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Panel-18: (Dis)Trust in the Platform: Examining Perceptions of Corporate and Privacy Policies
Friday, 04/Oct/2019:
2:00pm - 3:30pm

Session Chair: Monique Mann
Location: P413A
(cap. 54)

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(Dis)Trust in the Platform: Examining Perceptions of Corporate and Privacy Policies

Amber Buck2, Sara Elyse West1, Estee Beck3

1San Jose State University, United States of America; 2University of Alabama, United States of America; 3University of Texas at Arlington, United States of America

This panel considers corporate privacy and terms of use statements—and how users express (dis)trust or apathy across social media and other websites. Collectively, this panel contributes to ongoing scholarly conversations tied to policy, practice, and process, particularly cultural, social, and economic impacts of corporate privacy policies wrought on users of websites and apps. Each panelist presents compelling data—through empirical preliminary investigation, ethnographic research, longitudinal case studies, and hermeneutical critique—on how participants in each study engaged, circumvented, or interpreted (for profit) corporate privacy policies. Panelist #1 describes individuals’ information sharing practices on different social media platforms based on their own perceptions of privacy policies on different social media platforms. Panelist #2 examines two cases that demonstrates how Facebook, in example, routinely hides or “black boxes” its privacy policies and data collection information in favor of generating revenue from fee-paying corporate advertisers. Panelist #3 presents empirical data from surveys on how users emotionally respond to different website privacy policy statements with results suggesting participants simultaneously want control over their data but feel apathy for privacy policies. Panelist #4 examines the impact of Tumblr’s new adult content ban on the NSFW community, which was aimed at fostering a safer community for expression but users distrust the justifications. Consequently, users are engaging in feminist activist practices to critique and respond to the ban. Collectively, the panelists contribute to ongoing scholarly conversations tied to policy, processes, and culturally situated practices of policy.

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