Conference Agenda

#WkshpPM1: The Manifold Scholarship Platform Workshop
Tuesday, 23/Jul/2019:
1:00pm - 4:00pm

Location: Duquesne University, Union Building, Room 119
1000 Locust St, Pittsburgh, PA 15219


The Manifold Scholarship Platform: A Hands-On Workshop

Matthew Gold1, Zach Davis2, Jojo Karlin1, Terence Smyre3, Krystyna Michael1

1The Graduate Center, CUNY, United States of America; 2Cast Iron Coding; 3University of Minnesota Press

This workshop will present the continuing development of Manifold ( ), an open-source scholarly communication and book publishing platform. Created by the University of Minnesota Press, The GC Digital Scholarship Lab, and Cast Iron Coding, and funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, Manifold aims to present scholarly publishing -- whether monograph, journal, Open Educational Resource-- in a new networked and iterative form that has strong ties to print and rich multimedia. Members from the Manifold team’s representing development (Cast Iron Coding), publishing (University of Minnesota Press), and digital humanities (GC CUNY), will walk participants through from installation through uploading and customizing projects within the interface. Participants will learn what Manifold is, how it works, how it integrates into existing university-press publishing workflows, and how to use it on their own for a variety of publishing and pedagogical needs.