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Session Overview
Date: Thursday, 07/July/2022
Amenity Valuation
Location: Room A
Chair: Amine Ouazad, HEC Montreal, Canada

View and status determinants of residential vertical price gradients: A comparative study of Manhattan and Rotterdam

Nase, Ilir1; Barr, Jason2

1: Oxford Brookes University, United Kingdom; 2: Rutgers University, USA

Aesthetic Preferences for Residential Architecture: Finding Ground Truth with Machine Learning Approaches

Lindenthal, Thies; Schmidt, Carolin; Wan, Wayne X.

University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

Local Finance
Location: Room B
Chair: Ingrid Ellen, New York University, United States of America

Pension Fund Investment in Infrastructure

Carlo, Alexander; Eichholtz, Piet; Kok, Nils; Wijnands, Ruud

Maastricht University, Netherlands, The

Biased Beliefs and Credit Risk in the Muni Bond Market

Pati, Abinash; Jeung, Jinoug; Chordia, Tarun

Emory University, United States of America

Federal Tax Deductions and the Provision of Local Public Goods

Ambrose, Brent W.; Valentin, Maxence

Penn State University, United States of America

Commercial Real Estate
Location: Room C
Chair: Stijn Van Nieuwerburgh, Columbia University Graduate School of Business, United States of America

Price diffusion across international private commercial real estate markets

Zhu, Bing1; van Dijk, Dorinth2; Lizieri, Colin3

1: Technical University of Munich; 2: De Nederlandsche Bank; 3: University of Cambridge

The role of the experienced return in the decision to sell commercial real estate

Vlaming, Willem; Francke, Marc

University of Amsterdam, Netherlands, The

The Dynamic Relationship between Charge-off Rates, Funding and Market Liquidity and Asset Prices in Private Commercial Real Estate Markets

van Dijk, Dorinth1; Francke, Marc2,3; Wang, Yumei2

1: De Nederlandsche Bank; 2: University of Amsterdam; 3: Ortec Finance

Homeownership & Immigration
Location: Room A
Chair: Edward Coulson, UC Irvine, United States of America

Age at Arrival and Immigrants' Housing Tenure: Evidence from the UK

Oladiran, Olayiwola2; Schmidt, Carolin E.1; Sunmoni, Adesola3

1: University of Cambridge; 2: University of Sheffield; 3: University of Reading

The Housing Market Impact of Immigrant Preferences for Homeownership

Schubert, Gregor; Gorback, Caitlin

UCLA Anderson School of Management, United States of America

How Media Coverage shape Immigrants’ homeownership Beliefs?

Wu, Yi1; Li, Donghui2; Tidwell, Alan3

1: University of Reading; 2: Shenzhen University; 3: The University of Alabama

Real Estate Taxation
Location: Room B
Chair: Christian A. L. Hilber, London School of Economics, United Kingdom

Beliefs about tax incidence: Do homeowners think beyond the statutory incidence?

Boogaerts, Thomas

KU Leuven, Belgium

Tobin Tax Policy, Housing Speculation, and Property Market Dynamics

Agarwal, Sumit1; Chau, Kwong Wing2; Hu, Maggie Rong3; Wan, Wayne Xinwei4

1: National University of Singapore; 2: The University of Hong Kong; 3: The Chinese University of Hong Kong; 4: University of Cambridge

Tax Sales, Private Capital, and Gentrification in the U.S.

LaPoint, Cameron

Yale School of Management, United States of America

Valuing CRE
Location: Room C
Chair: Marc Francke, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands, The

Are Multifamily Properties Priced Relatively Better in Secondary and Tertiary Markets? Causes and Implications for Renters

Fratantoni, Mike; Woodwell, Jamie

MBA, United States of America

The Agglomerative Effects of Neighborhood and Building Specialization on Office Values

Liu, Crocker H.1; Zheng, Chen2; Zhu, Bing3

1: Cornell University; 2: University of Reading; 3: Technical University of Munich

Work From Home and the Office Real Estate Apocalypse

Gupta, Arpit2; Mittal, Vrinda1; Van Nieuwerburgh, Stijn1

1: Columbia University Graduate School of Business, United States of America; 2: New York University Stern school of Business, united States of America

Land Use Restrictions
Location: Room A
Chair: Ronan C Lyons, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland

The local effects of relaxing land-use regulation on housing supply and rents

Buechler, Simon1; Lutz, Elena2

1: Massachusetts Institute of Technology, United States of America; 2: ETH Zürich, Institute for Urban and Spatial Development, Switzerland

Low-rise Buildings in Big Cities: Theory and Evidence from China

Yu, Xiaolun

University of Reading, Henley Business School, United Kingdom

Reclaiming Local Control: School Finance Reforms and Housing Supply Restrictions

Krimmel, Jacob

Federal Reserve Board, United States of America

Real Estate & Politics
Location: Room B
Chair: Carolin Elisabeth Schmidt, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

Building networks: Investigating the nature of quid pro quo between politicians and real-estate developers in Mumbai

Tandel, Vaidehi; Gandhi, Sahil; Tabarrok, Alex

University of Reading, United Kingdom

Reputation and Asset Prices: Evidence from Trump Real Estate

Koch, Marlene; Stehle, Simon

University of Konstanz, Germany

Does media political bias affect land price? Evidence from the Chinese land market

Marcato, Gianluca; Zhang, Fengting; Zheng, Chen

University of Reading, United Kingdom

Location: Room C
Chair: Thies Lindenthal, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom

Aggregate Investment and Equity REIT Market Returns

Liang, Weijian; Eshraghi, Arman

Cardiff University, United Kingdom

Unpledged Collateral and Distressed Asset Sales: Evidence from REIT Transactions

Demirci, Irem1; Rasteh, Mehdi2; Yonder, Erkan2

1: Nova School of Business & Economics, Portugal; 2: Concordia University, Canada

An international examination of the REIT effect

Optveld, Hans1; Brounen, Dirk2

1: Tilburg University & ASRE, Netherlands, The; 2: Tilburg University

Elasticity of Supply
Location: Room A
Chair: Jason Barr, Rutgers University-Newark, United States of America

Supply Constraints and Housing Markets: Evidence from a Spatially Matched Dataset

Yu, Xiaolun

University of Reading, Henley Business School, United Kingdom

Remote Shocks, Migration, and Housing Supply in India

Dutta, Arnab1; Green, Richard1; Gandhi, Sahil2

1: University of Southern California; 2: University of Manchester

Why have house prices risen so much more than rents in superstar cities?

Hilber, Christian A. L.1; Mense, Andreas2

1: London School of Economics, United Kingdom; 2: IAB

Real Estate After Covid
Location: Room B
Chair: Jacob Krimmel, Federal Reserve Board, United States of America

Work from Home and Commercial Real Estate – Evidence from Stock Markets

Milcheva, Stanimira; Xie, Lingshan

University College London, United Kingdom

Habitualization and the Evolving View of the Utility in Housing Factors

Smith, Brent; Gupta, Manu

Virginia Commonwealth University, United States of America

Evaluating The Effect of Post-COVID Measures on Indoor Air Quality in Primary Schools

Sun, Xudong; Eichholtz, Piet; Kok, Nils

Maastricht University, Netherlands, The

Finance & Trading
Location: Room C
Chair: Dorinth van Dijk, De Nederlandsche Bank, Netherlands, The

Walk a Tightrope: Could "Rational" Investors Well Manage Their "Irrational" Strategies?

Tong, Lok Man Michelle

CAIA,LSE & Reading Alumni

Deciphering Private Equity Incentive Contracting and Fund Leverage Choice

Riddiough, TImothy

University of Wisconsin Madison-School of Business, United States of America

Volume Traders of Non-homogenous Assets

Hayunga, Darren; Munneke, Henry

University of Georgia, United States of America

Conference Dinner
Location: Dining Hall

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