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5.3.4: Digitizing Basic Services: Mentoring the social business franchise - Workshop
Friday, 04/June/2021:
2:30pm - 4:00pm

Technical chair: Furqan Asif
Location: Room 4

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5.3.4: Digitizing Basic Services: Mentoring the social business franchise - Workshop

Chairs: Faisal Haq Shaheen1, Fayyaz Baqir2

1Ryerson University, Canada; 2University of Ottawa, Canada

Pakistan continues to underperform on a number of social and economic indicators as compared to other countries at the same level of income. A significant part of this is due to the lack of service delivery. Most urban services are restricted to the formal sector, while the informal sector struggles with a lack of access and several barriers.

The formal sector has erected several barriers in part due to a lack of understanding of service and predatory ideology, policies, and practices of elites. Community level barriers revolve around a lack of integration between formal and informal knowledge, little documentation, limited analysis or guidance, politicization of solutions and class dynamics.

Utilizing the entry points: Water, Sanitation, and Solid Waste Management; the TKE network seeks to engage and train young community members to develop social business models which will strengthen and support lower tier service delivery in local government.

Applicants will qualify for getting a Franchise for ‘Adopt Your Town’ (AYT) if they compile a score card for basic services in at least one Union Council (UC)-lowest tier of local government- and mark the service scores on a base map. Once mapping and scoring of services for all of the UCs, TKE’s local partners in Pakistan will work with the selected candidate to sign a Service Management contract with the town government under which AYT will oversee and report on service quality to the town government, issue bills and collect payments at the household level as a subcontractor. In turn, AYT will receive payments for the services rendered to the government. AYT Management in Pakistan will receive a onetime contract fee and periodic payment of a management services fee from the AYT Franchisee.

This workshop will map out and critique the civic entrepreneurship model with peers and seek to improve upon design.