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3.2.4: Building a Decolonizing "Development" Community of Praxis - Workshop
Wednesday, 02/June/2021:
12:30pm - 2:00pm

Technical chair: Jess Notwell
Location: Room 4

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3.2.4: Building a Decolonizing "Development" Community of Praxis - Workshop

Chair: Jess Notwell1, Yuriko Cowper-Smith2, Matt McBurney3

1University of Guelph, Canada; 2University of Guelph, Canada; 3University of Guelph, Canada

Decolonizing “development” studies and practice would require a radical departure from capitalist heteropatriarchal White Supremacist colonial modernity (Yazzie, 2019; Walsh & Mignolo, 2019; Simpson, 2017; Lugones, 2007; Quijano, 2006). Is it even possible? Respecting ways of knowing and being such as relational life (Yazzie, 2019), radical resistance (Simpson, 2017), and decoloniality (Walsh & Mignolo, 2019), this workshop contributes a strengths-based, collective exploration of the possibility through feminist, decolonizing and community-engaged scholarship and practice. First, through case studies from workshop facilitators’ own experiences, participants will deepen their understanding of what it means to implement practices, methodologies and pedagogies that: (1) prioritize feminist, decolonizing and community-engaged ways of work; (2) strengthen and sustain collaboration among academics, activists and practitioners; and (3) could contribute to the decolonization of “development”. Second, participants will share examples from their own practice, activism, research and/or teaching and use their strengths (knowledge, experience, networks) to identify strategies to shift each person’s praxis and create space for this shift within their organizations/institutions. Third, participants will draft core values and a relationships map as the foundation for initiating a Decolonizing “Development” Community of Praxis (COPx). Each participant will leave the workshop with two key take-aways: (1) personal action steps to transform their practice/activism/scholarship and organizational/institutional spaces, and (2) Community of Praxis collective action steps to support one another in this work. The intended audience of this Action for Change workshop are academics, practitioners and community members who work on, or want to work on, decolonizing development. We are requesting a double-slot in order to have 90 minutes for sharing and co-learning in the first part of the workshop as well as 90 minutes for developing the Decolonizing “Development” COPx which we hope to turn into a research cluster within CASID.