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2.3.4: Strengthening scholar-activist networks in development studies - Workshop
Tuesday, 01/June/2021:
2:30pm - 4:00pm

Technical chair: Adrian Murray
Location: Room 4

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2.3.4: Strengthening scholar-activist networks in development studies - Workshop

Chairs: Georgina Alonso1, Adrian Murray2

1University of Ottawa; 2University of Johannesburg

In this workshop, we will hold an open, roundtable discussion on the scholar-activist role in development studies. We are interested in bringing together self-defined scholar-activists to discuss pushing a progressive internationalist agenda through our research, teaching and/or practice. In particular, we focus on anti-capitalist, anti-racist, and anti-oppressive efforts. We also will discuss highlighting progressive theory and policy in the face of mainstream development and encouraging progressive internationalism.

Questions for discussion could include: What is the role of the academy in advancing global justice and how can this be done? What are the institutional barriers that scholar-activists encounter within and beyond the academy? How can we use the classroom as an organizing space? How can activism inspire critical hope among students who feel deflated by the world’s overwhelming problems and the inadequate responses proposed by mainstream development? How can we ensure that our radical writing and discussions go beyond theory to praxis? How can we foster better collaboration and collective action amongst ourselves and with social movements?