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1.3.4: Demystifying Decolonization: Baby Steps & Reflexive Praxis - Workshop
Monday, 31/May/2021:
2:30pm - 4:00pm

Technical chair: Alisa Greenwood Nguyen
Location: Room 4

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1.3.4: Demystifying Decolonization: Baby Steps & Reflexive Praxis - Workshop

Chair: Jess Notwell

University of Guelph, Canada

Does “decolonization” feel intimidating or just too big? Are you committed to decolonization but afraid to “get it wrong”? Do you struggle with how to make decolonizing International ‘Development’ Studies pedagogy and curriculum concrete and achievable? In this workshop, we will use the Medicine Wheel to explore practical reflection questions and develop decolonization action plans. Beginning with identifying the colonial narratives that make decolonization seem impossible, and culminating with enumerating practical steps each of us can take to decolonize our teaching and research, this workshop will demystify decolonization. Like all transformative processes, decolonizing ‘development’ is achieved one small step at a time. Each participant will leave the workshop with their own definition of decolonization and a personal decolonization action plan that identifies the steps they will take over the next 12 months.