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Location: Room C
Room in the Arts Building, Trinity College Dublin. Exact details to be confirmed by May 31
Date: Thursday, 07/July/2022
Commercial Real Estate
Location: Room C
Chair: Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh, Columbia University Graduate School of Business, United States of America

Price diffusion across international private commercial real estate markets

Zhu, Bing1; van Dijk, Dorinth2; Lizieri, Colin3

1: Technical University of Munich; 2: De Nederlandsche Bank; 3: University of Cambridge

The role of the experienced return in the decision to sell commercial real estate

Vlaming, Willem; Francke, Marc

University of Amsterdam, Netherlands, The

The Dynamic Relationship between Charge-off Rates, Funding and Market Liquidity and Asset Prices in Private Commercial Real Estate Markets

van Dijk, Dorinth1; Francke, Marc2,3; Wang, Yumei2

1: De Nederlandsche Bank; 2: University of Amsterdam; 3: Ortec Finance

Valuing CRE
Location: Room C
Chair: Marc Francke, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands, The

Are Multifamily Properties Priced Relatively Better in Secondary and Tertiary Markets? Causes and Implications for Renters

Fratantoni, Mike; Woodwell, Jamie

MBA, United States of America

The Agglomerative Effects of Neighborhood and Building Specialization on Office Values

Liu, Crocker H.1; Zheng, Chen2; Zhu, Bing3

1: Cornell University; 2: University of Reading; 3: Technical University of Munich

Work From Home and the Office Real Estate Apocalypse

Gupta, Arpit2; Mittal, Vrinda1; Van Nieuwerburgh, Stijn1

1: Columbia University Graduate School of Business, United States of America; 2: New York University Stern school of Business, united States of America

Location: Room C
Chair: Thies Lindenthal, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

Aggregate Investment and Equity REIT Market Returns

Liang, Weijian; Eshraghi, Arman

Cardiff University, United Kingdom

Unpledged Collateral and Distressed Asset Sales: Evidence from REIT Transactions

Demirci, Irem1; Rasteh, Mehdi2; Yonder, Erkan2

1: Nova School of Business & Economics, Portugal; 2: Concordia University, Canada

An international examination of the REIT effect

Optveld, Hans1; Brounen, Dirk2

1: Tilburg University & ASRE, Netherlands, The; 2: Tilburg University

Finance & Trading
Location: Room C
Chair: Dorinth van Dijk, De Nederlandsche Bank, Netherlands, The

Walk a Tightrope: Could "Rational" Investors Well Manage Their "Irrational" Strategies?

Tong, Lok Man Michelle

CAIA,LSE & Reading Alumni

Deciphering Private Equity Incentive Contracting and Fund Leverage Choice

Riddiough, TImothy

University of Wisconsin Madison-School of Business, United States of America

Volume Traders of Non-homogenous Assets

Hayunga, Darren; Munneke, Henry

University of Georgia, United States of America

Date: Friday, 08/July/2022
Tenure & Mortages
Location: Room C
Chair: Brent W. Ambrose, Penn State University, United States of America

Reverse Mortgage Financial Assessment and Loan Performance

Miller, Joshua

US Department of Housing and Urban Development, United States of America

Consumer Inattention, Disclosures, and the Refinancing Channel

Byrne, Shane2; Devine, Kenneth2; King, Michael3; McCarthy, Yvonne2; Palmer, Christopher1

1: MIT, United States of America; 2: Central Bank of Ireland; 3: Trinity College Dublin

“The Lucky Ones?” Fintech and Mortgage Lending During the Pandemic

Agarwal, Sumit1; An, Xudong2; Zhang, Calvin2

1: National University of Singapore; 2: Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, United States of America

Understanding Markets
Location: Room C
Chair: Xudong An, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, United States of America

Institutional Investment and Residential Rental Market Dynamics

McCarthy, Barra1,2

1: Central Bank Of Ireland, Ireland; 2: Trinity College Dublin

Cross-market Spillovers of Real Estate Speculation

Hu, Rong1; Wan, Xinwei2; Xu, Ke3

1: the Chinese Univeristy of Hong Kong; 2: the University of Cambridge; 3: the University of Hong Kong

Search frictions in rental markets

Fan, Ying1; Chen, Ming1; Yang, Zan2

1: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University; 2: Tsinghua University

Location: Room C
Chair: Tom Tom Gillespie, TCD, Ireland

Floods and urban density

Martinez-Mazza, Rodrigo1,3; Magontier, Pierre2,3

1: Uppsala University, Sweden; 2: University of Bern (CRED); 3: Barcelona Institute of Economics (IEB)

Reporting on the SDGs by European Listed Property Companies: Five Years of Growth

Optveld, Hans

Tilburg University & ASRE, Netherlands, The

The Efficacy of Energy Efficiency: Home Insulation and Residential Gas Use

Kattenberg, Linde; Eichholtz, Piet; Kok, Nils

Maastricht University, Netherlands, The

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