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Session Overview
Part 2: Ten Lessons for the Age of Disinformation
Sunday, 01/Nov/2020:
8:00am - 12:00pm

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ID: 115 / Work 09-1: 1
8 hours
Topics: Social Media and Social Computing
Keywords: disinformation ecology, cognitive authorities, information literacy, media literacy, information ethics

Ten Lessons for the Age of Disinformation

Thomas J. Froehlich

Kent State University, USA

Ten Lessons for the Age of Disinformation will provide pedagogical techniques to teach ASIS&T members how to cope with our current disinformation ecology, which the author calls the “Age of Disinformation.” It provides a multifaceted approach in which each facet reinforces the others. Topics include (1) characteristics of the Age of Disinformation; (2) the varieties of false information; (3) knowledge, opinion, and second-hand knowledge; (4) deception and self-deception; (5) psychological factors for the acceptance and perpetuation of fake news; (6) cognitive authorities, such as the Washington Post or Fox News; (7) intellectual freedom, freedom of expression and social media; (8) information ethics, media ethics, digital ethics and the violation of ethical principles; (9) logical fallacies in disinformation campaigns; and (10) the benefits and limitations of information literacy, media literacy and digital literacy. Each lesson outlines the key ideas for each lesson and provides exercises to confirm the key points. There will be suggested exercises to do before the workshop begins (e.g., identifying fake news sites), discussions in which to engage and online exercises to do as the workshop progresses, such as identifying violations of ethical or logical principles or discussing kinds of cognitive authorities and their influence.

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