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Date: Monday, 31/May/2021
1.1.1: Conference Welcome
Location: Room 1
Chair: Kate Grantham
Technical Chair: Adrian Murray

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Lunch Day 1
1.2.1: Décoloniser l’Étude des Relations Internationales et du Développement
Location: Room 1
Technical Chair: valerie charest

Chair(s): Maïka Sondarjee


Presentations of the Symposium


Le corps des femmes musulmanes dans le paradigme de la guerre

Leila Benhadjoudja


Quand les migrantes haïtiennes se réinventent en France

Sabine Lamour


Décolonisation des connaissances et des pratiques de recherche

Leila Celis


Potentiel émancipateur et risque de blanchiment des perspectives décoloniales en relations internationales

Celia Romulus

1.2.2: Arts and Social Media for Development
Location: Room 2
Chair: Furqan Asif
Technical Chair: Furqan Asif

Picturing our Realities: Arts-based reflections from Central American youth living in Canada

Juan Carlos Jimenez

Tweeting the Pandemic: Exploring environmental charity responses to the COVID-19 and climate crises

Hannah Ascough

Theatre for Development: Access in a Time of Pandemic

Telisa Courtney, John Battye, Hussein Madden, Raphael Mahulo, Desai Ogada, Sheilah Onguo, William Okumu

1.2.3: Critical Feminisms: colonialism, masculinities and violence
Location: Room 3
Chair: Kate Grantham
Technical Chair: Juliette Strohbach

Réflexions théoriques pour décoloniser le programme canadien de parrainage privé des personnes réfugiées

Clothilde Parent-Chartier

Making South Asian Cities Sustainable: Women Negotiating Fear and Violence in Kathmandu City.

Sujata Thapa-Bhattarai

Des traumatismes transgénérationnels à la déshumanisation et perte d’équilibre relationnel homme-femme chez les Bashi du Kivu. Éclipse de la résilience ?

Maria-Gabriella Namwezi

The role of masculinities in maintaining labour relations for Vietnamese offshore fisheries

Georgina Alonso

A Feminist Comparative Study of COVID-19 and Everyday Urbanism in Southern Cities

Nasya Razavi

1.2.4: The Challenges of Finding a Tenure-Track Job - Workshop
Location: Room 4
Chair: Liam Swiss
Technical Chair: Adrian Murray
Break Day 1
1.3.1: From Feminist Theory to Feminist Practice
Location: Room 1
Technical Chair: Liam Swiss

Chair(s): Liam Swiss, Heather Smith


Presentations of the Symposium


Implications – and Interpretations - of Feminist Foreign Policy: Perspectives from Partner Organizations working in Transnational Spaces

Rebecca Tiessen


From Feminist Theory to Feminist Practice: Where are masculinities, the LGBTQI community and gender relations/hierarchies?

Jane Parpart


Operationalizing feminist theory through organizational change: civil society organizations’ investments into effective programming, policy and practice for addressing gender inequality.

Sheila Rao


From Gender Design to Feminist Evaluation: How Feminist Methodologies Can Shine New Light on the Impact of Gender Equality Programming

Jessica Cadesky


Assessing the Impacts and Effectiveness of Feminist Foreign Policy

Laura Parisi

1.3.2: Contextualizing Colonial Roots in Transit-Oriented Development and “Urban Renewal.” Perspectives from Little Jamaica’s Black Residents (Toronto)
Location: Room 2
Technical Chair: Adrian Murray

Chair(s): Sebastián Miguel Mendoza-Price, Omi Ra, Jem Baptiste, Marcus Pereira


Presentations of the Symposium


Testimonials from Little Jamaica residents on LJ’s past, present and futures current and historical residents: Presented by Jem Baptiste

Jem Baptiste


How Transit And Transit Expansion Facilitate Gentrification: Presented by Sebastián Mendoza-Price

Sebastián Miguel Mendoza-Price


Regenerative Solutions to Gentrification: presented by Omi Ra, candidate for Bsc in Health Studies at the University of Waterloo

Omi Ra

1.3.3: Political economy of private and public institutions
Location: Room 3
Chair: Larry Swatuk
Technical Chair: Kate Grantham

Overview of the pension system in Mexico and Chile. A path to inequality and precarity

Teresa Lizeth Alanis Gutiérrez

Forms of capital implicated in the elite school advertisements

Rajender Singh

Vending Cruel Hope: A Case Study on Public Primary Schooling in Jamaica

Giselle Francine Thompson

1.3.4: Demystifying Decolonization: Baby Steps & Reflexive Praxis - Workshop
Location: Room 4
Technical Chair: Alisa Greenwood Nguyen

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Chair: Jess Notwell