner Organizations working in Transnational Spaces

Rebecca Tiessen


From Feminist Theory to Feminist Practice: Where are masculinities, the LGBTQI community and gender relations/hierarchies?

Jane Parpart


Operationalizing feminist theory through organizational change: civil society organizations’ investments into effective programming, policy and practice for addressing gender inequality.

Sheila Rao


From Gender Design to Feminist Evaluation: How Feminist Methodologies Can Shine New Light on the Impact of Gender Equality Programming

Jessica Cadesky


Assessing the Impacts and Effectiveness of Feminist Foreign Policy

Laura Parisi

1.3.2: Contextualizing Colonial Roots in Transit-Oriented Development and “Urban Renewal.” Perspectives from Little Jamaica’s Black Residents (Toronto)

Chair(s): Sebastián Miguel Mendoza-Price, Omi Ra, Jem Baptiste, Marcus Pereira


Presentations of the Symposium


Testimonials from Little Jamaica residents on LJ’s past, present and futures current and historical residents: Presented by Jem Baptiste

Jem Baptiste


How Transit And Transit Expansion Facilitate Gentrification: Presented by Sebastián Mendoza-Price

Sebastián Miguel Mendoza-Price


Regenerative Solutions to Gentrification: presented by Omi Ra, candidate for Bsc in Health Studies at the University of Waterloo

Omi Ra

1.3.3: Political economy of private and public institutions
Technical Chair: Georgina Alonso

Overview of the pension system in Mexico and Chile. A path to inequality and precarity

Teresa Lizeth Alanis Gutiérrez

Development and Human Insecurity: The Case of Jamaica’s Tourism Sector

TKA C. Pinnock

Forms of capital implicated in the elite school advertisements

Rajender Singh

Vending Cruel Hope: A Case Study on Public Primary Schooling in Jamaica

Giselle Francine Thompson

1.3.4: Demystifying Decolonization: Baby Steps & Reflexive Praxis

Jess Notwell

Date: Tuesday, 01/June/2021
2.1.1: Indigenous Resurgence: Defending the Land, Liberating Our Peoples, Honouring Our Ancestors - A Town Hall Dialogue
Chair: Jess Notwell
Technical Chair: Adrian Murray

CASID 2021 will feature a Town Hall dialogue on Indigenous Resurgence, led by people whose daily lives and leadership are at the heart of these struggles for freedom.

Lunch Day 2
2.2.1: Giving money directly: Microloans and Cash transfers

‘But the buffalo fell sick and died’: Patterns of loan use for women’s self-help groups in rural North India

Sumeet Sekhon

Exploring experiences and outcomes associated with the Philippines’ conditional cash transfer program: An actor-oriented approach

Warren Dodd, Amy Kipp, Lau Lincoln, Matthew Little, Mitizie Irene Conchada, Alellie Sobreviñas, Marites Tiongco

The returns of the welfare state: Cash transfers and distributional politics in the pandemic age

Christopher Webb

2.2.2: Finding Bridges within New Doctoral Research

Chair(s): Andrea Leigh Burke, Kaylia Little


Presentations of the Symposium


The gender-energy nexus in the Arctic

Kaylia Little


Rethinking Empowerment Interventions: The politics of gender programming/planning within the bureaucracy USAID and the implications for transformative change.

Khursheed Sadat


Sexed Bodies, Trauma and Gender Based Violence: Testimonies from the Rohingya Genocide

Deeplina Banerjee


Aid effectiveness in a Small Island Developing State: The case of Vanuatu

Morgane Rosier


Essential Precarity: Exploring Cross-Sections of Gender and Racial

Andrea Burke

2.2.3: White Saviorism and Decolonization in International Cooperation

Chair(s): Maïka Sondarjee


Presentations of the Symposium


The Development Moral Decadence Dilemma and White Savior Complex: Lessons from the Berry Glaser Case in Kalangala (Uganda)

Dickson Kanakulya


Centering Western Experience and Agency in Global Solidarity Campaigns

Maïka Sondarjee


Decolonizing Development as Northern fascination

Themrise Khan

2.2.4: Research workshop – Writing in research companions as a decolonizing writing practice

Christine Gibb

Break Day 2
2.3.1: Youth inclusion in theory and practice

Derry Girls and the Politics of the Everyday: Theorizing for a More Youth-Inclusive Approach to Peacebuilding

Alina Dixon

Cheetah Generation: Youth Social Entrepreneurship in African countries

Christina Muia

“You can settle here”: immobility aspirations and capabilities among youth from rural Honduras

Sara L. Wyngaarden, Sally Humphries, Kelly Skinner, Esmeralda Lobo Tosta, Veronica Zelaya Portillo, Paola Orellana, Warren Dodd

2.3.2: Decolonizing Development as a Decolonization of Mind

Chair(s): Faisal Haq Shaheen, Fayyaz Baqir


Presentations of the Symposium


Colonialism-Patriarchy in South Asia: Gendered legacy of constitutive disempowerment

Jennifer Euler-Bennett


Tensions between Colonial and Settler Worlds

Carolyn Laude


Social Mobilization: A Key to Sustainable Development

Shoaib Sultan Khan


Decolonization as transformation from Patronage to Partnership

Fayyaz Baqir

2.3.3: How to Make Space for Youth in International Development Work: Up-and-coming Ideas from the Up-and-coming

Yasmin Rajwani, Natasha Cortes

2.3.4: Strengthening scholar-activist networks in development studies

Georgina Alonso, Adrian Murray

Date: Wednesday, 02/June/2021
3.1.1: Keyote - Décolonization and Developement : A Conversation with Felwine Sarr
Chair: Maïka Sondarjee
Technical Chair: Adrian Murray

The keynote speaker for CASID 2021 will be Felwine Sarr, Duke University–leading Senegalese writer, economist, academic and musician–in conversation with Jeanne-Marie Rugira, UQAR.

Register here.

Lunch Day 3
3.2.1: Nourishing the World: Food, Agriculture and Development

Nourishing the nexus: A feminist analysis of gender, nutrition and agri-food development policies and practices

Siera Vercillo, Sheila Rao, Rosalind Ragetlie, Jennifer Vansteenkiste

Experience of community volunteers monitoring and mitigating food insecurity during the COVID-19 pandemic in the Philippines: A qualitative study

Shoshannah Speers, Lincoln Lau, Hannah Neufeld, Danilo Servano Jr., Daryn Go, Warren Dodd

The Global Land Rush and Agricultural Investment in Ghana: Existing Knowledge, Gaps and Future Directions

John Anku, Nathan Andrews, Logan Cochrane

Standards of Rebellion: CARICOM and Chilean Warning Labels as an Act of Defiance in the International Trade Regime

Hinton Lucy

3.2.2: North/South relations and inequities

North-South Asymmetries: Intellectual Property, Technology Transfers, and the Human Right to Health

Harry Deng

Heroes of the Developing World? Emerging Powers in WTO Agriculture Negotiations and Dispute Settlement

Kristen Hopewell

How Colonial Discourse Distorts Anti-‘Development’ as “Conversion” Attempts

Clara Joseph

Inequitable Ruptures, Rupturing Inequity: Theorizing COVID-19 and racial injustice impacts on International Service Learning

Jessica A Vorstermans, Katie MacDonald

3.2.3: Anti-racist framework for the international cooperation sector

Shelagh Savage, Musu Taylor-Lewis, Mounia Chadi, Severin Sindizera, Taib Boyce, Aislynn Row, Gloria Novovic, Maika Sondarjee

3.2.4: Building a Decolonizing "Development" Community of Praxis

Jess Notwell, Yuriko Cowper-Smith, Matt McBurney

Break Day 3
3.3.1: Digging clean: Mining discourses and practices
Chair: Georgina Alonso

Amazon Oil Violence and Ecuador’s Extraction Response During COVID-19

Danilo Borja, Conny Davidsen

A Socio-environmental Justice Perspective into Ghana’s Artisanal and Small-scale Mining Space and the Growing Proliferation of Chinese Miners

Richard Kumah

The Clean Development Mechanism and Carbon Enclosures

Colin Palmer

3.3.2: Indigenous Struggles and Futures

Indigenous Peoples’ right to consent to resource extraction in Canada and South Africa: Self-determined development and the geographies of legal violence on resource frontiers

Daniel L Huizenga

A Failure to Respond: National Sport Organizations and the TRC

Yasmin Rajwani, Audrey R. Giles, Shawn Forde

Le développement du tourisme atikamekw : vers un processus d’autochtonisation au Québec ?

Alexandre Veilleux, Julie McClatchie

Remoteness Myth and Power in Energy Extraction Frontiers

Ana Watson, Conny Davidsen

3.3.3: States and politics of development in Africa

Anatomy of the Clash of Nationalisms in Ethiopia: Can the Center Hold?

Abdella Abdulkadir Abdou

Political Dynamics of Electricity Provision in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire

Mark Kwakye Frimpong

Alternance démocratique, réalignements partisans et dynamiques factionnelles au Sénégal

Marie Gagné

Redrawing the Borders: Violent Encounters, Transformations and the Political Economy of Peri-Urbanization Around Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Fikir Getaneh Haile

3.3.4: Building a Decolonizing "Development" Community of Praxis II
Chair: Jess Notwell
Chair: Yuriko Cowper-Smith
Date: Thursday, 03/June/2021
4.1.1: CASID AGM
Chair: Kate Grantham
Technical Chair: Adrian Murray

Join the CASID board and members for the association's Annual General Meeting.

Lunch Day 4
4.2.1: Human Rights Agendas: SDGs, Reproductive Health and Sexual Violence
Chair: Nasya Razavi

The SDGs and Canada’s development assistance discourse post-2015: convenient alignment for a new aid era

Finbar Hefferon, Dr. Liam Swiss

“The Memories Haunt Me”: Can Transitional Justice Address Sexual Violence Induced Trauma?

Deeplina Banerjee

Can Agenda 2030 deliver on “localization”? Policy limitations of Agenda 2030 in the broader global governance system.

Gloria Novovic

Reproductive Health and Rights in Canada’s Feminist International Assistance Policy: Bridging the Gap Between Women’s Empowerment and Reproductive Justice

Jacqueline Potvin

4.2.2: The Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Canadian SMO Adaptation and Resilience

Chair(s): Carmen Ho, Andréanne Martel


Presentations of the Symposium


The Impact of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Canadian SMO Adaptation and Resilience

Andrea Paras


Pivoting to Adapt to a Rapid Changing Context: Canadian SMOs' Resilience and Learning

Andréanne Martel


How Feminist Principles Guided Pandemic Responses

Rachel Barr



Brian Tomlinson

4.2.3: Decolonizing Research Methods for the Global South

Sumeet Sekhon, Navjotpal Kaur

4.2.4: Working Outside of the Academy Workshop
Chair: Marie Gagné
Break Day 4
4.3.1 Decolonizing the academy: lessons from partnerships with indigenous communities

Chair(s): Yuriko Cowper-Smith


Presentations of the Symposium


Papas con cuy: decoloniality through reciprocity

Matt McBurney


Decolonial co-resistance: an Indigenous methodology

Jess Notwell


Allyship and academia: joining the Rohingya-Canadian social movement

Yuriko Cowper-Smith

4.3.2: Aid and NGOs in a colonized world

The Development Bank as a Colonizing Project: Power, Culture and Inequality at the Top of the 'Development Food Chain’

Ritu Verma

Criticality of Public Trust for Success of Development Agenda: Lessons from Afghanistan

Seyed Ali Hosseini

“Legitimate survivor” … according to whom?

Christine Gibb

Bureaucratic pluralism as a source of development partnership: Exploring the case of aid spending across 'other' government departments

Rachael Calleja, Nilima Gulrajani

4.3.3: Colonialism, Localisation and Participation
Chair: Nasya Razavi

The Social Side of Soils. A Farmer Centred Analysis on the Adoption of Cover Crops

Paige Allen, Ataharul Chowdhury

Creativity and conflict in Panorama, Colombia: a social justice lens in adaptation to climate-change opens perspectives on community-led development

Steffen Lajoie, Danielle Labbé

Using Decolonizing Geographies to Decolonize the Development Field Through Decolonizing Education and Indigenous Community Participation

Mandie Rose Yantha

Navigating Tensions: Lessons from a participatory research project.

Judyannet Muchiri

4.3.4: Prioritizing Indigenous Worldviews within performance management and evaluation

Marissa Hill

Date: Friday, 04/June/2021
5.1.1: Transnational solidarities: ICT, Friendship and Diasporas

Engaging in Foreigner Friendships: Learning English and more outside the classroom in rural Vietnam

Georgina Alonso, Hiếu Thảo Nguyễn

Decolonization through Diaspora: Development Initiatives from the Second-Generation of the Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora in Canada

Akalya Atputharajah

The Role of ICTs and Mobile Money in Somalia’s Development Ecosystem

Mohamed Elmi

5.1.2: Baby or bathwater? Conflations of development and underdevelopment in historical and materialist perspective
Chair: Jacob Nerenberg

Chair(s): Jacob Nerenberg


Presentations of the Symposium


Distributive Development: The Highest Stage of Rentier Capitalism

Aaron Kappeler


Dependent Investments: The Submerged Politics of Bifurcated Development in Indonesia

Jacob Nerenberg


Anti-Imperialist Development: Then and Now

Radhika Desai


Displacing Financial-rentier Imperialisms?

Pablo Idahosa

5.1.3: Decolonization, anti-racism and adaptability in the development sector: An Exploration of three case studies

Janelle Frail, Samantha Morton, Lee-Anne Lavell

5.1.4: Publishing your article: a guide for young scholars
Chair: A. Haroon Akram-Lodhi
Chair: Stephen Brown

A. Haroon Akram-Lodhi, Stephen Brown

Lunch Day 5
5.2.1: Restorying climate change narratives
Technical Chair: Nasya Razavi

Chair(s): Rinkie Sophiatown, Rinkie Rinkie - Sophiatown


Presentations of the Symposium


Stories of change as a tool for collective learning

Elaine Huang, Blane Harvey


Restorying the past to defend sustainable livelihood futures: the case of the Yihi Katseme of Ada, Ghana

Jonathan Langdon, Sophia Kitcher, Sheena Cameron


Mi’kma’ki 2030, opening spaces to imagine a decolonized, climate just future

Liliona Quarmyne, Jonathan Langdon


Storying as pathways to sustainable futures: A participatory scenario development method

Elaine Huang

5.2.2: Colonialism, Capitalism and the State: The case of Bangladesh

Development, Democracy, and the Environment: Contested Energy Future in Bangladesh

M. Omar Faruque

State-community Power Struggles in Forest Co-Management: The case of Rema-Kalenga Protected Area in Bangladesh

Sujoy Subroto, Conny Davidsen, AZM Manzoor Rashid, Margarita Cuadra

From colonialism to neoliberalism: Exploitation in Bangladesh's clothing industry

Nabila Idris

5.2.3: -
5.2.4: Decolonizing the International Development Studies syllabus
Chair: Georgina Alonso
Chair: Adrian Murray

Georgina Alonso, Adrian Murray

Break Day 5
5.3.1: Global Minerals Local Communities in Canada and the Philippines

Chair(s): Angela Mariz Asuncion


Presentations of the Symposium


Digging for Accountability: Structural Power Inequalities in Global Mining Discourse

Angela Mariz Asuncion, Nicolas D. Brunet, Dominique Caouette


After The Mine Has Left: The Case Of Maricalum Mining In Negros Island, Philippines

John Edison Ubaldo, Kellyane Levac, Dominique Caouette


IAMGOLD Corporation: A look at the Toronto-based mining company’s responses to gender issues

Julie Guernier


The Canadian Talk: A documentary about development and mining

Erika Ranke-Farro

5.3.2: Canadian NGOs: What now?

Canada’s Grassroots International NGOs: Who are they, what are they doing, and what role for the future?

John-Michael Davis

Placing Women's Rights Organizations in the Driver's Seat: Oxfam Canada’s Self-Directed Capacity Assessment Tools and support for Organizational Capacity Strengthening

Lara Cousins, Deborah Simpson

International aid scandals: narratives, responses and the persistent white saviour complex

Finbar Hefferon

5.3.3: Digital Ethnography and the Digital Divide

Shama Dossa, Laila Rajani

5.3.4: Digitizing Basic Services: Mentoring the social business franchise

Faisal Haq Shaheen, Fayyaz Baqir

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