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Part 1: Conceptual Models in Sociotechnical Systems
Thursday, 22/Oct/2020:
1:00pm - 5:00pm

ID: 186 / Work 02: 1
8 hours
Topics: Archives; Data Curation; and Preservation
Keywords: Conceptual Models, Sociotechnical Systems, Information Science, Critical Studies

Conceptual Models in Sociotechnical Systems

Nicholas Weber1, Katrina Fenlon2, Peter Organisciak3, Andrea K. Thomer4, Amelia Acker5, Ryan Shaw6

1University of Washington, USA; 2University of Maryland, USA; 3Denver University, USA; 4University of Michigan, USA; 5University of Texas, USA; 6University of North Carolina, USA

Conceptual models -- the representation of how a system works, as well as the information objects they process and transmit -- are fundamental to the construction, maintenance, and use of digital infrastructures that mutually constitute people and technology (the sociotechnical). Although conceptual models are critical to sociotechnical systems, they are often overlooked or under-described in information science research. This full day workshop will convene practitioners and researchers working towards the critical study of conceptual models in sociotechnical systems. In-progress research papers will be workshopped through presentations and discussion amongst participants, and two experts in the field will deliver keynote lectures. The outcomes of this workshop will include a white paper co-authored by participants, as well as the publication of proceedings in an open-access preprint repository.