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5.1.3: Decolonization, anti-racism and adaptability in the development sector: An Exploration of three case studies - Workshop
Friday, 04/June/2021:
10:00am - 11:30am

Technical chair: Marie Gagné
Location: Room 3

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5.1.3: Decolonization, anti-racism and adaptability in the development sector: An Exploration of three case studies - Workshop

Chair: Lee-Anne Lavell, Judyannet Muchiri, Samantha Morton

Atlantic Council for International Cooperation, Canada

The Atlantic Council for International Cooperation (ACIC), a members-based organization whose members include post-secondary institutions and CSOs, invites practitioners, academics, and individuals to participate in a World Café to explore the possibilities and challenges of transformative “development” work with an aim to incite conversation and solicit feedback on three of ACIC’s programmatic initiatives.

In taking seriously what decolonization, anti-racism, and justice work requires of individuals and institutions, we will provide three case studies in relation to 1) how development work is changing during COVID-19; 2) anti-racism work in development; and 3) decolonization efforts in the Atlantic Canadian development context. Drawing on ACIC’s work in these areas, participants will engage in three small group discussions (15 minutes each in succession) before returning to the larger group for a facilitated conversation that will be reflected visually by a graphic recorder.

How development work is changing during COVID-19: This discussion will be guided by the Atlantic Resilience Research Report, which was compiled by ACIC in Summer 2020 to understand the creativity, adaptability, and challenges of Atlantic organizations during the pandemic, to contribute to our community of practice and showcase members’ stories.

Anti-racism work in development: This discussion will reflect on how organizations can engage meaningfully in anti-racism work at the organizational level to create organizational change, challenge existing power structures, and support organizations (members, volunteers, staff) to engage in anti-racism work at micro and macro levels.

Decolonization efforts in the Atlantic Canadian development context: This discussion will ask how organizations can support decolonization efforts while centering Indigenous perspectives in this work. The case study example will be the online Indigenous Global Leadership Program, which brings together Indigenous youth from across Canada to share their perspectives as youth changemakers, learn about global issues, and build their leadership skills for local and global change.