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Location: Room A
Room in the Arts Building, Trinity College Dublin. Exact details to be confirmed by May 31
Date: Thursday, 07/July/2022
Amenity Valuation
Location: Room A
Chair: Amine Ouazad, HEC Montreal, Canada

View and status determinants of residential vertical price gradients: A comparative study of Manhattan and Rotterdam

Nase, Ilir1; Barr, Jason2

1: Oxford Brookes University, United Kingdom; 2: Rutgers University, USA

Aesthetic Preferences for Residential Architecture: Finding Ground Truth with Machine Learning Approaches

Lindenthal, Thies; Schmidt, Carolin; Wan, Wayne X.

University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

Homeownership & Immigration
Location: Room A
Chair: Edward Coulson, UC Irvine, United States of America

Age at Arrival and Immigrants' Housing Tenure: Evidence from the UK

Oladiran, Olayiwola2; Schmidt, Carolin E.1; Sunmoni, Adesola3

1: University of Cambridge; 2: University of Sheffield; 3: University of Reading

The Housing Market Impact of Immigrant Preferences for Homeownership

Schubert, Gregor; Gorback, Caitlin

UCLA Anderson School of Management, United States of America

How Media Coverage shape Immigrants’ homeownership Beliefs?

Wu, Yi1; Li, Donghui2; Tidwell, Alan3

1: University of Reading; 2: Shenzhen University; 3: The University of Alabama

Land Use Restrictions
Location: Room A
Chair: Ronan C Lyons, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

The local effects of relaxing land-use regulation on housing supply and rents

Buechler, Simon1; Lutz, Elena2

1: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States of America; 2: ETH Zürich, Institute for Urban and Spatial Development, Switzerland

Low-rise Buildings in Big Cities: Theory and Evidence from China

Yu, Xiaolun

University of Reading, Henley Business School, United Kingdom

Reclaiming Local Control: School Finance Reforms and Housing Supply Restrictions

Krimmel, Jacob

Federal Reserve Board, United States of America

Elasticity of Supply
Location: Room A
Chair: Jason Barr, Rutgers University-Newark, United States of America

Supply Constraints and Housing Markets: Evidence from a Spatially Matched Dataset

Yu, Xiaolun

University of Reading, Henley Business School, United Kingdom

Remote Shocks, Migration, and Housing Supply in India

Dutta, Arnab1; Green, Richard1; Gandhi, Sahil2

1: University of Southern California; 2: University of Manchester

Why have house prices risen so much more than rents in superstar cities?

Hilber, Christian A. L.1; Mense, Andreas2

1: London School of Economics, United Kingdom; 2: IAB

Date: Friday, 08/July/2022
Housing Market Policy
Location: Room A
Chair: Nils Kok, Nils Kok BV, Netherlands, The

The Effect of Unemployment Insurance on Rental Housing Evictions

Hobbs, Kelsi

University of Maine, United States of America

Foreign Buyer Taxes And Housing Affordability

Somerville, Tsur1; Pavlov, Andrey2

1: Sauder School of Business, UBC, Canada; 2: Beedie School of Business, SFU, Canada

Investment incentives of rent controls and gentrification - Evidence from German micro data

Baye, Vera1; Dinger, Valeriya1,2

1: Osnabrueck University, Germany; 2: Leeds University, UK

Housing & Affordability
Location: Room A
Chair: Tsur Somerville, UBC, Canada

Tenant Rights, Eviction, and Rent Affordability

Coulson, Edward1; Le, Thao2; Shen, Lily3

1: UC Irvine, United States of America; 2: Georgia State University; 3: Clemson University

Regime switching and the responsiveness of prices to supply: The case of the Irish housing market

Egan, Paul1; McQuinn, Kieran2

1: ESRI, Ireland; 2: ESRI, Ireland

Race, Space and Take-Up: Explaining Housing Voucher Lease-Up Rates

Ellen, Ingrid; O'Regan, Katherine; Strochak, Sarah

New York University, United States of America

Residential Real Estate
Location: Room A
Chair: Abdullah Yavas, U of Wisconsin, United States of America

An Alternative Approach to Estimating Foreclosure and Short Sale Discounts

Conklin, Jim1; Coulson, Edward2; Diop, Moussa3; Mota, Nuno4

1: University of Georgia; 2: UC Irvine; 3: USC; 4: Fannie Mae

Deal or no Deal? The Time-on-Market, Time-to-Close, and Residential Transaction Prices

Francke, Marc; Dröes, Martijn; Wang, Yumei

University of Amsterdam, Netherlands, The

Measuring Local Determinants of Herding and Reverse Herding Behaviour in US Housing Markets

Pollock, Matthew Alexander1; Mori, Masaki2; Wu, Yi1

1: University of Reading, United Kingdom; 2: Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, Switzerland

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