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Session Overview
Workshop 3: Building Performance Simulation Accuracy and High-Resolution
Wednesday, 14/Oct/2020:
1:00pm - 2:30pm

Session Chair: Jon William Hand
Session Chair: Petter Wallentén
Location: Zoom room #2
Capacity 100 people

Session Abstract

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Workshop on high resolution modelling

Jon William Hand

University of Strathclyde, United Kingdom

Simulation use in projects often looks complex but actually involve considerable abstraction of the form, fabric and operational characteristics of buildings. We habitually constrain the physics via user imposed directives. We largely ignore the complexity of heat and mass transfer paths within facades or their 3D characteristics. We persist in the convenient fiction of prescribed heat transfer coefficients and that thermostats sense air temperature. We treat appliances and occupants as simple entities. We ignore the dynamics of system components with our steady-state approaches. We treat large open plan spaces as uniform as fully mixed. And we direct reporting agents to only tell us about a subset of what has been predicted.

And we do all of this in the face of overwhelming evidence of a disconnect between predictions and observations.

This workshop is about breaking such habits. It’s about undertaking high resolution assessments rather than expecting users to impose simplifications. The aim is to provide a realistic set of performance data for design teams to work with. If it is no big deal to include extended descriptions, gridding schemes and represent occupant behaviour then aspects such as local comfort assessments can become the norm. Breaking our habitual need for near-instant solutions might address the disconnect and yield more robust designs.

This workshop is aimed at both practitioners and developers who would like to explore options for habit breaking and test out the implications of high resolution models for simulation in practice. How might work-flows evolve? What additional attributes to we need to include to ensure that we account for visual and thermal comfort for each employee? How do practitioners explore patterns within performance data which is a magnitude richer than we are currently used to? We will use high resolution models and ESP-r as a focus for discussion and aim to capture ideas from participants as to how the community can form a new normal for design assessments.

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