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Date: Wednesday, 02/June/2021
3.1.1: Keyote - Décolonization and Developement : A Conversation with Felwine Sarr
Location: Room 1
Chair: Maïka Sondarjee
Technical Chair: Dominique Caouette

The keynote speaker for CASID 2021 will be Felwine Sarr, Duke University–leading Senegalese writer, economist, academic and musician–in conversation with Jeanne-Marie Rugira, UQAR.

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Lunch Day 3
3.2.1: Nourishing the World: Food, Agriculture and Development
Location: Room 1
Chair: Larry Swatuk
Technical Chair: Furqan Asif

Nourishing the nexus: A feminist analysis of gender, nutrition and agri-food development policies and practices

Siera Vercillo, Sheila Rao, Rosalind Ragetlie, Jennifer Vansteenkiste

Experience of community volunteers monitoring and mitigating food insecurity during the COVID-19 pandemic in the Philippines: A qualitative study

Shoshannah Speers, Lincoln Lau, Hannah Neufeld, Danilo Servano Jr., Daryn Go, Warren Dodd

The Global Land Rush and Agricultural Investment in Ghana: Existing Knowledge, Gaps and Future Directions

John Anku, Nathan Andrews, Logan Cochrane

Standards of Rebellion: CARICOM and Chilean Warning Labels as an Act of Defiance in the International Trade Regime

Hinton Lucy

3.2.2: North/South relations and inequities
Location: Room 2
Chair: Liam Swiss
Technical Chair: Liam Swiss

North-South Asymmetries: Intellectual Property, Technology Transfers, and the Human Right to Health

Harry Deng

Heroes of the Developing World? Emerging Powers in WTO Agriculture Negotiations and Dispute Settlement

Kristen Hopewell

How Colonial Discourse Distorts Anti-‘Development’ as “Conversion” Attempts

Clara Joseph

Inequitable Ruptures, Rupturing Inequity: Theorizing COVID-19 and racial injustice impacts on International Service Learning

Jessica A Vorstermans, Katie MacDonald

3.2.3: Anti-racist framework for the international cooperation sector - Workshop
Location: Room 3
Chair: Maïka Sondarjee
Technical Chair: Adrian Murray

Shelagh Savage, Musu Taylor-Lewis, Mounia Chadi, Taib Boyce, Aislynn Row, Gloria Novovic, Maika Sondarjee

3.2.4: Building a Decolonizing "Development" Community of Praxis - Workshop
Location: Room 4
Technical Chair: Jess Notwell

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Chair: Jess Notwell, Yuriko Cowper-Smith, Matt McBurney

Break Day 3
3.3.1: Digging clean: Mining discourses and practices
Location: Room 1
Chair: Georgina Alonso
Technical Chair: Furqan Asif

Amazon Oil Violence and Ecuador’s Extraction Response During COVID-19

Danilo Borja, Conny Davidsen

A Socio-environmental Justice Perspective into Ghana’s Artisanal and Small-scale Mining Space and the Growing Proliferation of Chinese Miners

Richard Kumah

The Clean Development Mechanism and Carbon Enclosures

Colin Palmer

3.3.2: Indigenous Struggles and Futures
Location: Room 2
Chair: Alisa Greenwood Nguyen
Chair: Clothilde Parent-Chartier

Indigenous Peoples’ right to consent to resource extraction in Canada and South Africa: What is the role of law in struggles to decolonize development?

Daniel L Huizenga

A Failure to Respond: National Sport Organizations and the TRC

Yasmin Rajwani, Audrey R. Giles, Shawn Forde

Le développement du tourisme atikamekw : vers un processus d’autochtonisation au Québec ?

Alexandre Veilleux, Julie McClatchie

Remoteness Myth and Power in Energy Extraction Frontiers

Ana Watson, Conny Davidsen

3.3.3: States and politics of development in Africa
Location: Room 3
Chair: Adrian Murray

Anatomy of the Clash of Nationalisms in Ethiopia: Can the Center Hold?

Abdella Abdulkadir Abdou

Political Dynamics of Electricity Provision in Ghana and Côte d’Ivoire

Mark Kwakye Frimpong

Redrawing the Borders: Violent Encounters, Transformations and the Political Economy of Peri-Urbanization Around Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Fikir Getaneh Haile

3.3.4: Presentation of the CASID Membership Survey
Location: Room 4
Chair: Kate Grantham
Chair: Jess Notwell

Join representatives from the CASID Executive Committee to view and discuss the results of the membership survey.