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Roundtable-09: Content Moderation and the Power of Platforms - Emerging Interventions
Saturday, 05/Oct/2019:
9:00am - 10:30am

Session Chair: Patricia A Aufderheide
Location: P419
(cap. 100 - fixed seating) NB. 'Forum'

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Content Moderation and the Power of Platforms - Emerging Concerns

Tarleton Gillespie1, Ysabel Gerrard2, Robert Gorwa3, Ariadna Matamoros Fernández4, Elinor Carmi5

1Microsoft Research, United States of America; 2University of Sheffield, United Kingdom; 3University of Oxford, United Kingdom; 4Queensland University of Technology, Australia; 5Goldsmiths, University of London, United Kingdom

Though AoIR scholars have been attuned to the issue for some time, content moderation has exploded as a pressing policy, advocacy, and public concern. From harassment to misinformation to hate speech to self-harm, across questions of rights, labor, and collective values – academics have explored how and why platforms moderate, what kind of publics they’re producing, and what responsibilities they should hold around these interventions. These questions all open up even more fundamental questions about the enormous power of platforms. This roundtable aims to bring together scholars who research content moderation, to consider the next set of pressing issues that should be on our radar.

This session will address where content moderation scholarship is and needs to go, broadening the range of concerns from U.S.-based mega-platforms and familiar challenges, to discuss what else scholars concerned with content moderation should be examining. This includes (1) emerging technological and cultural phenomena that have not yet sufficiently been considered in policy debates (e.g. deepfakes); (2) moderation challenges unique to encrypted systems like WhatsApp, ephemeral content sites like Secret, or infrastructure sites like cloud computing, ‘smart’ cities, internet of things, and the DNS system; (3) what can we learn from other regions and countries such as China, India, Africa and Brazil and how they deal/negotiate with such platforms, and (4) innovative techniques and approaches to research that can better open these questions. We look forward to sparking a rich conversation with attendees.

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