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Session Overview
Date: Friday, 08/July/2022
Housing Market Policy
Location: Room A
Chair: Nils Kok, Nils Kok BV, Netherlands, The

The Effect of Unemployment Insurance on Rental Housing Evictions

Hobbs, Kelsi

University of Maine, United States of America

Foreign Buyer Taxes And Housing Affordability

Somerville, Tsur1; Pavlov, Andrey2

1: Sauder School of Business, UBC, Canada; 2: Beedie School of Business, SFU, Canada

Investment incentives of rent controls and gentrification - Evidence from German micro data

Baye, Vera1; Dinger, Valeriya1,2

1: Osnabrueck University, Germany; 2: Leeds University, UK

Urban growth
Location: Room B
Chair: Sahil Gandhi, University of Manchester, United Kingdom

Employment Dispersion and Housing Affordability: Evaluate the Opportunity Areas in London UK

Tong, Lok Man Michelle

CAIA,LSE & Reading Alumni

Teleworking and housing demand

Schulz, Rainer1; Watson, Verity2; Wersing, Martin1

1: University of Aberdeen Business School, United Kingdom; 2: Health Economics Research Unit, University pf Aberdeen, United Kingdom

Tenure & Mortages
Location: Room C
Chair: Brent W. Ambrose, Penn State University, United States of America

Reverse Mortgage Financial Assessment and Loan Performance

Miller, Joshua

US Department of Housing and Urban Development, United States of America

Consumer Inattention, Disclosures, and the Refinancing Channel

Byrne, Shane2; Devine, Kenneth2; King, Michael3; McCarthy, Yvonne2; Palmer, Christopher1

1: MIT, United States of America; 2: Central Bank of Ireland; 3: Trinity College Dublin

“The Lucky Ones?” Fintech and Mortgage Lending During the Pandemic

Agarwal, Sumit1; An, Xudong2; Zhang, Calvin2

1: National University of Singapore; 2: Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, United States of America

Housing & Affordability
Location: Room A
Chair: Tsur Somerville, UBC, Canada

Tenant Rights, Eviction, and Rent Affordability

Coulson, Edward1; Le, Thao2; Shen, Lily3

1: UC Irvine, United States of America; 2: Georgia State University; 3: Clemson University

Regime switching and the responsiveness of prices to supply: The case of the Irish housing market

Egan, Paul1; McQuinn, Kieran2

1: ESRI, Ireland; 2: ESRI, Ireland

Race, Space and Take-Up: Explaining Housing Voucher Lease-Up Rates

Ellen, Ingrid; O'Regan, Katherine; Strochak, Sarah

New York University, United States of America

Urban mobility
Location: Room B
Chair: Gianluca Marcato, Henley Business School, United Kingdom

Displacing Congestion: Evidence from Paris

Bou Sleiman, Lea

CREST- Ecole Polytechnique, France

Regulating Uber: The Mobility and Economic Consequences of Ride-hailing Tax in Chicago

Wang, Binzhe

MIT, United States of America

The role of amenities in shaping cities

Garcia-Lopez, Miquel-Angel1,2; Viladecans-Marsal, Elisabet2,3

1: Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona, Spain; 2: Institut d'Economia de Barcelona; 3: Universitat de Barcelona

Understanding Markets
Location: Room C
Chair: Xudong An, Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, United States of America

Institutional Investment and Residential Rental Market Dynamics

McCarthy, Barra1,2

1: Central Bank Of Ireland, Ireland; 2: Trinity College Dublin

Cross-market Spillovers of Real Estate Speculation

Hu, Rong1; Wan, Xinwei2; Xu, Ke3

1: the Chinese Univeristy of Hong Kong; 2: the University of Cambridge; 3: the University of Hong Kong

Search frictions in rental markets

Fan, Ying1; Chen, Ming1; Yang, Zan2

1: The Hong Kong Polytechnic University; 2: Tsinghua University

Residential Real Estate
Location: Room A
Chair: Abdullah Yavas, U of Wisconsin, United States of America

An Alternative Approach to Estimating Foreclosure and Short Sale Discounts

Conklin, Jim1; Coulson, Edward2; Diop, Moussa3; Mota, Nuno4

1: University of Georgia; 2: UC Irvine; 3: USC; 4: Fannie Mae

Deal or no Deal? The Time-on-Market, Time-to-Close, and Residential Transaction Prices

Francke, Marc; Dröes, Martijn; Wang, Yumei

University of Amsterdam, Netherlands, The

Measuring Local Determinants of Herding and Reverse Herding Behaviour in US Housing Markets

Pollock, Matthew Alexander1; Mori, Masaki2; Wu, Yi1

1: University of Reading, United Kingdom; 2: Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne, Switzerland

Segregation & Inequality
Location: Room B
Chair: Richard Green, University of Southern California, United States of America

Emergence of Subprime Lending in Minority Neighborhoods

Jakucionyte, Egle1,2; Singh, Swapnil1,3

1: Bank of Lithuania, Lithuania; 2: Vilnius University; 3: Kaunas University of Technology

Gentrification, Mobility, and Exposure to Contextual Social Determinants of Health

Acolin, Arthur1; Crowder, Kyle1; Decter-Frain, Ari2; Hajat, Anjum1; Hall, Matt2

1: University of Washington, United States of America; 2: Cornell University, United States of America

Inequality in the Time of COVID-19: Evidence from Mortgage Delinquency and Forbearance

An, Xudong; Cordell, Larry; Geng, Liang; Lee, Keyoung

Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, United States of America

Location: Room C
Chair: Tom Tom Gillespie, TCD, Ireland

Floods and urban density

Martinez-Mazza, Rodrigo1,3; Magontier, Pierre2,3

1: Uppsala University, Sweden; 2: University of Bern (CRED); 3: Barcelona Institute of Economics (IEB)

Reporting on the SDGs by European Listed Property Companies: Five Years of Growth

Optveld, Hans

Tilburg University & ASRE, Netherlands, The

The Efficacy of Energy Efficiency: Home Insulation and Residential Gas Use

Kattenberg, Linde; Eichholtz, Piet; Kok, Nils

Maastricht University, Netherlands, The

Farewell Dinner
Location: Trinity City Hotel

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