Conference Program

2.1.1: Indigenous Resurgence: Defending the Land, Liberating Our Peoples, Honouring Our Ancestors - A Town Hall Dialogue
Tuesday, 01/June/2021:
10:00am - 11:30am

Session Chair: Jess Notwell
Technical chair: Adrian Murray
Location: Room 1

CASID 2021 will feature a Town Hall dialogue on Indigenous Resurgence, led by people whose daily lives and leadership are at the heart of these struggles for freedom.

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Session Abstract

“'Justice’ to me...means the return of land, the regeneration of Indigenous political, educational, and knowledge systems, the rehabilitation of the natural world, and the destruction of white supremacy, capitalism, and heteropatriarchy” (Simpson, 2016: 21)

The foundations of Western “development,” are colonialism, imperialism, heteropatriarchy and White Supremacy. “Development” is mobilized to justify the theft, exploitation and destruction of land, water and non-human beings alongside the exploitation, enslavement and attempted elimination of Indigenous Peoples across the world. Refusing to vanish, Indigenous Nations are resurging and resisting this “system of lawless pillage and plunder of the earth and its people on the graves of our ancestors” (Maracle, 1990: 119). From Turtle Island to Palestine to Kenya to Jamaica, people indigenous to the land are mobilizing against myriad colonial violences and for sovereignty, self-determination, and liberation. Refusing a one-size-fits-all modernization paradigm, these embodied struggles take many forms, rooted in local histories, identities, cultures and lands. CASID 2021 will feature a Town Hall dialogue, led by people whose daily lives and leadership are at the heart of these struggles for freedom. 

Speakers include: 

Dan and Mary Lou Smoke (Elders, Seneca Nation from Six Nations Grand River Territory and Ojibwe Nation, Batchewana).

Amina Abdulhaq (Palestine).

Dr. Luis Alberto Tuaza Castro (Kichwa, Ecuador).

Ahksistowaki Medicine Crane (Blackfoot, Kainai and Piikani Nations).